Singapore En-Bloc Flats

The Selective En-Bloc Redevelopment Scheme, or SERS, was first launched in 1995 by HDB (Housing and Development Board). The objective is to select flats in the older housing estates, usually more than 25 years old, for redevelopment purposes. Residents of the selected flats are usually compensated at market values and given priorities in the new replacement flats nearby.

There are four main groups of public housing in Singapore, namely HDB, SIT (Singapore Improvement Trust), JTC (Jurong Town Corporation) and HUDC (Housing and Urban Development Company (HUDC) Private Limited).

When HDB was established in 1960, it gradually took over the role of SIT, its predecessor, in providing affordable public housing for Singaporeans. JTC was started in 1969 for the industrialisation of Jurong. During the industrialisation period, the organisation built numerous JTC flats for its workers. In 1982, the management of the JTC flats were handed over to HDB.

HUDC was launched in 1974 for the middle income families but was phased out by 1982. In the same year in which the SERS was launched, HDB also announced the privatisation plans for HUDC flats.

As of 2013, more than 70 sites have been announced for SERS, with hundreds of flats demolished in the past 18 years.


Toa Payoh Lorong 5 (Block 29, 31)

There used to be six blocks of flats beside the iconic dragon playground between Toa Payoh Lorong 5 and Lorong 6. Four of them (Block 28, 30, 32, 33) were demolished in the mid-2010s. The remaining two (Block 29, 31) are now facing the same fate. In August 2022, it was announced that the two blocks will be making way for future residential redevelopment.

There is a total of 346 one-room units and 196 two-room units at Block 29 and 31, both built in 1969 and are currently used as rental flats. The tenants have been notified to vacate their flats by February 2023.

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 (Block 562-565)

As part of the plan to rejuvenate the mature estate of Ang Mo Kio, Block 562, 563, 564 and 565 have been selected for SERS in April 2022. Completed in 1979, the four blocks are 13-storey tall and comprise a total of 606 units of three- and four-room flats.

The existing residents have been offered the option of replacement flats, also located at Ang Mo Kio. It, however, led to some concerns that the residents, especially those elderly who have already finished paying their home loans, will have to be burdened by new loans for their replacement flats.

The relocation is expected to commence in 2027 when the new replacement flats are competed.


MacPherson Lane (Block 81-83)

The MacPherson Lane HDB flats, numbered 81 to 83, were selected for SERS in May 2018. A total of six 12-storey blocks (three high rise and three low rise), 313 housing units, 27 shops and two eateries will likely be demolished and redeveloped.

Completed in 1968, the MacPherson Lane flats, previously known as MacPherson Green (it is called MacPherson View today), were part of the MacPherson housing estate but were separated by the Pelton Canal, a tributary of the Kallang River. Both the MacPherson housing estate and Pelton Canal were developed in the mid-sixties.

Built together with the three MacPherson Lane blocks was Block 84, a market and, later, converted into a market-cum-hawker centre. The stalls were put up for balloting in December 1967, just before the residents moved into the flats. The market underwent upgrading works in the mid-nineties but was eventually demolished in the late 2000s.


West Coast Road (Block 513-520)


The SERS of the ten blocks of HDB flats at West Coast Road, built in around 1980, was announced in August 2016, the first SERS of the year and the 80th site selected for SERS. A total of 994 housing units, 14 shops and a kopitiam will be affected in the en-bloc scheme.

The replacement units, expected to be completed in 2022, will be at Clementi Avenue 1 and West Coast Link respectively.


Tanglin Halt Road/Commonwealth Drive (Block 24-32, 33-38, 40-45, 55, 56, 58-60 and 62-66)

As many as 31 blocks of flats at Tanglin Halt Road and Commonwealth Drive were affected in Singapore’s largest SERS till date. By September 2022, most of the flats, shops and hawker stalls were left empty (also read Farewell to Old Tanglin Halt).

The demolition of the old Tanglin Halt housing estate, more than half century old, is likely to commence in 2023. A new Tanglin Halt will be ready in a few years’ time.

Dakota Crescent (Block 2, 4, 6, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32)

The rustic and peaceful Dakota Crescent estate, existed since 1958, was officially announced in July 2014 as one of the planned sites for future redevelopment.

