Vanishing Memories – A Golden Palace at Tampines

Few will remember the Golden Palace Holiday Resort (金宫旅游胜地) today, but in the late sixties and early seventies, it was a popular leisure haunt for many Singaporeans, who would visit the place for food, drinks, music, parties, fishing, boating and picnics. The resort was located opposite the Tampines Army Camp at Jalan Ang Siang Kong, off Tampines Road 111/4 milestone. Today, the resort, army camp and the road had all vanished into history.

Before the construction of Tampines New Town in 1978, much of the old Tampines was a huge forested place with numerous Chinese and Malay villages, such as Teck Hock Village, Kampong Sungei Blukar, Kampong Beremban and Hun Yeang Village, scattered between Serangoon River and the now-defunct Loyang Road. The Golden Palace Resort stood out as a rare landmark at the largely undeveloped eastern side of Singapore.

golden palace resort advertisement 1969Established in 1967 with a start-up capital of $2 million, a hefty amount in the sixties, the Golden Palace Resort occupied 20 acres (or 81,000 square metres) of land, roughly the size of 11 football fields. It came with many facilities, including an artificial pond with pavilions and connecting wooden bridges, two restaurants that served Chinese and European cuisine, a snack bar, a golden pagoda, a reception hall and a conference room. It also had nine chalets; half of them were regularly booked throughout the year.

One of Golden Palace’s star attractions was its Golden Pagoda Garden Nightclub; the management paid generously to invite foreign and local artistes in performing for the large crowds that filled up the seats during the weekends.

golden palace resort 1969

golden palace resort late 1960s

Despite being a big success in its 4-plus years of operation, the Golden Palace Holiday Resort, however, ran into issues by the early seventies. The company was embroiled in a saga that saw its six directors split into two factions. The deepening internal conflict meant that the management could no longer cooperate in running the business together.

In late 1971, it was decided that Golden Palace would be sold by auction. The asking price was rumoured to be $1.2 million, as the stakeholders looked to recoup some of their capitals. The auction, however, was aborted after the highest bid fell slightly short of the asking price. A provisional liquidator was then appointed by the Chief Justice to handle the daily business administration and management of the resort.

golden palace resort 1971

golden palace resort2 1971

Even near its closure at the end of 1971, the resort and its facilities were still patronised by the public, demonstrating its vast popularity.

Two years later, after several unsuccessful bids by various interested parties, the resort was eventually bought over by the government for only $870,000. The Commissioner of Lands, acting according to the formal legal procedural requirements, completed the purchase on behalf of the President of the Republic of Singapore. The site of the former resort was subsequently leased to the Primary Production Department which made use of the existing pond for fish-breeding experiments.

golden palace resort3 1971

Today, the only remnant of the once-popular yet short-lived Golden Palace Holiday Resort is the fishing pond located opposite the White Sands Shopping Centre and the Pasir Ris MRT Station.

golden palace resort4 1971

An interesting trivia of Jalan Ang Siang Kong happened in June 1975 when a 3-foot black panther was spotted prowling near some chicken coops. It caused a big alarm among the residents, and armed policemen were dispatched to hunt the ferocious creature down. Both the Singapore Zoological Gardens and Singapore Pet Farm at Elias Road denied that the panther was an escapee from their premises. In the eighties, Jalan Ang Siang Kong was expunged due the construction of the Tampines Expressway (TPE), first between Elias Road and the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), and later between Lorong Halus and Elias Road.

Published: 11 November 2014

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10 Responses to Vanishing Memories – A Golden Palace at Tampines

  1. lim says:

    yes, I remembered this place, I still have some photos taken there.

  2. Jack Chew says:

    Thanks for the article. I live in Pasir Ris but had no idea the current fishing pond had such a history.

  3. James Tann says:

    Great write up on this place which I still have memories of!
    Well done & thanks.

  4. Johnny says:

    Is there anywhere here that still has those water bikes for recreation now? I remember long time ago there were some at (was it East Coast or Sentosa) lagoon?

  5. Samuel says:

    Thanks for the article. I never knew the Pasir Ris pond was part of a resort!

  6. Lincoln says:

    Thanks for the post, miss the old Singapore, looking forward to post on the history of Potong Pasir=)

  7. Jeff says:

    Wow! This is an interesting article. I didnt know about this place. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  8. Anthony Tan says:

    Sign up as a regular for the Singapore Maritime Command, had my basic military trg at Jalan Ang Siang Kong Camp in the early 70’s. All the regular recruits for the various SAF units in my batch had a very tough time there. The loud weekend music from Golden Palace Nightclub only made us feel miserable and homesick. Some of our instructors were ex-Confrontasi campaign hardcore survivors…and the rest is history.

  9. Michael Liow says:

    I remembered Golden Palace Resort very well. I was in my early 20 , was a fun place to do fishing and relaxation. Great place to be missed.

  10. Billy Oh says:

    Suddenly the thought of Jalan Ang Siang Kong floated up in my mind. Did my NS SBMT April batch in 1974 Echo Company in the army camp there already 47 years ago. My goodness getting old now. Remembered did guard prowling duty in the dead of the night heard showering sound from the common bath house. Signed the log book in advance and never go there again…LOL. Tried to locate with today map but could not find it. So Google it and that brought me here. That’s the power of the internet. Funny now that I am living in Pasir Ris very near the place where once 5BX and Route March was the deal of the day. During my time never heard of this Great Palace Resort as it was already sold away.

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