The Forgotten Former Schools at Pasir Panjang

Mention Pasir Panjang, and the impression that comes to mind is that it is now a busy strip of land occupied by the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) Container Terminals, Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre and the rows of warehouses, offices and industrial buildings.

However, before development, Pasir Panjang was largely a place made up of kampongs and rural school. In fact, there were four schools existed at this southern part of Singapore that provided necessary primary and secondary educations to the students living at Kampong Batu Berlayar, Kampong Sultan, Buona Vista Village, Kampong Jagoh and Heap Guan Village. The schools were mostly built in the fifties, and lasted until the eighties and nineties when the declining student enrolment led to their eventual closure.

Batu Berlayar School (1950s-1982)/Former NTUC Comfort Pasir Panjang Centre

former ntuc comfort pasir panjang centre1

Along Pasir Panjang Road currently stands an old vacant building that previously housed the former Batu Berlayar School and, later, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) Comfort Pasir Panjang Centre. Its name literally means “sailing rock” in Malay, a reference to the Dragon Teeth’s Gate (“Long Ya Men龙牙门) that stood at Keppel passageway and were used as navigation aids for boats that visited Singapore before the 19th century. In 1848, the rocks were demolished with explosives by the British to widen the water passageway allowing the larger vessels to pass through.

batu berlayar school crestBatu Berlayar School was opened until 1982, when it was shut down due to low student enrolment. It was left empty for a few years before taken over by NTUC Comfort as a training centre for its taxi drivers. It was officially opened as its new Pasir Panjang branch in July 1987 by the former Second Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Ong Teng Cheong.

Other events were regularly organised at the building compound for the benefits of its NTUC Comfort members. In 1987, a week-long Taxi Audio Equipment Fair was held at the centre, with a wide range of cassette-radios for the taxi drivers to choose and install in their vehicles. Auctions and sales of scrapped taxis, in the models of Toyota and Datsun, were also opened to interested parties.

former ntuc comfort pasir panjang centre2

former ntuc comfort pasir panjang centre3

After the NTUC Comfort Pasir Panjang Centre was shut down, the building was leased in the late nineties and early 2000s to Montessori Centre, a private school that offered Montessori education to young children. It was eventually returned to the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and has been left vacant till today.

former ntuc comfort pasir panjang centre4

former ntuc comfort pasir panjang centre5

The Centre of Animal Welfare and Control, owned by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore’s (AVA), currently stands a lane away from the former NTUC Comfort Pasir Panjang Centre. It was previously the Pasir Panjang Polyclinic, before the premises was leased to AVA in 1995. Its location was also the former site of the famous salt-water Haw Par Swimming Pool between the 1930s and the late fifties.

With its 20-year lease ending at end-2015, the animal welfare centre is expected to be relocated to Sungei Tengah.

Pasir Panjang Primary School (1930s-1986)

Situated between Jalan Mat Jambol and Yew Siang Road, off Pasir Panjang Road 5th Milestone, the former Pasir Panjang Primary School was one of the earliest schools established at Pasir Panjang. It started as Pasir Panjang English School, a co-education experiment proposed by the British government to have a mixture of boys and girls studying in the same elementary school. The co-education, also implemented among the Chinese, Malay and Indian students at Serangoon English School and Bukit Panjang English School in 1936, was considerably successful. As reported by the newspapers, the co-education:

pasir panjang primary school crestdoes not make boys effeminate, but gives them a sense of duty and polish, and makes the girls happier by removing an element of pettiness often evident in a class composed entirely of girls.

During the imminent Japanese invasion in 1941, the records of Outram School, under the orders of the Education Department, were transferred to Pasir Panjang English School for safe keeping. Unfortunately, the school was hit by the bombings during the invasion, resulting in the total destruction of all the records of Outram School between 1906 and 1941.

pasir panjang primary school 1970s

In the fifties and sixties, Pasir Panjang Primary School produced many outstanding students. The most prominent ones were Goh Chok Tong, the second Prime Minister of Singapore (1990-2004), Dr Tan Eng Liang, the Senior Minister of State for National Development (1975-1978), and Dr Cham Tao Soon, the founding President of Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI) (1981-1990) and President of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) (1991-2002).

