Top 10 ‘Haunted’ Places in Singapore

Abandoned buildings provide the best inspirations for haunted stories. Even in a tiny but highly urbanised country like Singapore, you will be surprised that there are many abandoned and empty buildings around.
Over the years, as the histories of these buildings were forgotten, haunted stories took over. It is up to each individual to believe if the stories are real or just myths.

(The listing of the ten places is not in any order)

Coloured Houses

The three famous coloured houses in Singapore are the Red, White and Green House.

1. The Red House is situated in Pasir Ris, where many chalet-goers love to explore the place for thrills.
Most Famous Ghost Story: There was a rocking armchair with a doll sitting on it in the house, and a pair of stone lions stared at whoever attempted to sneak into the compound.
Current Condition: Remains abandoned and empty.

2. White House refers to Punggol’s Matilda House (although some refers to the Old Changi Hospital). It was built by Joseph Cashin in 1902 and was abandoned in the seventies.
Most Famous Ghost Story: Evil spirits had since occupied the empty house and would kill anyone who attempted to enter.
Current Condition: It is fenced up and equipped with CCTVs. New blocks of flats are built around it, and it will be turned into a clubhouse soon.

3. Hillview Mansion, located at a top of Hillview Hill, is also known as the Green House (some refers it as the Blue House).
Most Famous Ghost Story: Previous owner’s family was killed in a fire, and renovations were never quite completed because of the evil spirits lingering in the house.
Current Condition: The private mansion was demolished in 2004, leaving nothing behind except an old gate and a pile of rocks.

There is another coloured house located at Kampong Glam, though not associated with any haunting, that is known as the Yellow House (or Mansion) or Gedung Kuning. It was a former Malay palace and was built in the 1860s. The house changed hands several times, from Tengku Mahmoud (grandson of the 18th Sultan of Johor) to Haji Yusoff Haji Mohamed Noor (Malay entrepreneur and philanthropist) to finally the Singapore Government in 1999. It is now a conserved building, and is operated as a Malay restaurant.


4. Old Changi Hospital is perhaps the favourite place in Singapore for daring ghost-seeking youngsters. Built in 1935 as a British military hospital, it was occupied by the Japanese forces in WWII. The hospital was officially closed in 1997, as the patients were moved to the new Changi General Hospital.
Most Famous Ghost Story: Screams and shadows could be seen and heard at some of the wards, which were rumoured to be used as torture chambers by the Japanese.
Current Condition: Remains abandoned and empty.

5. View Road Hospital was a little known mental hospital located in Admiralty. A subsidiary of Woodbridge Hospital, it was opened in 1975 and closed in 2001.
Most famous Ghost Story: The mental patients, when alive, were trapped in the hospital. Their spirits, likewise, were unable to escape from the building.
Current Condition: Has been converted into a foreign workers’ dormitory called View Road Lodge.


6. Neo Tiew Estate looks like a normal HDB neighbourhood except it is empty and deserted. The flats were built in 1979 and en-bloc in 2002.
Most Famous Ghost Story: Haunted by vengeful banana tree spirits, resulting in the flats being abandoned.
Current Condition: Used by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in conducting urban warfare trainings.

Army Camps

7. Many Singaporeans completed their Basic Military Training (BMT) in Nee Soon Camp, an extremely old camp where its history goes all the way back to pre-WWII.
Most Famous Ghost Story: Prowling soldiers were frightened by mysterious eerie sounds as they walked past the Nee Soon Camp White House after midnight.
Current Condition: Occupied by the SAF Band.

8. Also a BMT camp, Pulau Tekong is perhaps famous for its tough trainings and ghost stories. It is rumoured (turned out to be false) that trainings are banned on Thursday nights due to the lurking of evil spirits.
Most Famous Ghost Story: The spirit of a dead recruit from Charlie Company, who died during a route march, was trapped in the bunk. An additional door had to be created to free the ghost.
Another popular one is the sightings of an old man and his young grandson who visit the bunks in the middle of the nights. The two phantoms spot those recruits who pretend to be asleep but are still awake.
Current Condition: The camp has gone through rapid modernisation in recent years.

9. Changi Commando Barracks used to house 15,400 British and Australian soldiers during WWII. It was taken over by the SAF after independence and was used as the headquarters for commandos from the seventies to eighties.
Most Famous Ghost Story: Haunted by the ghosts of the WWII Prisoners-of-war (POWs) who died of torture and starvation.
Current Condition: Remains abandoned but may be converted into a clubhouse by the Fairy Point Hotel which is currently being developed nearby.


10. Bukit Brown, or commonly known as Kopi Sua (Coffee Hill) is a Chinese burial place that was opened in 1922. It was named after George Henry Brown, the first owner of the land. It was nearly cleared for development in the seventies.
Most Famous Ghost Story: Reported sightings of pontianaks hiding in the trees, and their evil laughs broke the silence of the cemetery at nights.
Current Condition: Deserted except during Qing Ming Festival. A stretch will be cleared for a new dual four-lane road by 2013.

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Published: 11 May 2011

Updated: 22 October 2012

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130 Responses to Top 10 ‘Haunted’ Places in Singapore

  1. Andrew says:

    I believe the “white house” does not refer to the “Matilda House”, but another house along the old Punggol Road which was demolished around late 90s-early 2000s. I recall seeing this building almost obscured by vegetation in the late 90s. Cheers!
    (see image below from Flickr)

    Demolished house in Punggol

  2. pasir ris resident says:

    The Red House is called that supposedly because some people see the house itself as blood red. It has several buildings in its compound, the most haunted is said to be building ‘B’ and the well at the back of the compound.

