Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel

It is a high-end private residential district lined with large mansions and posh super cars. Yet, at the end of Tanglin Hill, there is one deserted compound that has been abandoned for as long as three decades.

It was the early fifties. Without a proper education system, the Bruneian government decided to send its brightest students, first from the Malay stream and later from both the Malay and English streams, overseas. Some of the students were sent to Singapore. As the number of Bruneian students increased, the Bruneian government purchased a piece of land at Tanglin Hill to build a hostel for the convenience of the students.

tanglin hill former brunei hostel2

tanglin hill former brunei hostel3

Completed in 1958, the hostel later became known as Asrama Kerajaan Brunei di Singapura (AKBS) or simply Tanglin (Hill) Brunei Hostel. The designs of the buildings were perhaps modeled after the colonial style during the British era, with the multi-storey block added only a few years later.

tanglin hill former brunei hostel4

Besides the students, the hostel also housed Bruneian government officials on training programs, as well as some Malayan students. Bruneian festivals and holidays such as Hari Raya and the Sultan’s Birthday were celebrated, while popular sport competitions in football, badminton and table tennis were often organised to enhance the cohesiveness of the students.

tanglin hill former brunei hostel6

tanglin hill former brunei hostel7

By the eighties, Brunei had its own secondary schools education system up and running. With lesser Bruneian students coming to Singapore for study, the Bruneian government decided to close the hostel in 1983, and was left abandoned ever since.

Today, the property is still owned by the Brunei Consulate, which is located a short distance away along Tanglin Road. However, without much maintenance, the buildings have already succumbed to urban decay and nature. The abandoned compound with broken fences is now a favourite haunt for spook-lovers, despite a “No Trespassing” sign at its gates.

tanglin hill former brunei hostel8

tanglin hill former brunei hostel5

tanglin hill former brunei hostel

Published: 21 April 2013

52 Responses to Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel

  1. Febrianto says:

    Can we actually go in there? Or is the place locked?
    I enjoy taking old places photography..
    Just wondering if its possible.

    Hope can hear from you soon 🙂

    • Karen says:

      I have heard that there is a ” no trespassing ” sign at the gate but there is no guards. You can enter there by climbing in through the space on the left side of the main gate. 🙂

    • sgparlay says:

      I went before… the gates already broken and you can just “hop” in without any problems

      but watch out for the CCTVs… not installed by the hostel but by the neighbouring mansions
      wonder if they got record anything supernatural at night? 😉

  2. Karen says:

    But of course i wont encourage you doing that maybe you could ask permission from the nearby Brunei Embassy 🙂

  3. ken says:

    Hi, if u guys organising any trip to haunted places please email me… I want to join.

  4. Daron says:

    I have been staying there from 1970 to 1974

  5. For those who likes the topic of abandoned buildings or places, here’s an interesting article on the abandoned yet beautiful places in other parts of the world:

  6. Fahi says:

    Thanks for this article… Bring back memories of my childhood days when I accompany my Mom who was a cook for the Hostel. The Hostel and the Brunei House along with the Caretaker’s house (5th image) are within the compounds of the Brunei High Comm at Tanglin Hill back then before it was relocated to it’s present location at Tanglin Road, near Kay Siang.

    • Liyana says:

      Hi Fahi, Liyana here. I’m currently doing research regarding the hostel and i’d like to know more about it. Would it be possible for you to share some of the experiences that you had when your mum was still a cook in the hostel? Do let me know yeah? Looking forward to hearing from you. amaanie@live.com

  7. Michelle says:

    Hi Everyone, I just visited this place yesterday (21 Dec) and the gate was not locked at all. But there were foreign workers with heavy machinery there starting to dig and knocking things down. Also saw some people shooting a movie there (most likely student film). Now is a good time to visit because I have a good feeling it won’t be there very long.

  8. noora says:

    can i know how to go there?

    • Lemuel says:

      Copied from someone’s blog:

      Dhoby Ghaut mrt go to Bus Stop 08031 on the Park Mall side,not the Plaza Singapura side. Go up the escalator in front of Dhoby Xchange and it’s the bus stop further down from the left side.
      Take bus 111 to Bus Stop 13049 “Bef Rochalie Drive”.
      Walk further down and on the opposite left side you should see a road turning in that has the sign Tanglin Hill.
      Walk all the way along the main road. and it should be at the end.

      I suggest getting there first, then using your gps on ur hp to make sure u get to tanglin hill road

  9. Shaz says:

    How to get there? In details please. Vehicles allowed?

    • Axx says:

      Hey, hello. You can park your vehicle right outside the entrance or somewhere nearby. Fret not. Your vehicle won’t be far away from the place itself. But there’s a police board there. Enter at your own risk.

