The Former Changkat Changi Schools at Changi Road 10th Milestone

In the mid-sixties, shortly after Singapore’s independence, a new primary and secondary schools named Changkat Changi were built at Changi Road 10 milestone. Changkat Changi Secondary School, an integrated secondary school, cost a hefty $1.4 million in its construction, furniture and equipment. Well-equipped with 24 classrooms and laboratories, it offered three streams in English, Malay and Chinese to some 2,000 students a year from Changi, Tampines, Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong.

former changkat changi schools

In 1988, Changkat Changi Primary School left its old campus and was relocated to Simei Street 3. It did, however, return for two years between 2002 and 2004 during the upgrading program of its school premises at Simei. Changkat Changi Secondary School, on the other hand, stayed at Jalan Tiga Ratus for 35 years until 2001 before it too moved to Simei Street 3. Since then, the premises have been left empty, except for a brief period of occupation by Junyuan Primary School in 2009.

former changkat changi schools2

former changkat changi schools3

With the kampong days at Changi Road 10 milestone gone, the only remnants that still remind its former residents of the old days are the former campuses of these two schools, which are still standing on the same small hill that has given rise to their names (Changkat means small hill in Malay).

Jalan Tiga Ratus used to be a long winding road that extended to where the Simei MRT Station exists today. That was also the location of Nong Min School, a humble rural school started by a group of merchants and farmers at a warehouse left behind by the Japanese after the war. It was closed in 1977, along with Min Zhong Public School at the old Somapah Road. Wan Tzu (Red Swastika) School, another school in the Somapah vicinity, was relocated to Bedok North in 1981.

former changkat changi schools4

former changkat changi schools5

The former Somapah Changi Village was where Tropicana Condominium is standing today, while Kampong Harvey and Gulega Village had disappeared decades ago. The expunged Lorong Gulega Kechil, Lorong Lodeh, Wing Loong Road and Jalan Somapah Timor were replaced by the current Singapore Expo, Changi North industrial estate and the new eastern campus of the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

former changkat changi schools6


When Simei was developed in the mid-eighties, neither Somapah nor Changkat was used as the name of the new town. It was a decision that baffled many, especially the non-Chinese ethnicity who were confused by the hanyu-pinyinised street names. Changkat did, politically, exist as a short-lived SMC (Single Member Constituency) between 1984 and 1988, represented by its only Member of Parliament Dr Aline Wong, before being split and absorbed into Changi and Tampines GRCs (Group Representation Constituencies).

former changkat changi schools7

There was even a Changkat Day, a carnival-like event held at Tampines Street 22 in September 1986. The grassroot organisations hoped to promote neighbourliness and a sense of identity among the residents of the new constituency, formed from part of Tampines and Bedok estates. Ironically, Changkat would “cease to exist” just two years later. There was also a Changkat Community Centre, first started in 1985 as a void deck office at Block 138 of Tampines Street 11. It was modelled, along with 11 other similar concepts at Fengshan, Hong Kah, Eunos and Yuhua, after the first void deck sub-community centre at Hougang Avenue 1. In 1992, it moved to its new standalone building, and was renamed as Tampines Changkat Community Centre.

former changkat changi schools8

Published: 14 May 2014

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80 Responses to The Former Changkat Changi Schools at Changi Road 10th Milestone

  1. I love SG says:

    Wah.. My NS buddy was from that school..

  2. Jane says:

    I was studying in Primary 1 back in 1977. I recalled my father walking me to the school every morning from our old house at 7D Harvey Avenue, cuttiing through some bamboo “forest”, before reaching the road along Jalan Tiga Ratus.

    • Patrick Koh says:

      Was in Pri 3 in 1977. Will always remember the dental clinic at the sch lobby and the grizzling noise from the “robotic-arm”…fearsome lol!!

      • Changkat boys says:

        I was at Changkat Changi Pri too in the late 70’s. Ya the dental clinic…. I did filling there. i still remember the 2 nurses… funny how the memories are still vivid. one taller small eyes, the other shorter with bigger eyes. the shorted one can be quite bad temper, if the students can’t understand her she would show impatience and frown and tease, ” i said spit u dun understand ah???!!”.

        After I am done with the dental procedure they would hand me a slip and go to certain class and ask for the next student to come.