Other prominent figures include Tan Hwee Hock, the primary school teacher of Goh Chok Tong in the fifties and former member of the Gold Medal winning water polo team in the 1954 Asian Games, and Edwin Nadason Thumboo, the unofficial poet laureate of Singapore.

former pasir panjang primary school premises

In the fifties, the teachers would regularly provide swimming lessons for the Pasir Panjang Primary School students at the Haw Par Swimming Pool, located on the opposite of Pasir Panjang Road. When Pasir Panjang Primary School was shut down in 1986, all of its remaining students were transferred to Jagoh Primary School. The premises was later used as a drug rehabilitation centre named Breakthrough Missions.

Pasir Panjang Secondary School (1955-1996)

Another former school in this vicinity was Pasir Panjang Secondary School, one of the few secondary schools that were built at this southern part of Singapore. Pasir Panjang Secondary School was established in 1955, first sharing the premises with Alexandra Estate Secondary School until it moved to its new building at Pasir Panjang in 1958. The secondary school, mostly made up of Malay students living at the nearby villages, had functioned for almost 40 years at Pasir Panjang until its closure in 1996.

pasir panjang secondary school 1976

An interesting trivia of Pasir Panjang Secondary School was the design of its school crest that consisted of a lion and three fish. The lion symbolised Singapore, while the three fish represented duyong, which means “mermaid” in Malay but is actually a marine mammal named dugong that could previously be found at the waters off Pasir Panjang. Portrayed as courageous and determined animals that were not afraid of the fiercest storms, the duyongs were inspirational symbols for the students studying at Pasir Panjang Secondary School. They were also mentioned in the school’s anthem:

pasir panjang secondary school crestAs the duyong rides up storm, so shall we face
The future with zest and steadfast enterprise.

and was used as the name of the school’s scout group in the sixties.

In 1987, Pasir Panjang Secondary School’s student enrolment fell to only 575, way below the average of 1,200 in other secondary schools. The continuous declining number in the enrolment led to its eventual closure in 1996. After its closure, the school premises was left empty for several years before being converted into a Ministry of Education (MOE) Adventure Centre.

ministry of education labrador adventure centre

Labrador Primary School (1961-1989)

The former Labrador Primary School, standing next to the NTUC Comfort Pasir Panjang Centre, existed between 1961 and 1989. Like the Pasir Panjang Secondary School, the primary school was enrolled by many Malay students living nearby, although it did provide four main streams in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Built at a cost of $350,000, the four-storey building with 24 classrooms was officially opened on 28 October 1961.

labrador primary school crestBy the late eighties, the number of students at Labrador Primary School had dropped to only 172, and the government decided to close it in January 1989. Like the Pasir Panjang Primary School students, the last batches of the Labrador Primary School students were transferred to Jagoh Primary School.

The premises of the former Labrador Primary School was not left empty for long. Six months after its closure in January 1989, it was re-opened to serve as a temporary campus for the Singapore Polytechnic’s Business Administration faculty, which required additional space due to a large jump in the number of course applicants. Shuttle bus services were specially catered to ferry the students from the main campus at Dover Road to Pasir Panjang.

Today, the former Labrador Primary School building is leased to the Philippines Bayanihan Society.

school at pasir panjang 1972

Published: 21 June 2015

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67 Responses to The Forgotten Former Schools at Pasir Panjang

  1. Paul Ridgway says:

    After whom or what is the Labrador in Labrador Primary School named please?

  2. James says:

    It’s strangely coincidental I chanced upon this part of Pasir Panjang while searching for the former location of Keng Wah Theatre. Am planning to do a bit more exploration at Batu Berlayar School.