    Many people seem to say the White House refers to the Nee Soon Camp White House, and that the Matilda House is not among the coloured houses.

    There are many more haunted houses in Singapore and I’m trying to piece together which are the original Five Coloured Houses, including Red, White, Blue, Green and Yellow.

    Red is the Pasir Ris one, Green is the demolished Hill View one. White is either the Nee Soon Camp one or Matilda House.

    I have personally been to another, the haunted mansion at the back of Botanic Gardens, near the French Embassy. I wonder if it belongs among the Five.

    • thanks for your view!
      is the “haunted” mansion u mentioned the Tyserall House?
      There is also an orange house at Yio Chu Kang Road, which is the former Singtel Building… abandoned but not haunted

    • says:

      wow you’re quite informative. 🙂
      I’ve been to the house near Botanic Garden too ! 🙂 I did a project on that and it’s called Atbara house, the former French Embassy. I went there in the day and it isn’t so eerie except for some parts of the house ( basement ). I’ve been there for 3 times and the last time i went they installed a CCTV with a guard. Searched online for its ‘haunted’ info but to no avail. I think when night falls the house should be quite scary… Good for the explorers. 😀

    • Nee Soon Camp is also the training area for the SAF medics! Apparently there’s a ghost in one of the staircases but I don’t remember the details.

      • John loh says:

        Was a medic in 1982 to 1983
        It’s a huge 3 storey building
        Look eerie at night & even had a lockup room for detainees who are on mc but had not encountered any physical sightings

    • Patrick Terence Lim says:

      The Red House is no longer a derelict ‘haunted’ house. It is now an international preschool called Odyssey. The two buildings in the previously rundown compound has since been renovated and now houses classrooms, an art studio, an office, a kitchen and large outdoor dining space for children. During the renovation works and setup of the international school, there has never been any supernatural occurrences reported by workers, contractors nor staff. The buildings and compound has also been blessed.

  3. Joel says:

    The Camp 1 bunk in BMT is not Charlie company but Foxtrot. The echo company bunks were next to it. Not sure which year you were referring to but my BMT was during the the late 80s. There were also rumours of a lady ghost sitting on the jacob’s ladder whom which a few of my friends saw.

    • Yes, I have heard of the Jacob Ladder ghost… and also the story about the spirits of a grandpa and his grandson going around the bunks, identifying those recruits who pretend to sleep

    • Hazrul says:

      I can personally verify this story. It was my first day at tekong and my first lights out. A white clothed being, a Pontianak flew down from the top of the building. Upon seeing this, I cowered under my sheets till the next morning.

      In the morning platoon sergeant asked who has 3rd eye and ask if they saw anything.

      I was the only one to see. The foxtrot company is just in front of the jacob’s ladder that’s said to be haunted.

    • Elie says:

      It IS Charlie company. Three doors. Charlie nearest the cookhouse.

      • Nick says:

        During my BMT, my bunk was next to the 3 door Charlie bunk. I did get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet, which was in between my bunk and the 3 door bunk. The only thing, it was eerily quiet. Other than that, there was nothing spooky. Perhaps the training made us tired. With regards to the Jacob’s ladder. My buddy and I, did guard duty and patrolled along the whole perimeter of camp 3, till the jacob’s ladder. Again, although it was eerily quiet, we did not notice anything untoward.

    • jason says:

      Charlie company tan x x my company mate died after heat stroke during route march .period 1976 July to Sept.

  4. Ed says:

    White house is currently used by the SAF Band, not MDC. MDC are using a block next to the white house

  5. Nick says:

    I was at Tekong Camp 3, stayed next to the three door bunk. Nothing special at night even when I went to the toilet. Nothing happened at the Jacob’s ladder while I was on patrol. However I must admit that while during rounds it was kind of eerie…. I was in Tekong in the early ninties.

    However recently in the new Tekong camp, a friend of mine informed me that he and another friend saw, throught the CCTV, a Pochong hopping around in the ‘new’ jetty!

    • William says:

      yeah i just orded and back in tekong times, my frenz walkie talkie having someone talking, thinking it was their sect comm asking for them, they went in the control room only to realize that he was actually napping.

    • With the modernisation of Tekong Camp, is the three-door bunk still around?

    • Dang says:

      Charlie company in is Camp 1, and every Thursday nite no training. Is true, I’m in Charlie Coy 1994, the third door bunk is convert to a storeroom.

      • Willie says:

        What Dang says is true about the no night trainings on Thursdays. I was Bravo Coy 1990; and always walk past that building, as it was very close to mine. The legend was the door was the trapped spirit was unable to leave the bunk, and eventually, only Taoist priest was able to release the spirit by having the door built, perform a ritual to release it the spirit, and then permanently sealed it thereafter.

      • Ivan Ten says:

        My teacher told us that her husband saw the ghost and the for they built for the soldier as his bunker was the soldier’s bunk

  6. Meow says:

    The 3-door bunk in Charlie company in the end of 1980s was a lecture room. We were told never to open/enter through this door. My JC class-mate (a fellow recruit) mistakenly entered through the door and was verbally reprimanded. For some reason, coincidence or otherwise, this friend fell through the Jacob’s ladder during one SOC training and broke his knee shortly after the incident. He went OOC and was permanently downgraded thereafter and since has problem with his knee till today. Getting back to the Tekong camp, indeed it was littered with haunted stories when I was there end 1989-early 1990. There was also this story of parade square marching at night reported by people who do guard duty patrol and I think, if my memory serves me right, Echo company which was located nearby.