Nine blocks (Block 2, 4, 6, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32) were pulled down, whereas Block 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 have been retained and repurposed to reflect the estate’s historical significance. Two blocks (Block 13 and 21) at Jalan Empat are also retained for interim use under Parenthood Provision Housing Scheme.

Dakota Crescent’s 400-plus residents had move out by 2017, and the housing estate underwent demolition and redevelopment in 2020 (also read Changes of Dakota 2 – Bidding Farewell to Dakota Crescent Flats).


Woodlands Centre Road (Block 1A, 2A)

The low-rise flats and shops at the old Woodland Town Centre, completed in 1980, were chosen for the SERS in 2012. The vicinity had been planned for redevelopment, particularly for the construction of a new extension of the Woodlands Checkpoint.

In March 2017, the site of the old Woodlands Town Centre was acquired by SLA. By November, its residents had to vacate the place. The old town centre was officially closed on 30 November 2017, marking the end of its 37-year existence (also read A Final Look at the Old Woodlands Town Centre).


Clementi Avenue 5 (Block 321-323)

Three blocks of Clementi Avenue 5 flats were announced for SERS on 13 February 2011. The 41-year-old blocks – they were completed in 1977 and their leases began in July 1978 – were in a highly sought-after location within the Clementi New Town, where the Clementi MRT station is a short distance away.

The flats stood in a bustling neighbourhood filled with many shops and eateries. The nearby Block 328 is also well-known for its rows of aquarium shops, also known as local fish shops, that are patronised by many hobbyists.

By August 2018, most units at Block 321, 322 and 323 were vacated, as the majority of the residents had moved to their first choice replacement flats at Clementi Cascadia at Clementi Avenue 3.

Boon Lay Drive (Block 167-172)

The six blocks of JTC flats at Boon Lay Drive were selected for the SERS program in 2011. About six years later, they were vacated as the residents moved out by the mid of 2017 (also read Boon Lay, JTC and the En-Bloc Flats).

Many of the JTC flats at Boon Lay were demolished in the eighties and nineties; in their places now are the new HDB flats.

Redhill Close (Block 1-3, 5-22)

The Redhill Close flats, or commonly known as chek lau (seven-storey in Hokkien), were built in 1955 by SIT. Started as rental flats, they were built to accommodate the lower income families living at Bukit Merah. Designed with trapezoid roofs and curved facades, the flats retained a colonial flavour in the pre-independence days.

Many families have lived at their Redhill Close homes for decades. The 21 blocks of SIT flats are expected to be emptied by 2017, much to the displeasure of its residents.

redhill close3

East Coast Road (Block 1-3)

The four low-rise flats at East Coast Road, the only public housing in this vicinity, were built by the HDB in 1962 for the resettlement of the villagers who lost their homes in a big fire at Siglap.

As East Coast was developed to be a prime area filled with landed properties and condominiums, it became obvious that the 50-year-old flats had to go sooner or later. In November 2011, the East Coast Road flats were placed under the SERS list, and were demolished five years later.

east coast road block2


Commonwealth Drive (Block 74-80)

The famous zhup lau chu (10-storey buildings) at Tanglin Halt, built in 1962 and once featured on the back of the 1-dollar note of the Orchid series, were announced as a SERS site in August 2008. By late 2013, most of the flats, shops and eateries were emptied.

In 2014, another 31 blocks in the Tanglin Halt vicinity were also announced for SERS.

tanglin halt chup lau4


Silat Road, Kampong Bahru Hill, Silat Walk (Block 17-19, 22-31)

Built in the 1950s by SIT, such low-rise Art Deco-styled flats had become rare in a modern Singapore; the other similar ones still existing are located at Tanglin Halt.

silat road en bloc flats

Henderson Road (Block 94, 96)

henderson road en-bloc flats

henderson road en-bloc flats3

henderson road en-bloc flats2

henderson road en-bloc flats4

Teban Gardens Road (Block 2-11)

teban gardens en-bloc flats

The blocks of flats at Teban Gardens Road were among the first public housings to be built by HDB in the Jurong East and West Coast vicinities. Before its construction, this area was a large mangrove swamp that extended from Sungei Pandan. It took years of land reclamation to fill up the swamp and extend the coastline.