  3. flanders1914 says:

    I went to Pasir Panjang Junior School; circa 1964-65

  4. C Chow says:

    Great article as I studied at batu belayer school in the 60s with my siblings. Used to explore the Haw Par Swimming pool grounds which was forbidden due to numerous drownings n local tales of hauntings. The place was grandeur with a grand hall upstairs with dance floor and family area on ground floor fronted by a fresh water swimming pool. In the outer coast near the sea side, was a larger salt water pool. All left to ruins when the place closed down.

    Hi James – Keng Wah theatre was located at the junction of Pasir Panjang road and Bouna Vista road across from the old Pasir Panjang Hill market. It was an old open air theatre and remember on Sat in the market old hand flyers printed on thin colored paper will let you know the week’s movies n showing times. These handbills were distributed in the mkt during the weekend to locals for their patronage. Hope that helps.

  5. Mohammad yunus says:

    Where is indisen road?where is seraya island? Because my father came from there,somebody give me information ,please!

    • Apollos Induchoodan Pillai says:

      Hi, Mr Yunus

      You may be referring to Henderson Road. It runs from Bukit Merah to Telok Blangah.
      Pulau Seraya is now part of Jurong Island, which is full of petrochemical industries now.

      Best Regards,
      Apollos Induchoodan

  6. Baya says:

    I grew up in the village in Pepys Road and went to school at Pasir Panjang Primary. Some of my friends went to Pasir Panjang Secondary. I think you have mixed up the Batu Belayar Primary and Pasir Panjang Secondary School. That orangey building is Pasir Panjang Secondary. Batu Belayar Primary school is behind Labrador Primary school.

    • C Chow says:

      Hi Baya
      Batu Berlayer School fronts the field along Pasir Panjang Road. A low 3 stores long block, which as mentioned served previously as the taxi training center. The PP Sec School hall and canteen is partially seen just behind BB School, across a narrow lane sharing the same car park. The building runs parallel to the sea coast with a small village behind the sea side.
      Labrador Pr School is east wards – nearer to the PP Power Station across the PP Sec School school field. Just need to clarify the location of the 3 schools.

    • nooraini meyer says:

      Hi Baya,we used to live at Pepys road,where the Malaysian customs houses were.It is a pity that everything is now gone except the Malaysian Custom House and the expensive houses at the main road.Went to Batu Berlayar Primary School(1965-1970) is in front of the a secondary school,sorry I forgot the name of the school(I was there as well).

      • JAMJURI B JAAFAR ( JASNI) says:

        Hello nooraini..
        i used to live at kg tengah the end of Pepys rd..there was a mosque and a madrasah tfere…i had friends living at the customs quarters there ..used to play yu know Akbar Ali n his sister katijah ..Adnan….Incik Ramli Ishak ..his daughter Kamariah..
        btw my name is Jamjuri jaafar but better kniwn as Jasni…

  7. Tim says:

    I believe Jagoh primary school is also closed due to the building of the Telok Blangah mrt station . Which year I’m not too sure though

  8. Sue Maycock says:

    I went to Pasir Panjang Junior School in 1958. British Service children were educated there in the mornings and then local children used the classrooms on a single level aside from the 2 storey building in the afternoons. Our class teacher was Mr Parrish, then the following year Mr Manktalow and the Headmaster was Mr Bevan if my memory serves me well.

    • Mary Luxford says:

      This must be the school i went to as we only went in the mornings, all other sites here seem to be about some other school with the same name, but i remember Mr Manktalow he was my form teacher, he wore a small knife down the top of his sock as he was Scottish. I was there in 1954 and 55.
      Mary Belcher [as was]

    • John Beresford says:

      Is this the school off Jalan Mat Jambol on the map in the article? Or was there another of the same name on a British Army base not on the map? I was at ‘Pasir Panjang Primary School’ 1957 to 1960. Dad was in the Pay Corps. We lived on Sussex Estate. I’m visiting Singapore in October and would love to visit the places I remember, though none of them will look the same! Thanks in advance if you can help.

