The Favourite National Day Songs We Once Sang

Sing Singapore was a song book published in 1988 by the Ministry of Communications & Information. If I remember correctly, every student that year received one copy.

As written in the message of the first page, this simple book of 47 patriotic and community songs of all four main languages reflects the diversity of our culture, the history of our people, and the evolution of our nation.

Stand Up For Singapore (1984)

Lyrics and Music by Hugh Harrison


We Are Singapore (1987)

Lyrics and Music by Hugh Harrison

Count On Me Singapore (1986)

Lyrics and Music by Hugh Harrison

There’s A Part For Everyone (1984)

Lyrics and Music by Gerald Png

Five Stars Arising (1969)

Lyrics and Music by Lim Su Chong

This Is My Land (1980s)

Lyrics by Derrick De Alwis, Music by Goh Say Meng

Other than the well-known National Day songs above, the book also includes other popular ones such as Chan Mali Chan, Singapura Sunny Island, Sing A Song For Singapore雾锁南洋 and 我的生活在这里.

One, People, One Nation, One Singapore, though, was not recorded in the book because the song was composed in 1990.

One People, One Nation, One Singapore (1990)

Lyrics by Jim Aitchison, Music by Jeremy Monteiro

Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!

Published: 08 August 2012

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9 Responses to The Favourite National Day Songs We Once Sang

  1. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    My favourite is Count On Me Singapore.
    Happy Birthday Singapore!

  2. Sharon says:

    I remember all these so well–we practiced them so much in primary school. Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!

  3. elroygoh02 says:

    I wish every a happy National Day 2012! Happy Birthday Singapore. Hope it doesn’t rain……

  4. fabianyiong says:

    We Are Singapore. That’s how I learnt the National Pledge. I’ve been singing the pledge every school assembly ever since! Is there the need for a new song every year? Really?

  5. hmm really oso miss this song heritage and it anyone have it

  6. The classic versions!

    Sing Singapore 1988 – Five Stars Arising

    Sing Singapore 1988 – Heritage

    Count on me Singapore (My Ambition version) 1990

    Sing Singapore 1990 – Lenggang Kangkung

    Thanks to youtube user ds1110

  7. Ding says:


    Do you have the lyrics for Munneru Valiba in Tamil?
    I cannot seem to find it on the internet, but I really need it for a project. =(

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