teban gardens en-bloc flats2

In 1964, JTC established the small housing estate of Taman Jurong, and quickly followed were Boon Lay Gardens, Teban Gardens and Pandan Gardens in the early seventies. The Teban Gardens flats, however, were built by HDB in 1978 after development plans for a Jurong East New Town were drawn.

teban gardens en-bloc flats3

teban gardens en-bloc flats4

The ten blocks of flats at Teban Gardens were vacated by early 2013. Almost all the residents have shifted after getting their SERS notice as early as 2007.

teban gardens en-bloc flats5

teban gardens en-bloc flats6

Clementi Avenue 1 (Block 401-404, 407-409)

clementi avenue 1 en-bloc flats

clementi avenue 1 en-bloc flats2

clementi avenue 1 en-bloc flats3

clementi avenue 1 en-bloc flats4

clementi avenue 1 en-bloc flats5


Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 (Block 246-252)

In the late seventies, the standard concrete slab block design of HDB flats were duplicated in new towns such as Ang Mo Kio, Clementi and Bedok.

ang mo kio street 21 en bloc flats

Each housing district is usually made up of a cluster of slab blocks with two-, three- and four-room units and one or two point blocks of five-room units. The standardised aluminum door grilles, window panes and double-stepped doorways at each unit lined up along a common corridor were common features found at these flats.

ang mo kio street 21 en bloc flats2

ang mo kio street 21 en bloc flats3

Table-tennis tables, badminton courts and basketball courts were common sport facilities within the housing estates. In between the blocks, there was even a field for the elderly to play a sport similar to croquet or gateball.

ang mo kio street 21 en bloc flats4

ang mo kio street 21 en bloc flats5

ang mo kio street 21 en bloc flats6

Ghim Moh Road (Block 9-12, 9A, 12A)

The construction of the long Commonwealth Avenue West in 1977 had improved the accessibility between the housing estates of Buona Vista, Dover, Ghim Moh and Clementi greatly. By then, the Ghim Moh flats were newly completed, providing housing needs for the residents working at the western side of Singapore.

ghim moh estate3

Zion Road (Block 88-92)

The huge curved bluish flat (Block 92) at the junction of Havelock Road and Zion Road had been an iconic landmark since its completion in 1973. It had witnessed the decline of the Great World Amusement Park in 1978 and the rise of the Great World City in 1997.

zion road blue flats

Yung Ping, Yung Kuang Road (Block 5-10)

The flats at Yung Ping/Yung Kuang Road were some of the remaining JTC flats in Singapore. A unique aspect was the common lift system shared between two blocks of flats.

yung kuang road JTC flats


Upper Boon Keng Road (Block 20)

The large L-shaped Block 20 of Upper Boon Keng Road was originally one of the two blocks of flats, the other being Block 19, standing near the busy junction of Sim Avenue and Sim Way. Built in 1975, the 30-year-old block was designed with red-bricked sides and distinguished levels in its facade. In November 2005, it was announced as a SERS site, and was emptied by 2012.

upper boon keng road en bloc flat

upper boon keng road en bloc flat2

upper boon keng road en bloc flat3

Sims Drive (Block 54, 56, 57, 59, 60, 62)

The flats at Sims Drive belonged to a quiet peaceful neighbourhood for the past 30 years, sandwiched between parcels of industrial estates along Aljunied Road and Kallang Way. In November 2005, six Sims Drive blocks, numbered 54, 56, 57, 59, 60 and 62, were announced for SERS. Curiously, Block 55, standing between Block 54 and 56, was left out.