      • C Kunalan says:

        Hi John, i went to Pasir Panjang English School from 1949 -1955 and then to Pasir Panjang Secondary School from 1956 – 1959.

        my email is
        Let me know when you are coming to Singapore. Perhaps i can bring you around.

        my Mobile: 85330242 I am on whatsapp

      • norwati eksan says:

        Hi John Beresford, I was from PPEPS too but much younger back in 1973 to 1978 and studied in PPSS in 1979 to 1983.
        We in the midst of organizing PPSS( Pasir Pangjang Secondary School) Huge Reunion coming October 2019. You can bell C.Kunalan as stated or myself Norwati at 90226855 for assistance.

      • Hello C and Norwati, after much searching I now believe the Pasir Panjang Primary School I attended is on Portsdown Road near Wessex Estate. It was later called Wessex, then Weyhill, and is now Tanglin Trust. Very confusing! I hope you have a successful reunion.

    • Margaret Wilson nee fulton says:

      I went to Pasir Panjang junior school at the same time as you we were there from 1957 -1961 and my maiden name was Fulton

    • Steve Cooling says:

      I went to that school from 1953 until 1955 my father was in the REME at 40 base workshops. We went to school in army trucks.

  9. ricky lem says:

    I was fr pasir panjang sec sch fr 1986 to 90. Missed the good old days ☺

  10. Wow…very nostalgic indeed. Both Batu Berlayar Primary School (1957 – 1963) and Pasir Panjang Secondary School (1964 – 1967) is my former schools. I spend most of my adoldecent years within these schools. They carry a good mix of all races who pursue education cordially together

  11. S. Krishnamoorthy says:

    I used to live on Pasir Panjang Road from 1970 to 1974 when my father was working in Singapore and my older sister and I attended Batu Berlayar Primary School, my sister Primary 5 and 6, and I Primary 3 to 6. It was nostalgic to look at the old school building.

    I still remember some of my teachers from them: Mr. Thia, Ms Lee, Mr. Chong

    • Jamjuri jaafar says:

      I was a student of Pasir Panjang primary school from 1955-57..then waa transferred to Clementi school at 7 th milesone Paair Panjang…After PSLE i studied at Pasir Panjang Sec school..from 69 -64…i cycled to school from my kampung house at Pepys Rd..missed the good old days…had many friends of all races..we used to hang out at Strlight cinema opp the school..

      • Kwok Chee Hong says:

        I attended the Pasir Panjang Primary School from 1960-1965. During recess, I brought my prawn noddle soup for 5 cents and alway asked for top up with soup only after the noodle was gone. The kind uncle alway gave the extra soup without question. We always hung out at Boy Scout building behind the canteen. In the afternoon after school, we swam at the nearby park. Before land reclamation on the coastal area, the sea was so close to Pasir Panjang Rd. We have many wonderful time. After PSLE, some of us attended the old Gan Eng Seng Secondary School. Now I am 65 years old man. Times fly my friends.

    • nooraini meyer says:

      Hi S.Krishnamoorthy,I do also rememeber Mr.Thia.I was at Batu Berlayar school then Pasir Panjang Secondary School.When I visited Singapore,I love to go around Pasir Panjang and visited the old places which had changed tremendously.It is a pity that there is not much left from the old familiar places.I remember the time where I went daily with my few cents to the market opposite the batu berlayar school,where, there was a cinema and foodstalls around the cinema.All the children get a special price at Children day.And there was this kind chinese fishmonger whom I called toothless uncle who doesnt made any profit from me, when I come.He seems to know that I had only a 30 cents with me but had to buy vegetables etc.Very kind man,wish I could thank him for his kindness.

    • Ravi says:

      Mr Thia was my form teacher too

  12. Timothy says:

    Perhaps you can do a topic on former primary schools if time permits .i think our primary schools peak in the 1980s

  13. Joseph says:

    I studied in PPSS from 1963 to 1967. One of my class mates lived in the seaside kampong behind the school. His father was a boat-builder and he would invite us for a ride on the new boats before they were handed over to their new owners. Yup, those were the days …

    • nooraini meyer says:

      I remember the beach near the Chinese temple,which I loved to visit before my school hours,now it is gone,very sad.I noticed as I was last in SGP,there were no open beaches.Pasir Panjang beach with all the open food stores and the playground,all are gone.