    • Dang says:

      Charlie company in is Camp 1, and every Thursday nite no training. Is true, I’m in Charlie Coy 1994, the third door bunk is convert to a storeroom. Is not a real door.
      Meow, you said yur JC friend enter the 3rd door? Pls, no bull shit story here.

  7. Debbie says:

    Hi all, I’m currently working on a project on ghosts that linger especially in the army areas. I would really appreciate it very much if I could get more information on the Nee Soon White House Camp regarding the “eerie noises” heard, as well as the story behind the old man and his grandson patrolling the bunks at night in Pulau Tekong. Would help my project a great deal! If you have any information do email me at
    🙂 thank you

  8. Charlie in Tekong says:

    Hi all, I was in tekong Charlie Coy in the late 80s.
    The only coy with a lecture room cum store room – Charlie Coy.
    The 3rd door is not a real door, it’s a piece of plank painted & drawn in the color of the actual doors which sits at both ends of the bunk. The 3rd door were nailed onto one side of the wall in the middle of the bunk.
    It’s was rumored that there was a reruit that hanged himself in the bunk and his soul was trapped in that bunk. Many recruits have seen his appearances before them hanging on the fan where he killed himself, and some say that he will very frequently shake and rock the double decker beds we all slept in then.
    Exorcism was done and was recommended for the “3rd door” to be built so that the spirit can go onto the other side. And since then in early 80s, the bunk has been converted into a store cum lecture room.
    The story at jacob’s ladder is a fake, it’s used by instructor to scare the recruits threatening them guard duties and stationing them there.

    • I first saw the infamous “3-door” bunk during my visit to Pulau Tekong in the mid-90s
      I did not think much of it, but a visit to my friend’s bunk did creep me out… because his bed was at the end of the bunk and beside the door, which was locked and pasted with two long yellow Chinese amulets

  9. Charlie in Tekong says:

    The story of the old man & grandson in tekong.
    Those whom are in tekong in the 80s period will know that we all have to take a long walk when we check in & out from the old camp, and along the pathway to & fro camp n jetty, we have to pass by a old abandon school.
    It’s was said that the old man was bringing his grandson to school when tekong was then partially inhabited by civilians that they met an accident and was killed on the spot. So it was said that their spirit can sometime be seen roaming around the school compound…& not the camp.

    • Habshah mahadi says:

      That was my school-(pulau tekong intergrated school)and there..used to have and old store room that we student will never get close to it…its spooky..but we enjoy go to that school bcuz its leave with b.u.t mmors..miss that mmt.;-(

  10. Charlie in Tekong says:

    Those whom are familiar with tekong will know that in tekong, there is a “west & east” side of the island. West is where all military trainings will take place, while the eastern side, all army boys/man will not be allow to cross over. Why? Cos the eastern side used to be the burial grounds for many of the civilians residing on the island and is a favorite haunt for the black magic practitioners whom will row their sampan there late in the night to practise or enhance their strength and skill at these cemetaries.
    It was also rumored that it was there that the famous Route March incident of the missing recruit whom was later found dead with his belongings all laid nicely beside him was found. And since then the eastern side has been a forbidden training ground.

    • Habshah mahadi says:

      Usually both east n west are the same…l’m used to stay p.tkng..seen i was born till 1985..bfr we move 2 to old airprt p.tkng my vlly name kampong pasir..ur vlly facing belungkor n tanjung u imagging lt..and at my kmpng our great n grand used to be leanning with this blck magik 2..of cuz we get used 2 its..sometime there were weird thing happen to us ldy in white distbing..etc2..did u know before enter ur vlly there was and old malay school which my elders brth n sis used 2 go..and its also spooky..

  11. misyal sonnia mansul says:

    actually the OCH me and my bro went there but nothing strange happen

  12. Robert says:

    Does anyone knows whether there are any ghost stories about Stamford House, Capital building, MPH building? I could like to find references to the hotel Orinje.

  13. Ping says:

    Hello everyone. My name’s Ping. I’m from Malaysia. Currently, the production company i’m working under are looking for some haunted places that people have experience and have manage to capture some kind of evidence such as black figure on video, picture etc. We are interested in interviewing the people. It would be great if some one can provide me some information. Thanks a lot.. ^_^

  14. Misyal Sonnia Mansul says:

    Hey everybody the makcik Keropok knock on my door yesterday scared lah

  15. whatsayvee says:

    Reblogged this on What Say Vee? and commented:
    This is way too cool, just read it and believe it or not! (:

  16. Alfred says:

    There used to be a Yellow House on East Coast Road somewhere near Bayshore Condominium…back in the early 90s youngsters love to check out the old abandoned house, it has a burnt out shell of an old car parked in its porch…

    • shabydada25 says:

      i was one of the 90s youngsters…hehe..Went to that house with my frens while i was in Sec 2….one of my frens got haunted by the spirit for few days…now the house was already rebuilt….

    • Tian says:

      Its at Jalan Hajijah. My uncle used to say a couple of houses beside it. It is currently converted into a condominium called Taipan Grand.

      • zeamybro says:

        There were 2 abandoned houses there then.

        It is The Taipan and not Taipan Grand that is now occupying the plot of the Yellow House. Taipan Grand is occupying the plot of another blue house which was just next to the Marine Parade Road (opp Lagoon View).