Blk 58, a rental block, was demolished in the eighties. Block 57, 59 and 60 were torn down in 2013, whereas 54, 55, 56 and 62 held on until early 2020, when they were boarded up for demolition works.

sim drive en bloc flats

sim drive en bloc flats2

sim drive en bloc flats3

sim drive en bloc flats4

Clementi Avenue 3 (Block 445)

The Clementi Town Centre has been undergoing a transformation in recent years, and it is inevitable that the older buildings are to be replaced by newer ones. Block 445, one of the low-rise flats in the vicinity that were built in 1980, was selected for SERS in March 2005. By 2012, the area was cordoned off, ready for demolition.

old clementi town centre2

Commonwealth Avenue (Block 27A)

Built in 1972, the block of 27A stood at an convenient location directly opposite of the Queenstown MRT Station. The eighties was arguably its golden era, as it was part of a self-sufficient Queenstown estate with cinemas, library, supermarket, schools and community centre. Like its neighbour, the Margaret Drive Block 6C, it was demolished between 2011 and 2012.

queenstown old flat


Holland Drive/Avenue (Block 14-17, 22, 23)

holland drive en-bloc flats


Bedok South Avenue 3 (Block 46-50)

The cluster of five 15-storey HDB blocks at Bedok South Avenue 3 were built between 1977 and 1978, where they were made up of a mixture of 3-room (majority), 4-room and 5-room units.

The residents were notified of the SERS program in 2004. They were given options for the new HDB flats built at Bedok Central. After the flats were vacated, the HDB blocks were leased for several years to foreign workers, with some of the units at Block 46 and 50 reserved as interim rental flats for Singaporeans in need.

By 2018, the five blocks became vacant once again and were locked up, as they await for their eventual outcome.

Dover Road (Block 30-32, 34-39)

It took only a few weeks for the Dover Road housing estate to turn from a busy neighbourhood with crowd-filled kopitiams and hawker centre into a ghost town. By the end of 2010, the flats had became vacated. Two years after its abandonment, the estate came to life again with the units put up for rental for the foreign students.

dover estate


Toa Payoh Lorong 5/6 (Block 28, 30, 32, 33)

In January 2003, four aging blocks of flats at Toa Payoh Lorong 5 and 6 were chosen for SERS. Built in 1969, the most famous block in recent years was perhaps the one with the iconic dragon playground standing in front of it.

toa payoh lorong5-6 flats

toa payoh lorong5-6 flats2

One after another, the twelve shops and kopitiam at Block 30 ceased their operations in 2006. Two years later, residents began to move out; some of them were relocated to their new flats at Toa Payoh Lorong 2 and Jalan Tenteram.

toa payoh lorong5-6 flats3

Some of the units were then temporarily used as dormitories for the foreigners working at the Sentosa Resort World when it was first started. By mid-2013, the four blocks of mostly three-room units were finally emptied.

toa payoh lorong5-6 flats4

toa payoh lorong5-6 flats5

The iconic dragon playground, though, becomes a hot topic of debate recently, as it is the only original sand-based dragon playground left in Singapore (the other three are either smaller dragons or rubber-mat type). Many have expressed support for the preservation of the old playgrounds that had given precious childhood memories to the previous generation of Singaporeans.

toa payoh lorong5-6 flats6

Havelock Road and Taman Ho Swee (Block 29, 31, 33)

The three blocks of 29, 31 and 33 at Havelock Road and Taman Ho Swee had been listed for SERS since February 2003, but it was only a decade later before the demolition started.

Interestingly, Block 29, 31 and 33 were the only odd-numbered blocks at Havelock Road. The remaining blocks, all even-numbered, are clustered at the stretch nearer to Lower Delta Road.

havelock road and taman ho swee en bloc flats

The slab block of 29 of Havelock Road was perhaps the most eye-catching flat along the driveway, with its facade designed with alternative squarish blocks painted in green, yellow and white. It also stood beside Isetan Office Building, which houses the popular Havelock Road branch of Ah Hua Bak Kut Teh.

havelock road and taman ho swee en bloc flats2

havelock road and taman ho swee en bloc flats3

The en-bloc Taman Ho Swee blocks stood on a small hill behind Block 29. Even though the three blocks were located close to each other, Block 31 and 33 were named after Taman Ho Swee, a short road off Jalan Bukit Ho Swee.