    • norwati eksan says:

      Hi Joseph, we in the midst of organizaing the Huge PPSS Reunion 2019 in October 2019.
      email me if u interested to join
      Norwati Eksan graduated in 1983

      • Keith says:

        I was near the former Batu Berlayar school site last week. It has now been repurposed into the MOE Labrador Adventure Centre, as seen from the new signage..

  14. David Ventress says:

    I went to Pasir Panjang when we lived on the Sussex Estate.My father was in the R.E.M.E. (Gillman barracks ?).I left in January 1964 to go to boarding school in England leaving the family behind !!.Memories of Singapore are wonderful.

    • John Wade says:

      Hi David, it’s a long shot but do you remember me and my brother John and Jeff Wade.

      • Dave Ventress says:

        Hello John.Your name(s) don’t ring any bells but it was a long time ago!! We lived at number 59 on the Sussex estate and I went to Pasir Panjang junior and Alexandria Grammar before leaving in Jan ’64 to go to boarding school in Surrey.I loved like in Singapore and have lots of great would like to hear your comments.Keep in touch – Dave

  15. Bahrain says:

    Anyone here knows of Hj Fatimah, Auntie Lembik, Uncle Johan? Was staying near the pasir panjang jetty back in late 70s… ‘Bendung Abin’ anyone here familiar with this word?

  16. Was staying near Pasir Panjang jetty. ‘m looking for Hajjah Fatimah family, untie lembik, uncle johan, suzana… etc…. staying there—1972-1980, my dad was known as Samah@Muidz@Syarifuddin@Malek

  17. Azizah Abdullah says:

    Hi everyone. I lived in Jalan Pasir Ria (Kampong Keling) near Pasir Panjang Primary School but attended Clementi Primary circa 1959-1964. I only remember Mr S H Tan (Sin Hoe?), English teacher and a clever classmate Gan Eng Kiat. Does anyone remember them? I also remember a row of shophouses between Jalan Pasir Ria and Pepys Road. There was a kopi tiam shop and a photo studio owned by Mr Lim. I used to go to Pasir Panjang Park and did a lot of beach combing there when I was young, looking for crabs etc. I live in the UK now and feel quite sad as everytime I visited, the whole place is gone and unrecognisable.


      Hello Azizah..
      My name is Jasni..I used to live in a kampung at Pepys rd..attended pasir pasir panjang pr school from 1955 to 1957…transferred to clementi school till 1960……
      i had a friend named ahmad abdullah used to live at kg keling…are you her younger sister??
      this is my email
      please contac me..thnx

      • Azizah Abdullah says:

        Hi Jasni

        Yes, he is my older brother. The only kampong at the top of Pepys Road was known as Kampong Tengah – were you from there? My brother was friends with Zakariah (court intepreter), Amin (bank manager) and someone who used to be newsreader with SBC. Do you know any of them. Abang Ahmad’s wife is a retired school teacher. Do you know them?

  18. Pang Joo Leow says:

    Hi, my name is Pang Joo Leow and study at Batu Berlayer School from 1964 to 1970, My parent used to run a coffee shop at the row of shops houses facing the Haw Par Swimming Pool. Good memories of the temple by the sea, the Wayang, Starlight theatre, Keng Wah theatre which was one of the places for our childhood playing areas. Not forgetting the pasar malam at the Telok Blangah road and also the Pasir Panjang park. Would to connect with all friends attending Batu Berlayer School.
    I guessed some of you friends might had lunch or dinner at 82 Pasir Panjang Road, Guan Fang Eating House. Do keep contact. Wai Choon and Fatt Loong

    • nooraini meyer says:

      Hi,my name is nooraini.I went to batu berlayar school at the same time with you.Sorry I could not remember all the road and places name,it is looking different now anyway.Used to play around at Pasir Panjang park.As I was a kid,I used to sneaked in the Cinema.I remember the temple at the sea but it not there anymore.I was curious and wanted to see the stone that suppose to be growing.Then there was a haunted swimming pool which many got drowned.We were not allowed to go to the temple nor the pool but as I said,I was a curious child.I am now in over 60s and living far away from Sgp but all the memories will stay with me forever.I love all kinds of food,was many times at the foodstores in Pasir Panjang but cant remember the name of the eating house.