        The Yellow House was quite a sensation then in the early 90s, where explores esp students love to explore. It was famous for the old mercedes benz parked at the porch, and the old piano found in the house. I remember the newspapers then reported 5 coloured houses .. and the East Coast one was identified as the Yellow House.

    • Nafiz says:

      Is it the one with the “blue eye” painted on the pvement at the back of the house next to a drain rumoured to bring bad luck to those who stepped on it?

  17. Raihando says:

    Thought you guys want to check this out.

    I was in nee soo camp from dec 1998 till may 1999. Halfway through my camp, i was doing my patrol with one of my section mates. I am a very sceptical person and will not believe without evidence. So we walked past the mdc and was heading to the range. Just as we were about to enter narrow road leading to the range (just beside mdc) we a loud crack that of a broken branch being stepped on about 1-2m behind us. We shined our lights and saw nothing at all on the ground! We narrowed our walking separation distance and walked closer to each other. Just a few (like 4 or 5 steps later) another crack was heard. Looked around again nothing. This time round we decided to do a quick march Instead!

     I really didnt thought much about it thinking it was just something we couldnt see breaking as it was dark. Then i saw this article and goosebumps!!!!!

  18. Michael says:


    I would like to visit the red house at pasir ris and stay overnight alone and really see if it is haunted. As far as I know spirits dont cause trouble to anyone. Can anyone tell me exactly where the red house is…

    • Cheyenne tay says:

      It is located opposite ehub.i think it is behind the chalet that is opposite ehub.

      • Ignatious says:

        No. My friends and I cycled there the night before. Its along the road Jalan Loyang Besar. When you leave the main carpark of costa sands pasir ris, turn right till you reach a T junction and go left all the way till you spot a run down house with a red gate and 2 stone lions with cigarettes in between their legs. Thats red house.

  19. Some rare photos of the View Road Mental Hospital

  20. Anastasia. says:

    Can anyone give me the address of some of the places mentioned in the blog post? Thanks, any information is greatly appreciated.

    • 1. Pasir Ris Red Hoouse – Jalan Loyang Besar
      2. Punggol Matilda House – Punggol Way (developed into a clubhouse now)
      3. Hillview Mansion – Jalan Dermawan (in ruins)
      4. Old Changi Hospital – Netheravon Road
      5. View Road Mental Hospital – View Road off Admiralty Road West (demolished)
      6. Neo Tiew Estate – junction of Lim Chu Kang Road and Neo Tiew Road
      7. Nee Soon Camp White House – inside Nee Soon Camp (restricted to public)
      8. Old Pulau Tekong Camp – at Pulau Tekong (demolished, restricted to public)
      9. Changi Commando Barracks – Cranwell Road (taken over by Fairy Point Hill Hotel Development)
      10. Bukit Brown Cemetery – Lorong Halwa, Khean Hock Road

      • Anastasia. says:

        Thank you so much! Is Changi Commando Barracks open to public? And do you know anything about Bedok Ave 4 Blk 99? 🙂

  21. Al says:

    We patrolled tekong camp 1 in the early 80s, including the obstacle course a few times. Never saw anything strange. But the lights of changi from there was nice. Heard the stories about the Jacob ladder before though. We did night training on Thurs too, and we were ok. Just behave yourself (e.g. don’t simply relieve yourself anywhere you like), follow instructions, and you should be fine.

    But we had one encounter in Portsdown Rd area though. Somebody must have disturbed or offended some spirits–we weren’t sure what happened. Weird things started happening. During one night duty, fellow duty personnels heard some strange, chilling noises. Scared stiff, we didn’t bother to investigate the source of the sound. Left the place in a hurry, our hearts racing, but our legs couldn’t run. We just walked briskly and never looked back.

    They got some priests to cleanse the place, and things returned to normal.

  22. TopoBing says:

    Seems like most military stories lingers in Tekong. I used to serve NS in the commandos. One story i heard regarding the Old Changi Commando Camp was that the 5th company back then had Lucifer as its company logo. After that, recruits started commiting suicide by jumping off the buildings. Since then, they wanted to change their logo and started to cover a wall painted with the old logo. But no matter how many times they attempted to paint over the painting, the painting of lucifer would appear after the fresh paint dries. After a few attempts, that wall was left untouched even till after the camp was abandoned. Was unable to verify that due to no access to the camp. But words were heard from long time old regulars there. Would love to be verified some days.

  23. Anand says:

    I lived in Singapore from 1994 till 2006. I encountered strange stuff in an old corner house – Still road and Marine parade road, just opposite to the Marine parade CC / Library. Late at night, I walked back from East coast beach to Eunos where I lived. I heard a lady crying loud. I stood on the seats in the bus stop in Still road next to the house to see, i saw an old lady sitting outside the house and crying. It took some efforts to get through the chained gate to get in side and when I reached the place where I saw the lady was sitting, she was gone. Only chair is left. I left the place and hard the cry again. I tried to go in again, but again she disappeared. This time I walked back always looking for her to come back thru the door or where ever she was hiding, but she just appeared sitting in the chair when I passed the gate ! I tried the following weekend during day time to go in, but the moment I entered the building, I felt something really strange pushing me out. I was so scared and ran out. When I was in Singapore earlier this year, I saw construction equipments in that compound and glad that the building is being restored and hope the place is clean.

  24. patrick leong says:

    The other famous haunted place had been Tower 2 on top of old Safti Ammo Dump (not mentioned in your list) where a soldier on tower watch duty reportedly committed suicide.
    In 1971/72, I had the privilege to ‘kenna’ duty from 2-4am. I tried to bribe my colleagues with cash to take over. Nobody interested. Of course. Fortunately nothing happened. Just one very frightened but ‘brave’ soldier. Ghosts or spirits do exist, but most of the time, we disturb their environment, intentionally or by chance.