All three blocks in the vicinity, as well as some of the nearby flats, were built in the late sixties to accommodate the residents who lost their homes in the fires that plagued Bukit Ho Swee in 1961 and 1968.

havelock road and taman ho swee en bloc flats5

havelock road and taman ho swee en bloc flats4

One of the designs of public flats at Bukit Ho Swee in the late sixties and early seventies include a long narrow corridor with units facing each other, creating a gloomy and suffocating surrounding. This unpopular design was discontinued in the designs of public housing years later.

havelock road and taman ho swee en bloc flats6

havelock road and taman ho swee en bloc flats7


Seletar West Farmway 6 (Block 1, 2, 5-7)

In the seventies, the HDB built several small housing estates, known as Rural Centres, in different rural areas of Singapore to resettle the farmers. One of them was the Jalan Kayu Rural Centre. The flats in these rural centres were generally three- to four- storey tall, and consisted of retail shops, hawker centre and wet market to provide self-sufficient means for the residents.

The region around Seletar West Farmway had witnessed rapid development in the nineties. By the new millennium, other nearby farmways were already incorporated into the new towns of Sengkang and Punggol. Likewise, the flats at Seletar West Farmway were due to be demolished, but due to changes in the redevelopment plans, they were re-used as foreign worker dormitories instead.

The flats were eventually torn down in 2016 for the development of new Fernvale flats.

seletar west farmway en bloc flats


Lim Chu Kang Road (Neo Tiew) (Block 3-5)

Like the Jalan Kayu Rural Centre, the Neo Tiew housing estate was another rural centre built by the HDB in the seventies. Also known as the Lim Chu Kang Rural Centre, there were three blocks of low-rise flats in the vicinity, completed with shops, playground, hawker centre and market.

In October 1998, the blocks were listed for SERS. By 2002, most of the residents had moved out; many of them took up their priorities to the new flats at Jurong West. The abandoned estate was later taken over by SAF for their FIBUA (Fighting in Built-Up Areas) training exercises.

neo tiew estate7


Strathmore Avenue (Forfar House)

The iconic 14-storey Forfar House at Strathmore Avenue was the first public housing to be announced for SERS. Built in 1956, the SIT block was named after Royal Borough of Forfar, the hometown of Queen Elizabeth’s mother. When completed, it was the tallest building in Queenstown, and many local nicknamed it as zhap si lau (fourteen storey). In later times, the flat also gained a notorious reputation as a suicide block.

Today, its site is occupied by the 40-storey Forfar Heights.

Refer to the official HDB InfoWEB for other announced SERS sites between 1995 and 2009. Also read From Villages to Flats (Part 2): Public Housing in Singapore for a brief history of SIT, JTC and HDB flats.

Published: 04 April 2013

Updated: 21 December 2022

368 Responses to Singapore En-Bloc Flats

  1. Yap Chong Chieh says:

    This is really a great article! I also have a habit of spotting these old flats, which forms part of my childhood memory of Singapore. Sometimes it can be sad to see these flats torn away. Personally, I had many wonderful memories at my aunt’s place at Boon Tiong Road, the very first series of flats selected for en-bloc redevelopment.

    Why not also trace private condominiums that are demolished / to be demolished? That will be interesting also.

  2. Louc says:

    Hi, I love this article as it reminds me of the old block I used to stay at before it was torn down. But I noticed that the article section on Margaret Drive blocks are kind of inaccurate. The 2nd picture of the HDB block was actually Blk 39A, not Blk 6C. I believe the 1st picture should be same as well. Would you please amend? Thank you.

    • Hi, you are right. I’ve checked the map and it was Block 39A indeed

      It’s strange that this block, and also Block 39 and 40, was not listed under SERS program but all three were demolished

  3. Just like the demolished blocks at Queen’s Close

  4. Lav says:

    Look! It’s BLK 20 Upper Boon Keng Road!
    I’ve always fancy this block and it’s my favourite of all because of it’s very unique shape and it’s so big, wide and had long corridors! Too bad now it’s gone…
    Not my website but do check out the latest 38 pictures here

    P.S I’m 10 and have been reading remembersingapore and it’s one of my favourite websites as it teaches me many history things and things that we might overlook as Singapore makes changes every day! (:

  5. Lester says:

    Hope you can include a section on Rochor Centre, which is one of the first HDB residential development to be built with a commercial podium below. Also, Blk 5 Geylang Square and Blk 6 Upper Boon Keng Road were blocks built with factories at levels 1 and 2. Very unique and believed to be the only ones built. These two blocks were demolished in 2000 and 2009 (approximate) respectively.