    Alhamdulillah..yes..i was your brother’s classmate in Pasir Panjang pr school and Clementi school..i used to visit your house in kg kling..i lived in kg tengah..the nearby kampungs like kg abu mat jambul..lorong sarhad ..lor sari ..pasir panjang park were all my playground ..i knew those ppl whom yu mentioned..the Newsreader is Salleh Ihsan…last time i met yur brother was in 94..we went for umrah..he was with his wife n 2 boys..
    im also a retired teacher..i give you my hp no..if he wants to contact ne he can call
    glad to have met you..

    • Azizah Abdullah says:

      Hi Jasni. I’ve written to you at your email address but I got a message that it could not be delivered. Anyway thanks for refreshing my memory. I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember the various kampungs and jalans. My grandparents and uncles/aunties used to live in Kampong Abu Kasim and I had relatives living at Batu Enam (opposite the sea). I remember to save the bus fare, we used to walk home, passing through the Tiger Balm Gardens, Kampong Batu Enam, Kampong Abu Kasim and then sneaking through Pasir Panjang Pr School. Also when there was a Hindi movie showing at Starlight Cinema, the whole kampong would go.

      Abang Mat’s 2 boys are all grown up now, one is working in London and the younger one is working in Singapore (just got married last Sunday at Mamanda). I am going to Singapore soon and will pass your contact number to my brother. Regards, Azizah

      • jasni jaafar.( Jamjuri b Jaafar ) says:

        Assalamualaikum Azizah..
        Apa kabar?hope yu n family are ok..please pass my telpon no to yur brother Ahmad ..would like very much to meet him…

  20. Azizah Abdullah says:

    Hi Jasni. I’ve sent you an email on 22.08.18 with my brother’s home phone number. I’ve also passed on your HP number.

  21. Bill Bowman says:

    My 3 brothers and I went to the school from November 1954 to November 1956. Mr Purdy was the head teacher. Some of our friends I recall from that time are Geoff Marsh, Leslie Pughs, Harold Woolgar, John Leach, etc. We had a fantastic time living in Singapore and were sorry to leave. Billy Bowman

  22. Peter Swaine says:

    I was at Pasir Panjang junior school from 1956 to 57 when I took my Murray House Test. Myself and Tony Staves were the only 2 in the class to pass the test. He returned to the UK and I moved up to Alexander Grammar School.

    • Peter Swaine says:

      In addition, I lived at No 5 Weyhill Close on the Wessex estate. I used to go across to the Sussex Estate to swap comics.
      Another memory is leaving school at lunchtime and going down the road near to the Army Barracks (my father was in the R.E.M.E.) to a cafe called “The Cold Bar”.
      I remember Mr Purdy as the headmaster at Pasir Panjang Junior and my teacher was a Scottish lady – Miss Wylie, who insisted that the boys touch their foreheads when passing a member of staff.

  23. Clementi kid says:

    I passed by the MOE Labrador Outdoor Adventure Centre (former Pasir Panjang Secondary School) today, and across the field I could see part of the building covered with green canvas sheets. Is the building going to be demolished? Or it’s just undergoing renovation and repairs?

    It would be such a shame if it were demolished. I think judging from its vintage design it should be almost as old as the Yeo’s Building. We’ve already seen how the school on top of Mount Sophia was demolished.

  24. Mia Munshi says:

    I studied in both Labrador Primary and Pasir Panjang days like school days..the beach was just behind the school…what fun..was haunted but as a child mind…it’s always an adventure to be curious and spanked later!!!

