First Multi-Storey Carpark of Singapore Walks into History

Market Street Carpark, Singapore’s first ever multi-storey carpark (MSCP) built in 1964, will be walking into history in 2014, after 50 years of service.

Providing as many as 704 carpark lots in eight storeys and charging as high as $305 per month, the bookings of its season parking have always been regularly full in the Central Business District (CBD) where a parking lot is hard to come by. Season holders have already been paying 25% more over the past five years.

The MSCP underwent a major renovation in 2006 to convert its old but popular kopitiams into air-conditioned food courts.

With the continuing rise of office rental cost, there were plans to convert the carpark into office since years ago. It is not until April 2011 that the carpark’s owner CapitaCommerical Trust (CCT) confirms that it will enter a joint venture with CapitaLand to tear down the carpark and develop the area into a 40-floor office tower in 2014.

Published: 22 April 2011

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6 Responses to First Multi-Storey Carpark of Singapore Walks into History

  1. Xi says:

    Pretty sad… Especially when it is a rare sight in the CBD area…

  2. A rare photo of Market Street Carpark in the sixties, shortly after it was built…

  3. Nurul says:

    Too bad it’s already gone now. They’re building a new office currently.

  4. Golden Shoe Car Park was opened in 1984, at a cost of $50m….

    Better for CCT to redevelop Golden Shoe site sooner

    04 Aug 2016
    The Business Times

    Speculation has resurfaced lately that CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) could soon begin a redevelopment of Golden Shoe Car Park (GSCP), located in a prime spot in the traditional Raffles Place financial district.

    Rumours have been swirling about some of the building’s retail tenants being told that they would have to move out around the middle of next year. Some tenants are also on short-term leases.

    Located along Market Street, the 10-storey building has office tenants on the top floor, with shops and F&B tenants on the ground floor. The building offers 1,053 car parking lots in addition to being a popular eating place with a hawker centre on Levels 2 and 3.

    National Environment Agency (NEA) manages the tenancies, licensing and public health aspects of the hawker centre. Under the state lease conditions for the GSCP site, the government is allowed the “full right and liberty” to use up to 2,614 sq m on the second and third levels on a rent-free basis, as a food centre.

  5. Debra Chan says:

    Hi there! 👋🏻 We love these photos of yours and would like to feature them in our upcoming article on redeveloped buildings and related social media posts. The article is for our lifestyle blog, INSIDE (

    Would that be ok with you? 😊 We’ll credit your account/tag you for sure. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and have a great day!

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