    • Lee Wei Chuen says:

      I remember the near demolished look of Blk 5 Geylang Square when i passed by on the MRT. I still remember only a small section of the stairwell remained when i passed by.

  6. reduakari says:

    No one talks about lorong limau block 78 and 79 one room rented flats.

    • Mark says:

      Yes, while taking a stroll to Whampoa to see the ‘Dragon” water fountain (fill with grass instead of water now) near Blk 85, I saw that these 2 blocks were already gone (by June 2013 maybe). The site is readying for new construction now. The flats there should hailed from the early 1970’s, and there’s a 24hr NTUC Fairprice branch at Blk 80.

    • Dude104 says:

      I can see Block 79 is likely demolished. 78 is in a good shape.

  7. Mark says:

    Just took a stroll along the en-bloc flats of Blk 28/30/32/33 at Toa Payoh Lorong 5/6 this past midnight. Saw that Blk 33 is in the process of been cordoned off with green mesh nets. A heavy vehicle is parked at the carpark behind Blk 32 too. The corridor lights of a whole section of Blk 32 (L-shaped) had gone out.

    • Mark says:

      Went back to the SERS site above past midnight. Blk 30/32/33 were largely cordoned off. But if you’re nimble enough, one can still step over the orange coloured nets to take a closer look; else one can entered via the pavement near the dragon playground/Blk 28.
      The lights at Blk 30/32/33 were totally shut-off, throwing these parts into total silence & darkness, save for the lights beaming in from the main road, from the full moon shining overhead, and the muted buzz from crickets’ calls. Parts of the adjointing carpark were sealed off too, awaiting demolition. As for the grand old trees lining the vicinity (covered with ferns, vines and having trunks’ diameters at above 1m), one wonders if they’ll still be standing when the flats are gone?
      One cannot help but feel like it’s akin to witnessing the life support system being taken off from a terminally ill patient, with loved ones keeping vigil till death claims the body and soul of the departed.
      The unearthly stillness & calm behind Blk 30, as well as in the park beside Blk 33 after nightfall should make for a spook-tecular spot for Halloween. Scare fans should seriously hurry as preparation for demolition is proceeding rapidly. Blk 33 is already covered up with blue mesh nets.
      The final countdown will eventually reach Blk 28 & the dragon playground. Soon these iconic landmarks will ceased to be around for drivers entering/leaving Toa Payoh via PIE.

      • Mark says:

        Do anyone still recall the Adrian Lim child ritual murders of early 1981? According to Wikipedia, the crime scene was at a corner unit on 7th floor of Blk 12, Toa Payoh Lorong 7. Adrian & his two ‘holy’ wives were staying there when the murders of the two young kids took place.
        I tracked down the unit earlier this month. If this was the correct spot, it’s currently being occupied by a group of Indian FW’s. Hardly any locals will opt to stay in a unit with such a tragic past.
        With the 25th anniversary of the execution of those found guilty approaching (Nov 1988), Blk 12/13 are still standing tall, since 1970. Some of the surrounding blocks that were standing in 1981 had already made way for the new Blks 10/11/14 since the late 90’s.

      • simplyatrocious says:

        I noticed certain ground floor units of Blk 28/32 allows a glimspe into the interior – windows opened, main door (ajar), metal grille gate (locked). One can make out the arched doorway into the kitchen, and then what seems like a back door at the end.

      • simplyatrocious says:

        The erection of hoardings is reaching Blk 28. Based on the boundary marked out, it seemed that the dragon playground will be spared (for now). It also appeared that the all the blocks will be ‘wrapped-up’ first before proceeding with actual demolition.

      • Crazy says:

        Dragon playground not demolished

      • Crazy says:

        I have an aunt who stay at the original blk 7 build 1969 and demolish late 1980s

  8. Mark says:

    I also passed by the en-bloc flats along Clementi Avenue 1 Blks 401 to 404 and 407 to 409 (announced for SERS on 28 Jun 2007 as per HDB InfoWEB). The premises had already been vacated. As for Blk 445 it’d been demolished by early 2013 I think. The old Empress cinema was gone as well. A water fountain stood where Cityvibe (“Jin-Man-Di”-the smaller mall beside Clementi Mall) is standing now..I believe it was demolished by the mid-noughties to make way for construction. I was reminded of it from another old photo of AMK Emporium in the 1970’s.