  25. Robert Sim Geok Seng says:

    This is Robert Sim Geok Seng. I believe I started with the first batch of students when Pasir Panjang Secondary School opened doors. Started my education at Pearls Hill Primary, then Outram Primary before being posted to PPSS. Was supposed to have been shifted to Raffles Sec. But PPSS needed students, so almost all Outram students were transfered there.
    I used to be active in athletics and swimming.
    Am now 78 yrs old , retired in the Philippines after being married to a Filipina 15 and 1/2 yrs ago. Am now in SG visiting my 98 yr old mum, but stranded by the covid 19, not able to return home. Am trying to recollect my early student days and would love to meet up with any of the old boys at PPSS. I believe I remember C.Kunalan as a good runner.
    Appreciate if anyone from the same school during my time there who can contact me whilst I am still in SG. My cell phone is 82537717. Email :
    Just this morning, I had a surprising chance meeting with my English teacher Mr. Deans, who was also the sports master.

  26. Nihal Kulatilake says:

    I was in Batu Berlayar School 1. 1957 to 1962. At that time we had two school sessions am and pm. The school principal was Mrs Doraisingham. I was in 1C ( year 1) and them 2A to 6A. Nice to communicate with anyone there at that time. I remember the My classmate’s ( Paul Yap Bend Huat) father would come and take the class photographs every year.

  27. toni cool says:

    any record of gong shan pri sch?

  28. 'Lis' Elisabeth Davis nee Whiting says:

    Some time between 1958 – 1960 probably 58-59 I and other classmates (children of British Army Services) were transferred and transported to Pasir Panjang Kampong from Alexander Junior School to do our schooling for a short period of time. . We were all very thrilled and excited to be in ‘proper Singapore’ with palm trees and in a traditional Malayan building where we had to climb up ladder-stairs to our classrooms and there was talk of crocodiles living in swamps nearby. What an adventure ! I can’t remember much more about it I was about 10 I think. But I do remember having lots of laughs with my classmates particularly one called Martin ‘Tinny’ for short. Oh happy days.

  29. Margaret Watt says:

    I was in PPES 1953-1958, the first batch to undergo 6 instead of 7 years primary education. When Batu Berlayer Primary School opened in 1955, some of my Pr 3 classmates were transferred there. I remember an English girl named Diana joining my class, either in 1953 or 1954. She gave me one of her story books about Rupert Bear. Years later, in 1965, I was a trainee teacher in Pasir Panjang Secondary School before I left on a scholarship to study in Germany. I have fond memories of PPEPS with its bucket system toilets 😁

  30. C Kunalan says:

    Sorry i have not been visiting this site!! I should do this regularly.

    Hi Robert Sim, i shall call you on 82537717. My mobile is: 85330242

    Hello Margaret Watt, i was in Pasir Panjang Primary from 1949 – 1955, (it was 7 years then) and then in Pasir Panjang Secondary from 1956 – 1959.

    me and my wife are going to be 80 years old in Sept/Oct. i should be retiring soon……

  31. Keith Rodrigues says:

    Hello everyone. My name is Keith Rodrigues and I was born and for the first 16 years of my life, lived at the Pasir Panjang Power Station Officers Quarters located on the hill overlooking Pasir Panjang Secondary School/Labrador Primary School. My father was an engineer at the power station. Those were idyllic days that I cherish till today. My mother taught at Pasir Panjang Secondary School. Her name was Hedwiges Lazaro but, most of the time, went by her married name, Mrs. Rene Rodrigues. Not sure if any of you remember her. She and Mr. Gordon Deans were contemporaries.

    Keith Rodrigues

  32. Margaret Watt says:

    Hi Kunalan,
    My elder brother might be your contemporary. He transferred to PPPS from a Chinese school and caught up through double promotions. Like Robert Sim, he was posted to PPSS when it opened. My brother-in-law worked in PP power station and I stayed in the Senior Officers’ Quarters sometimes. Love to hear the crash of waters on the rocky Labrador beach below. PP was such an idyllic place then, with kamongs, co onut palms, jambu trees, bright red hibiscus, delicate purple morning glory, sunny yellow maiden’s jealousy …

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