        But grateful can do my fillings there, dental treatment not cheap even then for village boys.

      • Kannagi says:

        Wow!! I was Pri 3 in 1977 too!!! I was in 3A. How about you??

      • William Hoon says:

        I was Pri 3 in 1977 too. There were two sessions, School 1 and School 2. I was in School 2 , Pri 3A. What about you , Patrick?

  3. Money shrinks says:

    Wow. $1.4 million was enough to build such a big school in the 1960s!

    This amount today maybe only slightly more than enough for a entry level private condo.

    How money has shrunk over the decades.

  4. Lim Yew Wei says:

    I was a 19-year old relief teacher at Changkat Changi (for a few months) back in the early eighties and these pictures brought back fond memories. I recall teaching a Secondary Two class and had a good time. I think back about these students some times – hope they are all doing well.

  5. xxxx says:

    I graduated from changkat sec not long ago, never knew the history of the school even after 4 years in changkat. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  6. Ricardo says:

    Sadly, history gets “Bulldozed” here in Singapore.
    I for one, have only memories of my Pri and Sec school, all demolished in the name of development.

  7. Sue Neve says:

    My last year in this school was the first and only Secondary 4 class that year in 1967.
    The Principal was Mr Eugene Wijeysingha and Assist Principal was Mrs Doraisamy. I wish I knew where my class mates are today. I was the only Eurasian classmate of theirs and remember loving Art and painted a mural on birds that was hung outside the Domestic Science room. The proudest moment I had was winning the Oraltorical contest that year and seeing my whole class give me a standing ovation including my principal and teachers … wow !! I still have pictures of my teacher and classmates. I married an Australian in 1976 and have lived in Australia since then. My husband and I returned one year and with the school’s permission took a walk to my old classroom and around the school. It was such a lovely moment to see and show my husband where I use to go to school.

    • Ivan Neo says:

      Sue, this is Ivan Neo. I was the President of the Changkat Changi Sec School Alumni Association and we met during one of the Alumni events. We now managed to get the Authorities to allow us to visit the school at Jln Tiga Ratus one last time on 15 Nov 2014 (Sat). Hope you can join us as the school is likely to be torn down soon as it’s affected by the new SUTD University.
      Hope to see you soon. Rgds

    • K LEE BL says:

      Hi, hi,..l join the pioneer (1966) sec students in 1967.glad that someone remm the mural wh I also contributed a corner of it 🙂 coming June 30th, CCSS will be having gala dinner at Mandarin Hotel,orchard Rd. U can try to call CC to check if any tickets available. Try to come, U may get yr chance to meet yr old classmates. Our form teacher was Mr. Siva, any chance u may know us?

      • Susan Neve says:

        Wow what memories !! I was in the only Sec 4 English class that year 1967 and our teacher was Chinese but cannot remember his name. I loved English Literature and MacBeth. I had a very good Teacher that made me so interested in Shakespeare. I also loved English Composition and often was asked how many chapters I wrote for my essay. Am still living in Australia and couldnt go to the reunion in 2016. I still write my stories and still do artwork in acrylics. My youngest sister Eleanor also went to CCSS. I will start looking for old photos I have of my year with CCSS and my classmates.

  8. Jeffery says:

    I was studying in Changkat Changi Secondary School from 1988 – 1992. Wow! What a fond memory I had. I still remember being the school librarian, military band for my ECAs and also school prefect. Not to forget during night camping, rumours about the haunted girl’s toilet on the 4th floor that every students was talking about it at that time! LOL

  9. Lena Awi says:

    Missing my teenagers days & memories in Changkat Changi Secondary School from year 1989 to 1993. At that time, our principal was Mr Siva Subramaniam & VP was Mr Lak Pati Singh.

  10. Suhaimi says:

    Mr lak where are u? Where is your cane? Miss your cane. Hahahaha

  11. Suhaimi says:

    Jeffery yah. Tat 4th floor toilet always on even u switch it off. Tat floor also kena ban cannot go up there at night

    • Jeffery says:

      Hi Suhaimi, Yes I agree with you. The ladies 4th floor toilet lights always switched on or flickers. Oh dear I missed the chance on 15th Nov event, do you think they will organise it again? 😦

  12. readerofeternityPomint says:

    lol I was there during my primary school days around my last 2 years of primary school education in 2002 to 2004. I was always one of the earliest to arrive at school i don’t know why… and yea.. that toilet light on the 4th floor is always on. and sometimes even flickers. there was an old well at the back of the field. goodness knows what is inside it….