    • Mark says:

      Just to clarify, as of this date Clementi Blk 445 is just starting to be cordoned off for demolition. The current construction site to its right side coming out from interchange seemed to be on a patch of land that was empty previously.
      Blk 436-438 (SERS 28 Mar 2005) were already gone, with the demolition site now covered with earth.
      Blk 311-314 (SERS 12 Aug 2000): Ongoing new construction for HDB.on original site.

      While the cookie cutter old flats at Clementi is not as iconic as those at Zion Rd or Taman Jurong, their final fate is a reminder that (in S’pore at least) change and progress is ever present and unstoppable.

  9. Mark says:

    A number of old private condominiums/housing had made way for new developments in recent years.IMO, the collective memory factor will never be felt as strongly as those for public housing and other amenities enjoyed by the masse. The value in remembering this particular class of buildings lies in their design and exterior facade, which tells the story of the era when they first came into being. A lot of them are beautiful and unique in appearance, examples of which are found along Farrer/Holland Road area. The older ones should hail from the 1970/80’s, and might had featured in old SBC/TCS shows =).

    Will we or our younger generations be feeling such nostagia when current/upcoming developments make way for further waves of urban renewal in future decades?

    • With lesser freehold properties launched, I guess we will see more en-bloc programs in the future (even existing freeholds are not immune to en-bloc or government acquisition).

      As for HDB, most of them are 99-year lease, so they are even more prone to en-bloc after 30 years or so.

      • simplyatrocious says:

        It appeared that the main ‘look’ of private residential properties completed since the late 2000’s is that of glass & metal with minimal concrete – sleek, impressive but somehow soul-less, like a robot. Certain older properties look dated, lacking in features but exudes personality. Leong Bee Court (1986) – enbloc & demolished during Q2 2013, has a strong angular facade. It sits along Upper Serangoon Road towards Potong Pasir MRT. It’s neighbour Woodsville Mansion (1987) is still standing. The facade has smooth rounded corners, i.e. for the units’ balconies. Similarly, the design & look of HDB flats evolves with each decade.

  10. Ridzuan says:

    Hye there… im working as a meter reader in sin singapore power. .. some of those blocks u mention above were enbloc and some of it were reopen as rental flats I guess.. like sims drive blk 54 sims drv was once vacant and reopened back 2013 I guess.. its gd to see these flats not demolish.:)

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      But blks 54, 56, and 62 have now been vacated. Blk 55 is waiting to be completely emptied

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Update: Blk 55 officially closed on 28 March 2018. Rental flats were recovered on that day, and gates all locked.

  11. simplyatrocious says:

    Ghim Moh Road (Blocks 9 to 12, 9A and 12A) [HDB SERS: 8 Dec 2006] is currently undergoing demolition. As of now, Blk 9A had been knocked down till the last 3 floors, while Blk 9 was totally concealed by grey safety screen nets. Hoardings erected had sealed off the entire perimeter of the blocks and carpark. The main entrance affords some last few glances within the site whenever it’s open for access to demoliton workers and vehicles. The entire walkway linking the Buona Vista MRT underpass to the affected site will be closed off to pedestrians from 30 Oct 2013, as per pasted notices. The ‘garden’ facing Blk 12A is so overgrown with vegetation that it looks like a secret garden of sorts. In these last moments one can sit on the available wrought iron benches to savour the quiet & silent nature while time stood still. A decade ago, I was here during flag day; right now the heavily tarnished external facade of the blocks says ‘slum neighbourhood’ instead, as compared to other SERS comrades which looked dignified and less neglected. Across Ghim Moh Road, the sleepy, laid back pace of life goes on. Scarce pedestrians dotted the market area around Blk 20/21, as evening peak hour roars on at the MRT station. The brown/grey coloured facade of these surviving flats (Blk 6/7 etc) and the clock tower of Ulu Pandan CC helps add flavor to the ‘forgotten enclave’ vibe of the place. Lastly, a throwback to ‘Old Kampong’ as an old lady is still selling newspapers & stuff in a dimly-lit, make shift wooden ‘store’ in between the MRT station & underpass (in use from Nov ’88 – by PWD).