  10. Jason says:


    I would like to ask if anyone knows to whom I should email to ask permission for access to the place? Intending to shoot a student film with the right permit. Thank you! 😀

  11. qamaruddin yusli says:

    Im sorry guys. I just went here on 14 march 2014. And the place is blocked by police boards. Its so sad. This place cannot be entered anymore, I guess they hide motion censors too. Those who are caught trespassing will be prisoned up to 3 months or 1500 bucks. Or both. 😦

  12. TMB says:

    Who is the owner of this property at the moment.. is it the brunei embassy or the Sg govt ?

  13. Lemuel says:

    Hi guys, cfmed police boards outside place indicating 7 people in total arrested. The problem is that the people living directly opposite (the guards) call the police immediately upon seeing people enter via the front (which is terribly accessible). Apparently according to a few workers there the place will be torn down in 2 months? (he had minimum knowledge of english).

    Anyways the risks are high to go in so I’d advise not to attempt. Otherwise, I’m sure enthusiasts.. u guys will find other means of entering.

  14. Dayang Yong says:

    Me n a couple of my ghost hunting buddies when there early this year…its quiet a good place for paranormal activities..as I myself encounter three different voice laughing. But to bad around April this year there came up with a sign from the police force itself…if caught by tresspassing…there will b a big fine…those whom still wanna go there good luck

  15. Zach says:

    Can we still go in it? Im a member of a ghost encounter team. We would like to visit that place soon so we were wondering whether we could still get in.

  16. Kayyathiri says:

    Hi, we are psychology students who would like to film in this hostel. We were wondering if there was a person we could contact if we wanted to gain access into this area?

  17. Liyana says:

    Hi Kayyathiri, unfortunately the area is currently tight on security and i highly doubt they will be easy on giving you the permit to film. However, you can try checking the Brunei High Comm website and inquire who’s in charge of the place.I suggest you give them a call.


  18. Chloe says:

    Hello Again, I left a comment yesterday, but today I remembered something that might be worth you taking a look at. It was the first deli in Singapore, Steeples Deli, and has such a homely and authentic feel to it. Plus, their peanut butter chocolate milkshake is to die for! When I visit I always feel welcome by the people there and it has been the same way for 26 years! Its located in tanglin shopping centre. I would really appreciate it if you took a look at it because I want it to get some recognition and stay in business!

    Love your blog! Hope to hear back from you!

  19. Kate says:

    To anybody who is thinking of going in, their are police boards that advice you of the penalty of entering which is either a large fine or jail time. After exploring the hostel for a brief amount of time, i went exploring further around Dempsey and found another less attractive way to get into or out of the hostel, which is around the back of the hostel, im not sure what road it is but it is an easy way to get in and out of the situation if needed. Besides from this on my exploration i discovered that literally less than 100m away from the hostel is a rather large police base that you should be aware of. So i would not suggest that you stay in the hostel for longer than 20 minutes at a time. But besides from my short visit, it has been the most amazing place i have seen in Singapore this far, stunning. I just wish that i could of stayed longer.

  20. Nur says:

    Hey guys my friends and i just went there in the afternoon and yes we saw the police board too but when we arrived there was actually construction workers doing some construction at the entrance and I think that they are starting to demolish the place. We asked the construction worker if they would let us in and take pictures, surprisingly he gave us the access in. We spent up to 3 hours in there and thankfully nothing happened. There’s lots of things that can be done for people who are keen to take pictures. Actually we had encountered a sound which was a sound of a lady humming to music but the thing is we were all guys in there, including the construction workers so that was quite scary. A tip to those who dislikes mosquito bites its best that you apply repellents. But if you were to try visit the place maybe you can try your luck by asking the construction workers if they happen to be there and if its possible for you guys to enter. I don’t think there are motion sensors because if there is i think we were already caught by the police, we went to most parts of the place but maybe i might not went to the area with motion sensors. Lastly when we left the construction worker actually waited for us to make sure we left the area. Truly a satisfying experience.

  21. Terry says:

    My friend got caught there on 2 January when we tried to went in, there are many public around the place and I think they are told to call on them when they see anyone suspicious or considering to enter

    • superjohn says:

      May I know , is it possible to go in brunei hostel ? I don’t want to break the law. Me and my group of friends are interested in exploring old places and haunted .

  22. Nicholas says:

    Just paid a visit yesterday for a shoot. I don’t think they plan to tear it down yet because they’ve replaced the old worn out gates with new and taller ones. They also fenced up the front as well. Was there for about 2 hours or so. Left when someone came to start fogging which was about 12pm. Lots to explore. I suggest if you have the time, slowly enjoy the experience inside. Just make sure to always be on the lookout. And please be careful if you enter the older buildings, some of the floor/ceilings are loose so watch your step

    • yan says:

      hi! can i know if the place is still accessible? any cctv’s around? or police notice? where do you enter from?