  13. Rahman says:

    Any graduating batch of 94″. Was in 4e2. Was in military band, soccer and atheletics. Anyone?? Anyway…remembered back in 1987 when i accompanied my mother and elder sister to apply for a spot at Changkat Primary. Haha… The place still very kampung seh. That was when i just shifted to newly developed Simei. Enjoyed a couple more years catching spider at the Jalan Tiga Ratus village before it got developed as a private property plot and condo. The kampung people i remembered were very friendly. Sigh…. Reminiscing those good old care free days. 😁😁 … 24 years later, i’m at Simei (but a diffent block), working at Changi Fire Station, a youth mentor at Changkat Sec and wat are the odds… My wife now teachers in Changkat Changi Sec. Haha… Always like chatting up with the teachers who are still there, who were from the old campus.

  14. Ren Derong says:

    Was a student from 1991-1994. Same as Rahman. Was in band too. I remembered our sec 3 camp. Sharing a lot of ghost stories of CCSS at Jln Tiga Ratus. Haha. Truly classic memories…

  15. Muhammad Izhar says:

    been there… countless memories… CCSS 1997-2001.. peace!! 🙂

  16. Muhammad Izhar says:

    MR Lak Pati Singh… best principal.. saw him lately.. now facial hair also gone.. left with only sideburn….

  17. Arme says:

    My wife was frm changkat changi primary school

  18. hasanah says:

    Im one of the student of changkat primary school in 2002-2007 but during 2002 – 2004 was located at jalan tiga ratus during the construction. Remembered back then my friend and I love to catch grasshopper near the small hill and kept in the container with few holes. I still remember having goosebump at block c where there was a small room not that far with the school gate entrance. Popular with the level 4 toilet. Even at day, the girl’s toilet felt so errie.

  19. Zaiton Hassan says:

    Hi everyone. Zaiton here. I was in Changkat Changi Pri in 1971. Left in 1976. Went to Changkat Sec till 1980/81. Would love to join all of you on 15 November. More details, please.

  20. Lisa Ho says:

    I am 1988 graduation batch of 4e1. I just got to see this website and was sad that I missed the last.visit yesterday. Is there anyway we can visit the school before they tear it

    • Ivan Neo says:

      Let’s see if we can organise another visit next year, before they tear it down. BTW, we would like to invite you to join us as an alumni member. Pl go to the wbsite at

      In this way, you can keep tab of the activities we organise. Rgds

  21. Suhaimi says:

    Another errie part in front of the technical block. THE STATUE!!!!! Hahahahaha. Ppl says its the statue of a woman carrying a baby…… There always a shadow moving around tat statue at nite

  22. Izah Abd. says:

    Zaiton Hassan, I was in CCSS same time as you did. I think we were in the same class. You used to live opposite my grandmother’s house. Well I’m married an American and living in U.S.A now. How to keep in contact with you?

  23. liz says:

    lol. the best times of the shcool was my sexual expeirence with this two dudes called sinbad singh and shahiefisally jaffar …..

    • Gomosh says:

      Hey Liz, may I ask? Were you from class 4N4 or 4N5 with the form teacher in-charged Mrs Loke? When you mentioned name of both dudes, kinda ring a bell. Your full name is Norliza Rashid? You look more to Caucasian? :):)

  24. Changkat boys says:

    Wonder if there is an alumni for Changkat Changi Primary? This may be hard to believe but I only kept in touch with 2(?) classmates after PSLE. Some years later also lost touch with both too.
    One went to Siglap Sec, we were in the same class from Pri 1-6.
    The other one was a prefect, I was a prefect from Pri 5-6 and we knew each other. We went to Temasek Sec, her name is Wong Siew Bee, 黄秋美。

