Pasir Ris Red House… A Haunting Legend No More

One of the most famous “haunted” places in Singapore is now undergoing redevelopment.

The private residence at 191 Jalan Loyang Besar was once a favourite haunt for thrill-seeking youngsters in their supernatural-hunting activities. Nicknamed the Pasir Ris Red House (or Loyang Red House), the building had been nominated by the local paranormal groups since the nineties as one of the three most haunted “coloured” houses in Singapore; the other two being the White House (Punggol Matilda House) and the Green House (Hillview Mansion).

pasir ris red house redevelopment 2014

Jalan Loyang Besar used to be a narrow and bumpy road that was linked directly to the main Loyang Avenue. A large portion of it was removed when Pasir Ris New Town and Pasir Ris Drive 1 were constructed in the eighties. Today, it is more popularly known as the road leading to the chalets and holiday resorts at Pasir Ris.

pasir ris red house redevelopment2 2014

pasir ris red house redevelopment3 2014

According to API’s (Asian Paranormal Investigators) research, the Red House has a significant past.

It was built in 1938, and was purchased by the McNeice family in the late 1940s. Sir Percy McNeice (1902-1998), well-known for his contributions in housing, family planning and social welfare, was a British civil servant who had served as Singapore’s first president of the City Council. His wife Loke Yuen Peng (1917-2012), also known as Lady McNeice, was the daughter of Loke Yew, British Malaya’s richest man before the Second World War, and sister of Loke Wan Tho, the founder of Cathay Organisation.

The old Pasir Ris was made up of several villages; Kampong Loyang was a fishing village, largely made up of Malay families, that existed until the eighties. Before the establishment of the People’s Association (PA) in 1960, the Red House was used for providing communal services for the villagers of Kampong Loyang.

kampong loyang 1980s

kampong loyang2 1980s

In 1964, the property was sold to CK Tang (Tang Choon Keng, 1901-2000), where the boss of the Tangs department store and his family was said to have lived in the house for a brief period of time. The double-block house once enjoyed a clear sea view of the Johor Straits, before it was blocked by the development of the Pasir Ris Park and the NTUC and UDMC holiday chalets in the late eighties.

pasir ris red house 2012

pasir ris red house2 2012

By the nineties, rumours began to circulate that the house was haunted. It did not help when the property, by then, had been left vacated for four decades and was in a derelict state. The popularity of the nearby chalets and holiday resorts was also a possible reason for the spread of the rumours, as many youngsters sneaked out at nights to “explore” the Red House.

pasir ris red house3 2012

Stories such as the pair of haunted stone lions at the gates, a weeping doll on a rocking chair inside the house, or white shadows spotted within the compound, failed to deter people from going to the house. In fact, more were lured to the place. The rumours, however, did start to fade away in recent years.

pasir ris red house4 2012

With the redevelopment of the Pasir Ris Red House, it spells the end of the legendary “haunted” houses of the past. The Punggol Matilda House has already been converted into a clubhouse, whereas the Hillview Mansion was razed to the ground in the mid-2000s.

Also check out Cavin Teo’s photos of the Pasir Ris Red House in a more dilapidated state several years ago.

Published: 30 March 2014

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3 Responses to Pasir Ris Red House… A Haunting Legend No More

  1. I am glad to see this once beautiful property restored to its former glory and now being redeveloped into a kindergarten. What a fitting end to the legend – instead of desolation and sadness, this house will now be filled once more with the laughter and innocence of young children – a sure way to chase away any lingering negativity. 🙂

  2. Chen Johnson says:

    This is what I think will happen:

    “Johnny, did you have a good time today?”
    “Yes, Mummy, I had so much fun today! The sweet old granny on the ceiling was very nice and friendly too!”

  3. engboonkiat says:

    Hi! This is the updated information about Red House Pasir Ris

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