  25. I really enjoyed the ghost stories, thanks for the information. But I still miss singapore so much. I stayed in nee soon in the british camp since 1959 and then my father transfered to clementi british camp till 1970. We went back to M’sia. I remember at that time stayed in nee soon camp, theres rumours about ‘orang minyak’. Actually a lot people quite scare about the rumours. To cut shorts the stories, they caught a storekeeper, believe to be the orang minyak. Few of the Armies really beat him till fainted….that time I was eleven years old then. I really miss nee soon and clememti
    Brings me so much of memory…

  26. Some photos of the famous Pasir Ris Red House taken during daytime…

    • Akiat says:

      Pochongs have been seen at the right side of the house. my friends ran away after seeing it, but end up going back there to retrieve his slipper when dropped during the frightened escape. den he looked at the same spot again, it wasnt there any, it now near the gate. den they ran even frightened this time.

      Also once, when i was there, we heard alot of laughters in the building. so i thought that there are another group of people in it. Hence wanted to scare them. but ended up, we realised that there are now flashlights to be seen. den suddenly its all quiet. den something from the tree dropped right in front of me, den we ran off. Looks like a head, but i think is a pongpong fruit.

    • Ralph Chua says:

      Is the stone lion real?

    • ahzeng says:

      Ralph Chua the lion at the gate is real.

  27. fafa says:

    Hi,anyone know behind the story of the haunted block at,block 852 woodlands st 83? I’m curious to know about the vacant block.

  28. Amresh says:

    Guyz i dnt knw what to say …Bt ‘d love to hear from someone who actually had a real time experience with ….~~!!!

  29. leo says:

    Had my fare share of sighting @ tekong too.. at rocky hill during out field training.. silhouette of a human figure juz 2m infront of me..

  30. Sugumar says:

    Have anyone heard of the Ghim Moh road railway track? I stayed in Ghim Moh for 22 years (1978 to 2000) My flat was facing the railway track. In the late eighties there was this story about a man carrying a dead body and walking from the road carpark down to the track. Once the police were called. About 4 of them went down with their torch but they can’t find anybody. The patrol was also carried out the next morning. Crowds gathered along the fencing area to witness this. I saw all this from my hall window. I was in Primary school at that time.

    Another group of elderly Chinese couple claimed to have seen the man carrying a body and walking along the track around 11.30pm. They stood paralyzed with fear and looked at the man. He turned behind, stared at them and walked away. A while later he disappeared. The next day the couple gathered a crowd and they came nearby the track to see. The old man was pointing to the spot where they saw the disappeared man with the body. In the early eighties, the bridge that connects Ghim Moh road and Holland road was not constructed yet. People will walk down to the track and cross it in order to go to Holland road. It is some some of a short cut. Many old residents in Ghim Moh road claimed to have seen white figures passing them and heard voices at night while crossing the track.

    By the way I heard from an uncle of mine that Ghim Moh road was once a cemetery before the en blocs were built in 1976. Is it true. If someone knows about Ghim Moh’s past history and the railway track ghost stories, please share. Thank you.

    • Ben says:

      Very interesting … I live in the Holland Village area and this is the first time I’ve heard of a paranormal occurrence nearby.

  31. Edmund says:

    These places do look haunted. I advise those that have a weak mind or lack spiritual knowledge to not visit these places and risk getting possessed by entities.

  32. Sugumar says:

    I have a relative in Norway. She was talking to an elderly lady one day when she mentioned about me and my family in Singapore. The elderly lady said, “Oh , I have heard of Singapore. A very clean city. They have the best airport and the best Singapore Airlines. I also heard about ghost stories in Singapore. It even once came out in the newspapers, the year I could not remember. I also bought the True Singapore ghost stories when I visited Singapore about a decade ago. So far from what I’ve heard, Singapore has the largest ghost stories collection. I feel very scared when I hear about the Japanese killed and buried people in the offshore islands during world war 2, the haunted houses, the pontianak stories and the evil black magic and possession of evil spirits in a person’s body!” A few days later my relative called me and told me about what the elderly lady said. I was indeed surprised that a Norway citizen knows about our ghost stories!

  33. Rider says:

    My fiance and i encountered something eerie and spooky last night at 23 Holland Rise, Zion Mansion..the thing followed us back and disturbed her..end up i even had my mom to accompany me to park the car at our multistorey cp!

  34. Fearless says:

    is there any banana tree around right now in singapore? Anyone wanna try summoning the banana spirit tgt to see if it is real?

  35. Del angelo says:

    It is scary hahahahahahahaha,!

  36. sgparlay says:

    No offence to the dead, but for those who like to explore ulu places or forested areas, be prepared for the unexpected O_O

    not April’s Fool joke hor!

    Man’s head found hanging from a tree in East Coast

    Apr 01, 2013

    The decomposed head of a man was found hanging from a tree in a forested area near Fort Road in the East Coast area last Saturday afternoon.

    According to Shin Min Daily News, the grisly find came almost 10 days after the man was reported missing on March 21.

    The deceased is said to be an Indian worker in his 20s employed by a local construction firm.

    As the area is very secluded, the man’s remains were found only when another construction worker went there to work and detected a pungent smell.

  37. The former Brunei Hostel at Tanglin Hill (

    Abandoned for 30 years, and looks extremely suitable to be the shooting site for a horror movie!