  25. The former Nong Min School at Jalan Tiga Ratus 1970s

    It operated between 1946 and 1977

    (Photo credit: Facebook Group “Changi-10-mile”)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hello all. Chanced upon this discussion/webpage by chance.
    No, I am not from Changkat. But looking at the pictures and reading the comments made me think of an incident so long ago…… long ago.
    Briefly, in 1973 I was living in what was then Upper Changi Road, 10 miles stone. And was going to a reputable school. Having given much problem due to my own juvenile behaviour, I was asked to leave, but not before I had a severe trashing from my late father. A day later (after the trashing) I had an appointment to see the principal of Changkat with a possibility of enrolling in that school. I remember it was in late November that I went there, only to be greeted by a lady, whom I now believe is a Mrs Doraisamy (or something to this effect). She belittled me when commenting on my report book, saying how they are not going to ever consider one with so poor grades. To the point of even saying that I should consider just dropping out and going to work. What a thing to tell a 14 year old boy with severe cane marks all over my body, legs and hands. I was willing to start afresh, but she didn’t see that….. not even one iota of pity. I left the school premises with a very heavy heart and tears.
    Long story short. Forty-two years later: I currently lecture law at a prestigious institute, am a holder of a two diplomas, a bachelor’s and a master’s credentials in law – reputable of course. Raised a family of four children. Am debt-free with money in the bank, and then some for me to enjoy with my family. Am engaged in church work, and hope to retire soon and devote my retirement years counselling juveniles….. and not turn them away when they need help most.
    I hope you read this and remember that small “others” boy who came to your office, Mrs Doraisamy. I hope you remember, because I certainly do.
    To the formers students at Changkat, I wish I had a chance to have gotten to know you as I began picking up the pieces of my life.


    • Kampong Boy says:

      Hi Anonymous.
      I think we are about the same age.
      I can understand the hurt that incident has caused you.
      But I am glad for you that you have overcome it, and become an useful member of the society.
      I also had an unpleasant experience when I was a primary school kid, that is still bothering me today.
      My academic results were good, but I was a talkative and naughty boy. Instead of rendering some useful advice to correct my misbehavior, some teachers chose to publicly display their dislike, or even insults, to a helpless primary school kid.
      A male teacher once pointed his finger at me: you may be good in study as a child, but you may not make it when you grow up!
      So I always remember this heartless comment from the male teacher who was teaching mathematic and moonlighting as a shoe seller.
      I never wanted to attend any school reunion when I knew he was going to be there.
      Why do I share this story? Well, I just hope the adults can be more understanding and sympathetic for kids who obviously need help and advice.
      I am sure you will do a good job in counseling juveniles.

  27. bobby says:

    anyone frm the year 1980 to 1985( took PLSE) PLS CONTACT ME.

  28. vimala says:

    I was in Changkat Changi Primary School from 1979 to 1985. Is there a Alumni?? Anyone from that batch?

  29. Lance says:

    Is the schools accessible to pulic? Any thing we need to know before considering to go in?

  30. Yam Osman says:

    Hi im Yam Osman formerly from Changkat Changi Primary School. 1972-1977/1978 anyone from this batch

  31. A.Rashed Mohd says:

    Most students staying around Telok Paku Changi prison quarters, Kg.Loyang, Kg.Melan, Darat Nenas and even Pulau Tekong:)

  32. Sal H says:

    Yes Fadil..she is my best friend.Kawan sejati susah senang sama sama.Regards to her.

  33. Poh KS says:

    My secondary school from 1982 to 1986.
    Took my GCE N and O level.

  34. William Hoon says:

    I am William Hoon, from Changkat Changi Primary School, 1975-1980.

  35. William Hoon says:

    Thanks for the wonderful write up. I was a student of Changkat Changi Primary School from 1975-1980. I just stumbled upon the website recently. I realized that your user Kannagi who last posted on April 30, 2015 at 5.07pm was my classmate. Would appreciate if you could advise how can I get in touch with her? Many thanks in advance and have a nice day .

