Old School National Day’s Memorabilia

It is Singapore’s National Day again.

I remember during my primary and secondary school times, we used to receive memorabilia during the National Days. Each student would receive a small item that marked the annual joyous celebration. The memorabilia ranged from pens, pencil cases and staplers to bookmarks and coin pouches.

memorabilia national day 1985

memorabilia national day 1988

memorabilia national day 1989

memorabilia national day 1990

Other than the National Days, we were given memorabilia during the Children’s Days and Family Sports Days. Most of the memorabilia were sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Singapore Sports Council and the Community Chest.

memorabilia family sports day 1984

memorabilia children's day 1984

memorabilia children's day 1986

memorabilia children's day 1987

memorabilia children's day2 1987

Do you still keep these old school memorabilia given to you during your study days?

Published: 09 August 2014

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7 Responses to Old School National Day’s Memorabilia

  1. Siqi says:

    These were always something to look forward to. I still keep some of the more useful ones, like a A3 clear folder given by my primary school!

  2. rickyliew says:

    thank for sharing.

  3. Though i did not go to school in Singapore, I still keep and cherish the red leather bookmark commemorating 25th anniversary of Singapore!

  4. Pekebun says:

    Thanks for sharing, it did bring back lots of memories for me.

  5. Jake says:

    The ergonomically-challenged pen looked familiar to me. My school used the same one. Must be the in-thing then.

  6. Kaizen says:

    Chong Li and Anderson…you must be a long time Ang Mo Kio resident! So am I and I was formerly from Chong Boon. I fondly remember these stuff given by the school.

  7. Bernard Chia says:

    I used to stay in AMK back then too. Was from Anderson too…. 1987-1990. Was in AMK North Pri from 1981-1986.

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