  38. Karen says:

    May I know which of these places are still not fenced up? thank you!

  39. Ralph Chua says:

    I think we should not disturb it or risk being haunted

  40. Vick Josiah says:

    1 of the most haunted places you should look up to is the prison & the detention barracks especially the 1 at CDAC at lim chu kang.

  41. ken says:

    Hi, if u guys organising any trip to haunted places please email me… I want to join.

  42. sushant says:

    guys lets do a ghost adventure at these places.. crew of 6ppl. whos in?

  43. joe says:

    I was in that route march as a recruit in that tekong Charlie company incident where the recruit died. The year was 1983. 24 km march if I remember correct. I didn’t know him personally as he was from another platoon. They realized he was missing during send arms when his M16 did not come in. The search for him took 2 or 3 days I think. Finally just before the entire camp was mobilised for the search, they found him 10m beside the route track in the bush/forest. We heard he died from a ruptured spleen. His Chang koh stick was missing. Everybody including officers n instructors then had to standby Chang koh stick. The 3rd door was not implemented when we were still there.

  44. Wilson says:

    You may have forgotten Singapore’s most haunted and dangerous place, Little Guilin and 99 Turn.

  45. Nick says:

    Talking about Pasir Ris Red House, I have a true incident that happened to me at Pasir Ris park. It was the year 1990 or so. My friends, 1 guys and 2 gals were playing cards at the park in the middle of the night. Back then there were many pubs along the beach. We were somewhere near the PA chalets? if I got the name correctly.

    And so, while playing cards, the gals, who were facing each other, started getting closer to the center of the mat. I got angry and told them off, as they were messing the cards. My fiend, who was opposite me, then told me not to say anything and he continued playing cards with us. I then looked ahead and saw, black figures (humaniods) moving (they were like floating very fast) from tree to tree. The figures look like the ones you see in Sesame street, where there is a black figure and a white fig ure and they form figures or letters. When I looked that figures, I had this eerie and dreaded feeling. I then continued playing cards. After a while, everything seemed to be normal.

    The best part of this all, is that there were other people at the barbeque pits next to us(about 20 meters), also there were people at the pubs…. .

  46. avantika says:

    which of the places are still haunted…..

  47. Roxanne says:

    I’m actually thinking of visiting these places after my O’Levels! Not to disturb the spirits or anything like that, I actually plan to take some pictures and document it on my blog. Any idea what practices should be done before entering and are there any other haunted places? I’ve been outside of old changi but havent gotten around to snapping photos yet. 😦

    • Guess you just have to be respectful while snapping the photos

      I actually compiled this list way back in the early 2000s (decided to pen them down when I started the blog). Many places such as the Hillview Mansion and View Road Hospital no longer existed. Matilda House and former Commando Barracks have been converted into clubhouses.

      And you probably cannot enter Old Changi Hospital now without being caught. Bukit Brown today is more of a topic of conservation rather than haunted stories.

      Thus this list is outdated already 🙂

      You may want to come up with a new list of haunted places in Singapore.

  48. paradiz1978 says:

    I recently stumbled upon an old abandoned house, No. 17 Swanage Road. Seems like it had been destroyed by fire but you can see it was beautiful. Cannot find any information about it.

  49. FiqZ says:

    Guys if anybody of you guys wanna organise any haunted trips/ghost trips feel free email me

  50. FiqZ says:

    If you are one of those paranormal hunters, stop here!
    Do not read further, as I am about to reveal a bit of the secret of the Hillview Mansion!

    The name ‘Hillview Mansion’ was attributed to the abandoned dwelling by paranormal followers.
    It never had a name at all.

    The ‘Hillview Mansion’ was originally owned by Mr Chua Boon Peng, Chairman of Cycle & Carriage Industries Ltd. The company owned large plots of land in the Hillview area. Land which have been developed into condominium projects namely Meralodge, Merawoods, Montrosa and Hillview Villas which sits on the former car assembly factory site.

    The plot at Jalan Dermawan was bought by Chua Boon Peng to build a private home. The Feng Shui was perfect for a home. In the 1970s, he paid a whopping $7m for that plot of land. Today, it would be worth more than five times that value.

    I previously worked for Cycle & Carriage and my cousin was also the long time executive secretary for the Chua brothers at C&C. To that, I am very familiar with the inside story of why the project had to be abandoned suddenly. It’s a very sad tale.

    In order not to spoil too much for any paranormal hunters who may be reading this, I will not reveal the reason why the house was abandoned midway through construction. The mystery should remain a mystery…(related to hillview mansion)source:

  51. Yong Lin says:

    The red house is undergoing demolition. Sad day for pasir ris.

  52. Came across an empty house at the hilltop along Hendon Road, Changi. There were some offerings of joss sticks at its front gate.

  53. For those who want to venture further….

    JOHOR BARU: The fast-changing Danga Bay waterfront may be better known as part of the multi-billion ringgit development projects under Iskandar Malaysia. But unknown to many, locals included, US-based travel portal Expedia has listed it as among the five most haunted places in Malaysia.

    It owes its reputation to an abandoned bungalow, known as Villa Nabila, perched on top of a hill that overlooks the Straits of Johor. The bungalow has held untold secrets for over 40 years and there are several versions of how it earned its status.

    They include murder that took place among a wealthy Caucasian family who once lived in the house. Another version tells of how the maid was behind the murder and had killed the family, including a daughter named Nabila, and buried their bodies somewhere in the compound. One of the most interesting stories is that the family members were killed by two hit men who were hired by a relative due to greed.

