Kim Keat Dinosaur Playground

The dinosaur playground in front of Block 27, Kim Keat Avenue, is not an old landmark but rather a weird and unique one, using dinosaurs as theme. It was a project undertaken in 2000 by Hong Hai Environmental Art Private Limited, whose works also included the Teapot and Mushroom playground at Woodlands, and the seahorse and swordfish sculptures at Marine Parade.

The playground consists of a huge brown tyrannosaurus, about 3m tall, with five white eggs by its side. A smaller tyrannosaurus, likely portrayed to be its child, stands nearby. The kids, if they are daring enough, can climb up the back of the fierce-looking dinosaur.

In the playground also lies a green platform in the shape of a stegosaurus. Unlike other “normal” playgrounds, there are no swings, slides or monkey bars in this playground which sits quietly at old Kim Keat Ville.

It is certainly amusing and strange to see statues of dinosaurs in a HDB (Housing and Development Board) neighbourhood.

At Fu Shan Garden of Woodlands Street 81, there is also a dinosaur-themed playground. Also designed by the same company, it features two ouranosaurus, a long-necked brontosaurus and a small crocodile-like dinosaur lying lazily by a pool that has already dried up.

The unique playground was likely to be built in the late nineties, after the designing of children’s playgrounds in Singapore was outsourced to private companies. Previously, it was handled by the internal departments of HDB.

Both the orange ouranosaurus and the green brontosaurus function as slides for kids to play, although the area is pretty deserted and forgotten. Nevertheless, the ancient creatures made of stone are nice pieces of work that certainly add a touch of creativity in this quiet neighbourhood.

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Published: 12 December 2011

Updated: 31 May 2013

12 Responses to Kim Keat Dinosaur Playground

  1. geraldngkk says:

    You should have seen Fushan Garden at its peak. It was amazing. Damn it brings back those childhood memories.

  2. mpp says:

    There was sand in all the playgrounds at Fushan Garden. The crocodile was half filled with sand.. due to hygeine issue, govt change it to the rubber mat kind… oh ya… the stone hedge structure is still remarkable…

  3. kyr says:

    Hi, is the playground still there now?

  4. Randy says:

    Hi, thanks for the pics, did not know this playground existed, this is very exciting indeed. May I know if it is still around, I stay in the west and would like to bring my young daughter to see this amazing site, thanks in advance.

  5. Randy says:

    Appreciate your fast reply, thanks a lot 🙂

  6. ngjinglingfiona says:

    I am so going there soon! 🙂 Hopefully its still there!

  7. stqy says:

    hello! is the playground still there? if yes, got the postal code of the place?

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