Paintings in the Sky – Unique HDB Murals

Have you ever passed by a HDB flat painted with murals?

There are quite a few such blocks in Singapore; the most famous ones are probably the Hougang rainbow block and the Khatib flat with paintings of giant kites. Not always visually pleasant to everyone, these HDB murals, however, help to add a touch of uniqueness to certain blocks and make them stand out among the rest.

Traditional Layang-layang

Standing opposite the Khatib MRT Station, it is unlikely that one will miss this prominent block with its four gigantic murals of kites.

khatib hdb kite murals

Location: Block 838, Yishun Street 81

Cheerful Rainbows

The rainbow block has been an iconic fixture along Hougang Avenue 7 since the early eighties.

hougang hdb rainbow mural

Location: Block 316, Hougang Avenue 7

bedok reservoir road rainbow flat

Location: Block 609, Bedok Reservoir Road

Cupid’s Love

Commuters on the SMRT East-West Line used to see this adorable Cupid mural when their trains passed by Block 210 of Jurong East. Painted in 2005, the mural no longer exists today after the block underwent an upgrading program a few years back.

jurong east hdb mural

Location: Block 210, Jurong East Street 21

Blooming Orchids

Since 1981, Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’ has been chosen as the national flower of Singapore, so it is natural to see them used as representative murals on some of the old HDB flats, such as the ones at Tanjong Pagar Plaza and Yishun. The orchid murals, however, had been removed when the blocks were given fresh coats of painting in recent years.

tanjong pagar hdb mural 2009

Location: Block 2, 4 & 5, Tanjong Pagar Road

yishun hdb mural

Location: Block 740, Yishun Avenue 5

Sturdy Bamboos

khatib hdb mural3

Location: Block 790 & 798, Yishun Ring Road

khatib hdb mural4

Location: Block 796, Yishun Ring Road

Trees of Life

khatib hdb mural5

Location: Block 800 & 804, Yishun Ring Road

Symbolic Singapore

Another tree mural can be found on a HDB block at Hougang. It belongs to a cluster of four identical blocks that are painted with symbols and pictures representative of Singapore. These include attap houses, public housing, racial harmony, Merlion and the national flag.

hougang hdb mural3

hougang hdb mural6

hougang hdb mural5

Location: Block 661, 662, 665 & 667, Hougang Avenue 4

hougang hdb mural7

Location: Block 917 & 923, Hougang Avenue 9

Healthy Lifestyle

Playing sports is a good way to keep a healthy lifestyle, and football, tennis and cycling are some of the favourite sports here in Singapore.

khatib hdb mural

Location: Block 855, Yishun Ring Road

khatib hdb mural2

Location: Block 858, Yishun Ring Road

hougang hdb mural

Location: Block 309, Hougang Avenue 5

Kampong Days

Painted at the ground floor, instead of the top level, of Block 105D of Edgefield Plains, the murals depict the former appearances of Punggol, when it was still a rustic and peaceful fishing village before the eighties.

punggol hdb mural

punggol hdb mural2

Location: Block 105D, Edgefield Plains

Published: 23 March 2014

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10 Responses to Paintings in the Sky – Unique HDB Murals

  1. Edmund says:

    Anyone rem the F n N bottle at the block at Havelock road?

  2. gabriel says:

    Blk 50…How to forget? Gone is the old f&n factory and the fringe carpark.

  3. figtree23 says:

    I love your blog. Singapore is very special to me so to see such wonderful and stereotypical Singapore sights brings a tear to my eye.
    Thank you

  4. floppy says:

    Some of our HDB blocks are crying out for a Ernest Zacharevic.

  5. Nice Panda Murals at the void deck of Block 33 Bedok South Avenue 2, shared by Peter W Stubbs during his recent visit to Singapore

    (Photo credit: Peter W Stubbs)

  6. Building castles in the air?

    The huge castle mural created by Chung Khiaw Bank at Block 54 Toa Payoh Lorong 5 in 1969

    (Photo source: Facebook Group “Nostalgic Singapore”)

  7. 105 HDB blocks to become works of art

    July 6, 2015

    SINGAPORE — The facades of 105 Housing and Development Board (HDB) blocks across the island will be adorned with works of art as part of the PAssionArts Festival this year.

    The facade art, including banners painted by residents, will be the centrepiece of this year’s festival, after a successful experiment with two blocks by festival organisers, the People’s Association (PA), last year.

    The theme for this year’s PAssionArts Festival, which runs from Sunday (July 12) to Aug 30, is “We Love Singapore”. Residents will be able to participate through pre-festival workshops to create the artworks, and the PA involved about 50,000 of them this year, a sharp increase from the 18,000 residents involved last year.

    The festival will also feature artworks on water as well as various performing arts events.

    Said PA chief executive director Mr Ang Hak Seng: “We hope to bring residents together to express their love for the country and develop their love for Singapore as a whole.”

  8. A familiar sight for many Singaporeans…..

    painted murals on several blocks at Tampines Street 41

  9. Evelyn says:

    Hi are these paintings still around on the flats? Do have any updates of any HDB blocks with murals. Thanks!

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