    Among the superstitions surrounding the place are that visitors should enter the house in even numbers. Should they visit in odd numbers, there will be an “extra” person in the group when they leave.

    Expedia has also listed Kellie’s Castle in Perak, Jalan Turi bungalow in Bangsar, colonial bungalows at Bukit Tunku in Kuala Lumpur and Ria Apartment in Genting Highlands as among the other venues for ghost hunting.

  54. sgparlay says:

    other than the famous Villa Nabila mentioned above, here’s a list of the most haunted places in Malaysia (locations for you to check out when you go on a road trip north) 🙂

    First World Hotel, Genting Highlands
    – tragic accidents at the hillsides, rumours of gamblers jumping off the building and a whole floor (level 21??) of the hotel that was fiercely haunted and out of bounds to the public

    Deadly junction, Georgetown of Penang
    – many cars crashed at this T-junction at night, many said they saw a lady carrying a baby standing at the junction which caused them to crash

    Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur
    – a old abandoned colonial building with many haunted stories, and a phantom motorbike that appeared out of nowhere and vanished into the darkness

    Highland Towers, Bukit Antarabangsa
    – one of the blocks collapsed in 1993 due to a landslide, tragically claiming 48 life. the other two were abandoned till today, and voices and cries of the dead were heard at night

    Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Kuala Kangsar of Perak
    – occupied by the Japanese during WWII, marching phantoms could be seen at night, and sounds of dragging chains could be heard

    Kellie’s Castle, Perak
    – an uncompleted mansion built by William Kellie Smith in the 1920s, abandoned but screams could be heard at night, and doors opened and slammed close by themselves, the ghost of a little girl could be seen

  55. ong lim chuan says:

    A lot of scientific researches & investigations have been done thru the years but to date there is no factual evidence to confirm the existence of ghosts. At times, photographic images will be produced to show ‘something’ but more often than not the images are either doctered or faked.
    Anecdotal revelations of people having seen a ghost are quite common but one must always remember these are all anecdotes as opposed to scientific data. In conclusion I would like to say: to each his own, from each his belief – ie for those who believe in the existence of ghosts, continue with it & live in fear (or whatever), for those who dont believe… peace of mind, & for the undecided, just go along in life till the day when u can make up your mind one way or another.

  56. manishkumar says:

    This place very nice and haunted.

  57. Jason says:

    heard Istana also haunted by KFC colonel

  58. ghoost buster says:

    the new show hishima island lead me here . lol

  59. Hariz says:

    The red house is now undergoing construction.
    I passed by a few days ago with my friends & when one of them asked about the house, the construction worker asked him to sssssshhhhhhh!
    I don’t know what they are up to know, but ever since the lions were gone, consruction was started…

  60. Tez says:

    As much as I would like to say that I’m not an ardent believer of ghosts and entities, there’s every possibility for people to encounter totally strange and peculiar incidents in their daily lives. Even by being a skeptic, I’m unable to provide any explanations for certain ‘unnatural phenomena’ that I have witnessed during the last twenty five years.

    Yes, during my BMT, I’ve heard about all the above – mentioned stories of Tekong. Marched past the 3-door Charlie company building during route march. Check. Heard about Datuk. Check. Eastern Pier. Check. Thursday nights. Check. Everything was all in order and normal except for one particular incident.

    One reason why I might have had a ‘ghostless’ experience in Tekong might be down to the simple fact that I had to follow my platoon sergeant’s protocols. Never venture unnecessarily on your own, always be with your buddy, apologise when nature calls during outfield, no consumption of pork in bunks, only 2 or 3 late night trainings on Thursdays and getting ourselves mentally as well as physically ‘shagged’ during training so that we all could sleep like babies at night.

    But I still witnessed something which might be deemed as paranormal imagery , during a guard duty routine. The focus of attention here is the Jacob’s ladder at the SOC ground in Camp 1. But I’m not sure if I came across Her Highness, Ms.Get-some-breeze Lady of the Jacob’s ladder. What I saw is something which I would like to call or term as ‘Hair extension’. It was like someone was sitting and hair drying on the highest log of the ladder. All I could see was images or apparitions of long flowing hair rippling or fluttering like ribbons against the wind. And it was not a windy night. In fact, it was rather the opposite. It was a still and quiet night. And I might not even have noticed this, if not for my overly concerned prowler buddy who told me to walk as fast as I could and not to turn back and look at the Jacob’s ladder. The problem was, I did the opposite. That’s why I’m typing and sharing my story of the yet-to-be explained ‘phenomenon’ I had encountered ages ago. It could be some sort of an optical illusion. But after reading and hearing rumours about an entity linked to the Jacob’s ladder, i’m quite doubtful to term it as an illusion or hallucination. And not to mention the long strand of hair that was found behind my metal cupboard a week later. And again this had been experienced by many fellow bloggers, so I wouldn’t be able to term that as mere coincidence. Anywayz, if I do get to meet Her Highness again, I would like to invite her for coffee. Other than that, guess I’m preoccupied with other ‘unnatural phenomena’ in my life and let all the spirits or ghosts to take centrestage….in movies.