  36. One of the exits of the new Upper Changi MRT Station (Downtown Line) now stands in front of the former school buildings

  37. Santar Singh says:

    I studied here (Changkat Changi Primary School) from 1965 (opened this year). I was in primary 3. My form teacher was Amarjit Kaur. The prinicipaI was Mr Yau (I think). My two siblings also joined me.The younger sibling Gerchan in primary 1 in 1965 and the youngest in 1968. I wittnessed the neighboring land being cleared for building Changkat Changi Secondary School. The hustle and bustle of the kampong Somapah was the focal point of the 10 miles stone. Batu Sepuloh (10 miles stone) in Malay was in synonymous with the market. Now as I drive pass occasionally, memories flood in of my childhood days. Often wondering where are all those people now – especially Miss Amarjit (primary 3) 1965 teacher and Miss Krishna (primary 4) 1964 teacher. I was 9 years old then but now I am 62. Memories of the by gone days will forever be etched in heart. Anyone from that era?

    • sk tan says:

      Hi Santar, happy to hear from someone from this era. I was in Changkat Changi Primary in 1966 Primary 3. I am looking to see if anyone remembers a Mathematics teacher Mr Koh, who taught in the primary school in 1969. He was tall and lanky at that time, with a crew cut and wore glasses. Do you remember him and have his contact number? I am very grateful for his guidance and care. Thanks!

  38. Lax Kainth says:

    Hi Guys, I was never in Changkat Pri or Sec. I spent my childhood years in Changi Village. Attended Telok Paku Pri Sch and went on to St Pats. Quite a number of my childhood fiends were from CCSS. It was a fairly new school then, and some students who were posted to distant sec schools after PSLE, requested for transfer to CCSS. One of my very close friend was Kim San (very large guy whose father was in the motor business in Changi Village) In fact all of us were very close to one another. Unfortunately, I heard Kim San, sadly, has passed on. It was nice reading the responses as it brought back my own memories which are equally rich with the kind of flavour you all have displayed.
    In this thread two names stand out which are familiar Mrs Doraisamy and Mr Lak Pati Singh. My only encounter with Mrs Doraisamy was when I accompanied one of my friend to receive his ‘O’ level results from the school. This friend of mine (name withheld) was from RAF Changi. He was very nervous and highly anxious before he could collect his results. He cried badly after seeing his poor results and partly the way Mrs Doraisamy managed him. I felt she was not tactful. I had to console him and bring him back home. As, for Mr Lak Pati, he recently retired as Principal of St Pats and we both stay in Pasir Ris (same block also).
    After my NS followed by a tour as a regular commissioned officer in the SAF, I took on a second career with MOE. I am a psychologist and specialize in providing counselling, psychotherapy and intervention for students. All of you will probably know, we never had school counsellors, welfare officers, career guidance specialists those days. Our form teachers were everything – besides being the transmitter of knowledge, they were our counsellors, our heroes, DM/agent of control, social reformer, nurse, moneylenders, surrogate parent, our God, our friend and many more.
    I fully empathize with those of you who may have had bad experiences during your schooling years. But the fact is we all managed to pick up the sticks,, suffered knocks and boldly soldiered on and some cases, became professionals in our own way.
    Keep up the spirit guys – even if you feel we might become endangered species!!!

    • Eastsider says:

      Wow Great memories, but Sad to add guys , ur old tiga ratus schools (where I now stay) are now sad n idle tho’ next to new dtl upper changi mrt exit , non functioning , retro- looking eyesores ,: tis current site for rare birds hornbill in the trees / seabirds in the fields, animals musang n great wild life /nesting places, n in some dark night times, naughty boys n group of them come catch or play with ghosts adventures lolxx

      Ps, I heard Tiga ratus used to have a mee factory long time ago n nearby used to be many hainanese villages, all true ?!? Current facts, few hainanese families remain here

      • Norizah Abd. says:

        Yes, there was a mee factory right opposite Changkat Changi Sec. Sometimes, the teachers made us run to the Chinese cemetery not far away from our school during PE. It had that weird burning smell. I’m not sure about Hainanese, but I did have many friends who lived at Pulau Ubin and Tekong. On Saturdays, after NPCC, we would take the boat ride and spend our Saturdays there. Good times!

  39. Former school campuses in Upper Changi and Teban Gardens to be cleared for homes

    11 August 2022
    The Straits Times

    Three former school campuses in Upper Changi and Teban Gardens are set to make way for planned housing developments.

    The Housing Board is seeking consultancy services for proposed demolition works at the former sites of Changkat Changi primary and secondary schools, and Pandan Primary.

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