Whampoa Dragon Fountain

A beautiful piece of work can be found in front of Block 85 of Whampoa Drive.

Built in the early seventies together with the small quiet town of Whampoa, the dragon fountain has been a symbolic landmark in that area. The Central Expressway (CTE) lies just opposite the fountain.

The majestic 4m-tall Chinese dragon is situated in the center of the fountain, looking to surge towards the sky. Its slender body is covered with small bits of porcelain, carefully pasted on one by one.

However, the fountain has stopped functioning years ago. The water was cut off, dried leaves are clogging the drainage system and the dragon shows certain magnitude of damage under years of exposure to sun and rain; the most obvious is a broken claw.

It will be a fascinating sight to see the water being spouted from the dragon mouth again, but it will take a major revamp to make the fountain works again, and such plans are unlikely in the near future.

During the evenings, the residents of Whampoa like to gather at the nearby park to exercise or chit-chat, whereas children love to run around the fountain. Hope this beautiful artifact can be preserved and restored in years to come.

Published: 22 October 2010

Updated: 05 October 2011

29 Responses to Whampoa Dragon Fountain

  1. Faith says:

    I am just teen ,i was not around when this majestic piece of artwork was built. But from what i heard from my mother,she tells me that this dragon used to spout water.I love the dragon fountain.If they could, why not replace the drainage pipes and get the fountain working again.

    If they could build the casinos why not save and fix a piece of our national heritage ?

  2. Faith says:

    I LOVE THE DRAGON !!!!!!!!!!!!
    SAVE IT !!!!!!!!

  3. cK =) says:

    I used to play at this garden, and of course run around the dragon fountain, as a kid. This is about the only unique structure left standing (besides the old HDB flats; mine was demolished long ago!) in this estate in the recent decades. Hope the authority preserve & restore it.

  4. atom says:

    yeah, agree they should maintain this dragon! I also use to play around this small park. It’s a trademark for whampoa.

  5. mrkenjikwok says:

    Hi. Do you happen to know who is in charge of this dragon? I have a plan in mind.

  6. Shawn Cheng says:

    They are going to refurbish this fountain next month! But sadly it still won’t spout water due to fears of mosquito breeding and plants will take the place of the water instead. The dragon statue itself will be cleaned using an anti algae substance usually used in conserving most heritage landmarks.

  7. Christopher Adams says:

    Dragons seem to have a short life, like Puff. Dragon Point in Brevard County, Florida, at the southern tip of Merritt Island allowed its dragon to fall into the sea because of neglect and inability to decide history has a legitimate place with commerce. A beautiful sight he was seen from the causeway or from a boat.

  8. Vin @ JW says:

    Err … is the dragon re-stored already … ?

  9. Hong says:

    Creator was my old neighbour staying in Queenstown, his other work can be found at Old Queenstown CC wall.

  10. Jil says:

    Do you have any photos of the fountain before the water pipes got removed? I still remembered how i didn’t dare to go near the fountain when i was a kid because its appearance scared the heck outta me 😛

  11. Stephen Ong says:

    O.o Didn’t know this exist!

  12. Sam says:

    I would like to take the lead to start a fund to restore this monument, which formed many Singaporean’s childhood. Just $1 per Singaporean! Won’t you like your child to see it alive again? Our kids already have very little chance of sharing our childhood.

    Can someone IT savvy help me out to arrange for this fund pool electronically??

  13. Vera says:

    This dragon is quite impressive with the water fountain, I tried to take a few (film) photos back in the 90s when it was spouting water whenever we passed it on the expressway, but it was always blurry.

  14. Daniel Sim says:

    I grew up in Whampoa Drive during the 70s. This dragon fountain has many fond memories for me.

  15. `J says:

    when i was a kid and when my dad drove past on the CTE, me and my sister would be looking out to see if the fountain was spouting water. when it was, it was a magnificent sight. sometimes while approaching, we would bet to see if we get to see water that night.

  16. chong victor says:

    My name is Mr. Chong born in 1959′ son of Chong Chee Siong ( Craftsman ) I like to share to all whom it concern ! The dragon in the circle fountain of Whampon block 85 garden was created by my late Dad, during that time,I was a little young boy assisting my dad to made these dragon structure up , back in the Year of 1976. mobile : + 65 9487 5967.

  17. Nee says:

    May I know what was the history behind building this iconic structure.
    Who was heading this project that time?

    Anybody could give the information my children from Kindergarten want to know.
    Thank you.

  18. The dragon fountain in the 1970s… the CTE was not built yet

    (Source: https://www.facebook.com/irememberSG/)

  19. Wulfe says:

    I grew up in Whampoa and I’ve seen the dragon spouting water before, it was a magnificent sight!
    As a child, it was one of my favourite places to go to for our family walks and we also play catching or hide and seek around there after school.

    Then one day, they cut off the water supply and the fountain stopped working for years after that, the water was eventually drained out because it was breeding mosquitoes. It was restarted again for a very short time but after that it stopped again and was left empty.

    My family eventually moved away and today I’m an adult with my own apartment.
    As much as I’m very happy to see he is still there, it makes me sad that his once beautifully shiny and colourful scales are now dull, his claws broken and his dragon pearl is missing. He is like a friend to me.

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