  61. Apparently, a creepy blindfolded doll discarded at a tree in Hougang caused some hoo-ha

  62. These stories are going to give me terrible nightmares I swear! Anything involving dolls is mega creepy.

  63. Arjuna Benjamin says:

    Listen, be very, very careful.There are things you don’t want to have to deal with of given a choice.
    #1. Never allow a girl/boyfriend to remove personal effects from your home, especially an article of clothing (t-shirt/blouse) soaked with your perspiration.There is a long history of black arts/magic in our region, not just our country.I know this from a very personal experience.
    #2. Do not go exploring until you have protection in the form of amulets, prayers and you’re very steeped in your faith.
    #3.Do not ever be cocky, overconfident or dismissive.You will never forget true fear when you’ve experienced it.
    #4.Sometimes, you may be given the gift of ‘sight’.Do not doubt what you see.It is what it is.I know what I have seen and only a fool will trivialize such encounters.
    #5.DO NOT TEMPT FATE. Unless you know specific prayers for an exorcism, do not tempt what you cannot control.
    I’m speaking from experience.You have no idea what it is like when the people you love are possessed. I have witnessed an exorcism.I have pictures which depict an actual demon.
    My ex-girlfriends, who coincidentally are cousins(which I had no knowledge of until much later), placed two sets of curses on me.They’ve used black magic to kill my son, to try to kill my wife, even to kill me. I have been training to fight these demonic elements for the past 2 years.
    If you ever encounter an evil element, recite this verse: JESUS MERUM EGRE EGRE IMPAS PILATO CRISTO DEUM SICBAT SIN KIM TAM TEM QUIT AUMM UMM and blow a fast blast of air in the direction of where you feel or see the evil element.
    For Muslims, you know the prayers to recite.

  64. canwine77 says:

    Personal experience, there was nothing scare in Puala Tekong during BMT.
    These few encounters which cause physical pain.
    1) Having to do guard duties 2 ~ 3 times. Without enough sleep for a day makes you vulnerable.
    2) Patrol around Puala Tekong is unsafe because of wild boar that may attack from the bushes.
    3) Physical tiredness and leg pain is what you experience more in real state than eerie encounters.
    4) Some Sergeants goes around at night to see if recruits are asleep, that’s creepy and unexpected.
    5) Always wonder what serious injuries will happen if trips when doing jacob ladder on top.

  65. BradT says:

    I was serving ns in the early 1990s. My unit had a 3 days and 3 nights exercise and on the 2nd day ( Thursday )my four man team was inserted into tekong by boat along with 3 other teams. That night we took turns to rest and to maintain comms with hq. I did a 2 hour shift from 11pm to 1am . At 300am I was awoken by my team leader and was asked if I could hear anything. Everyone was quiet and I could hear a female voice humming a tune. I told my team leader what I could hear and he told me he could hear that voice sporadically since he took over comms duty from me. The rest of the team was already awake and ready to go. The voice actually got louder and we decided to move to another location. Thankfully , the voice could not be heard there. My team leader called the other 3 teams and asked for their location and none of them were close. At 330 am the 3 other teams called and reported they heard humming drums and singing. My team leader being the platoon commander decided to get everyone to gather at our new location . At 415 am , 2 teams arrived coming in from our west and at 430 am the last time arrived also walking in from our west. The location where my team heard the voice was about 1.5 km due east of the our new location so it could not have been the other teams playing a prank.

  66. IIANOHBGUY says:

    Sungei gedong camp HQ 4sab 1990.
    I was on COS duty and at 1130 pm I switched off the office lights went to shower and came back to the office at 1150pm. Upon entering the dark office , I switched on the light and prepared my mattress for sleep. Just as I going to switch off the lights, the radio at the far end of the office suddenly began working and the song that came on Belinda Carlise’s leave a light on for me. I though someone was pranking me and went to switch off the radio and looked for the prankster who turned on the radio. There was no one in the office except me. I even opened the big metal cupboard which could fit a squatting guy. I freaked . I went to the next office and told the COS on duty there what happened and that I was going to sleep in his office . He told he did not mind at all.

  67. Alyssa says:

    There used to be an abandoned old white house at Jalan Kampong Chantek. It was surrounded by a very large garden including tennis court. The people living in that street heard shouts and cries and also breaking glass at night. I heard that maids walking the dogs would not dare to walk by that area because it was so creepy. Even McDonalds drivers would not come to that place.
    Then a company bought that land and built two beautiful new houses on it. But both new buildings are still haunted. The first week in which the new tenants moved into the left house the woman fell down the stairs and needed to be brought to hospital by ambulance. The man got very unlucky jobwise. He could not work anymore at all. While at the beginning one could hear the family laughing and playing in the pool, playing music together and having fun, they became more and more quiet as the weeks went by. Only a few months after they had moved in they moved out and even left lots of their furniture there.
    The right house has a stunning architecture and an incredible pool. But the tenants soon experienced strange things happening. All of a sudden the TV would shut off or turn itself on, the CD player would repeat one song all the time without being on “repeat”, lights turned on all of a sudden in rooms where nobody was (the light switch had been pushed), there was a constant feeling of a presence and footsteps, and breathing could be heard. Also, things got moved or disappeared. Simple objects like a bottle or a glass were gone. The man had the same fate as his neighbor. No job, no income anymore. The woman got very ill and also had to be brought to hospital several times by ambulance. Those tenants also moved out before the lease ended.

    It is said that the previous owner of that land lived in that white house with his family leading a successful and good life. Then, for reasons I don’t know fate turned around. The family had to abandon the house and it is said that either his son or he himself had died there.
    Maybe somebody knows the story of the previous owner and what had happened there? That must be the reason why the presence cannot leave that land.

  68. fanny says:

    hi i am planning for a trip of haunted place on this comin sat 25 feb 2017 at nite time at 11plus anibody who is interested can email mi gers ang guys are most welcome

  69. Omg it is related to the ghost stories which I read at

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