      • Nicholas says:

        Yes it’s still accessible. No CCTVs but as mentioned above watch out for the security guard at the opposite condo. You’ll find you way if you look carefully. Trust me, just be alert

  23. ainf14 says:

    Hi i would like to know if this place is currently accesible without any means of breaking the law or secretly entering it? i’ve been reading the comments but i’m still unsure. i have been planning to upload a post on my blog about abandoned places and places with history. It would mean a lot to me if i could go to these places so if anyone has any information please let me know, ain.fred@icloud.com. 🙂 Ps. i’ve always loved places with history so at a young age (17) i would really want to explore these places before everything here is mordernized.

  24. Ezzy says:

    Hi peeps ani1 intrested in joining us fr any paranormal Venturing like us on our FB n pm us we’ve gt lots of intrsting sites our latest VX videos on youtube

  25. yan says:

    Just went to check it out last monday with a friend. they’ve replaced the front gates. looks new though. tried to find another way in by going to the other side of the hostel. but failed. tried to went in by the vegetation area but its too thick. anyone have tried going there and knows another way jn?

  26. Tim says:

    Any idea how to get in?

  27. Maisarah says:

    Hi, is this place still accessible? I’m still having doubts on this. I’m really into going abandoned places and recently I’ve been to istana woodneuk and i highly recommend those who is an enthusiast like me to check out that place😊 Btw, anyone know how to get in this place?

    • Samuil lee says:

      I been there recently. 11/may/2016. But it was a short trip. We were nearly busted when the security guard at the opposite condo shouted at my friend who was trying to climb from the front gate. Theres a way to get in thou, at the right side of the building there is a hole in the fence which leads to a large field. When you reached the field, keep to the left and you would see a hole in the new fence that would allow you to go in. The hole wasn’t that big at first but my friend cutted some of the metal parts of the fence thus creating a bigger hole. Because one of my friend is big size, you could say Fat lah. When we got in we walked down path that leads to some blocks and we took pictures there. After like 10 minutes me and my fat friend head some shouts but when we looked around us we saw nothing. We where creeped out and warned my other 2 friends whom was busy taking pictures. Soon they too heard the ‘shouts’ we panicked and ran out of the compund by the fence. It was a scary and fun experience at the same time

  28. Shilla says:

    My parents were the caretakers at the Brunei House in the 70s. We left early 80s after my father passed away; since the job required a pair of husband-wife team to manage the holiday house. We had our share of ghostly encounters and it was normal to hear things going bump in the night. But the spirits were not malicious and we coexisted well. So sad to see that the location is now regarded as one of the most haunted places in Sg…

  29. lee ailing says:

    As we walk along the brunei hostel ….as we selfie we heard soldiers footsteps …and we leave…..

  30. boo says:

    no one has type anything in a year regarding of the place and wondering if still accesible

  31. Lin says:

    How do we go there ? We tried going there but we couldn’t find the place


    i lived in this hostel. it was in 1981. my first time in singapore. It was a merry fun environment for students to live. Every thing you need for a student was provided by the Brunei government. Bus, food, laundry, tuition classes, Ugama classes, vacation trips, annual airlines tickets, welfare were all taken care of by our government.

    Monk’s Hill Secondary School is here no more. Spending 3 and half years there plus a few months at Saint Andrews Juniour College, seemed to be like a few years ago.

    We were the top ten Brunei students. In Singapore we were just average students.

    When I lived here, I never heard any paranormal incidents in the hostel. I only learned they really happened mamy years after returning to Brunei. It was only unexplained noise and sounds of objects being moved only. No physical sights were reported.

    I missed many things. Nasi lemak cooked by the hostel’s chefs was the one I really missed. I tried ….,,

    that is all

  33. Hj Wan Mohammad says:

    Hi Pg Abd Mutallib, Assalamualaikum. Pramba happy to read Pg commented on this what use to be a lovely place. Pramba would like to hear more. kalau dulu dulu back in 1970’s. siapa pass PCE dari BPS ada kana announce who managed to go further study in Tanglin Hill. We even kesana to visit the school and it was our dream to study there. Nevertheless we managed to get a place in England to study from A level, HND and Degree, but Tanglin Hill still motivate us to encourage our kids now to study hard.

  34. Is this place accessible? Looking for such place to do a horror movie?
    need more details pls

  35. HayakawaYusei says:

    Went there during 11 May 2018 , friday. The gates were replaced, we wanted to go in, however, there is around 3-4 workers sleeping outside the gate which stops us from it. We did hike for a bit and found out that there is a back gate to it. However it is restricted and there is a drain separating us from the gate which makes it hard to climb through.

  36. Syaz says:

    25 june 2019 , still not demolish. Enter by the back , exited by the back. The place have outgrown quite alot, the grass was damn long had to just walk through hurting myself abit by its thorns from plants. It seems like the place is falling abit by bit. Remembering 2017/2016 , the grass was actually short as its seems like there were gardeners who cut them.. why i say this? bcs the first visit the grass was longer. But a little overview of the visit on june 2019, the grass was super long seems it is not taken care anymore.

  37. Hakim says:

    update. it was unfortunately demolished in november of 2022

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