  12. simplyatrocious says:

    PS: The below info deviates from the topic of HDB flats that had gone under SERS, but it still ties in to the theme of good old places about to be gone for good;

    Demolition Updates:
    1. Where: The row of shophouses (since pre-war?) along Upper Serangoon Road (towards city; after Potong Pasir MRT station) and Jackson Centre.
    When: Demolished by end-Q2 2013.
    What (was hot): Jackson Centre had some great eats..seafood anyone?
    Now: New launches of private residences (Sennett Residences & Sant Ritz) ,and Venue, an upcoming commercial/ retail development.

    2. Where: 943-951 Serangoon Road, which is 2 blocks of 3-storey shophouses/living units, the row of terraced houses behind each above mentioned block (943D-J; 945D-K).
    When: As of now, erection of hoardings around the entire site’s perimeter is almost completed. Vacated since early Apr 2013. Also featured long, external spiral staircases.
    The neighbouring Ng Song Kwee Garden (plant nursery) had been demolished during Q2
    2013; the latter’s site is now an empty grass patch. (The former premises’ image is still visible on Google Map).
    What (was hot): Two Muslim food outlets (Adam’s Corner & Yassim’s Restaurant) operated from late night till dawn daily, serving supper to workers who just ended work and for late night gatherings (the night life factor).
    Now: Unknown. The adjointing empty field that’s opposite Blk 11 Saint George’s Road has a “STATE LAND” signage.

    3. Where: Old Admin Block, NUS (beside Central Library, leading to Arts’ Faculty). Actual name is ‘BLOCK ADMIN’.
    When: As of now, erection of hoardings around the entire site’s perimeter is in process. Site cordoned off since 14 Oct 2013.
    What (was hot): Not sure of its earliest history, but the 8-storey building should exist
    since Kent Ridge Campus was in use from early 1980’s. Was this the first Admin Block before the office shifted to Engineering and later to its current site overlooking NUS Sport’s field?
    NUS is no stranger to A&A/ upgrading works to its interior & facade over the years. However this is one rare instance where such a conspicious landmark being totally demolished and
    Now: Refer to 4th paragraph, Page 2 of document

    • Yes, I was quite shocked when they decided to tear down the shophouses along Upper Serangoon Road, near its junction with MacPherson Road. Never expected it

      (Photo source: Google Maps)

      • simplyatrocious says:

        Demolition Updates:
        8. Teban Gardens Blk 2-11: Passed by & saw the SERS site being enclosed by green wire perimeter fence. Maybe there’re alternative plans for the site?

        9. (a) Holland Drive Blk 14-17, 22-23: Blk 14-17 have being demolished. The 2 point blocks of 22-23 are being prepared for demolition by having the units’ glass windows removed. An observation is that the notice description at the demolition site’s entrance stipulated that expected completion date was Dec 2012. Maybe the schedule had been pushed back to allow residents more time to shift out?
        (b) Buona Vista Swimming Complex will be permenently closed IN Feb 2014, according to the notice at the entrance. Patrons will be diverted to nearby locations at Queenstown or Clementi. These are all part of the plan to redevelop the Holland Village area in the coming years. For e.g., the current blk 18A-C & MSCP (completed in 2012) stood at where Blk 18 & 19 (SERS/5 Dec 1996) used to be.

        10. Zion Road flats: Currently Blks 89-91 were already gone; Blk 92 was demolished till the 6th floor and Blk 88 was in the midst of being wrapped up for demolition.

        11. Boon Lay Drive Blks 180, 181, 182, 184: The flats were long gone; the replacement flats (Blk 182, 183A-C) are kind of ready for residents to shift in. It seemed that this site’s progress is quite advanced, in terms of initial demolition to construction of new flats, despite barely 8 years passed since the site was placed under SERS (22 Mar 2006).

        12. Boon Lay Avenue Blks 216, 217, 219, 220: The demolition work was only recently completed. Debris was almost cleared up.

    • simplyatrocious says:

      Demolition Updates:
      4. Clementi Blk 445 was totally demolished by 30 Nov 2013.
      5. Clementi Blk 401-404, 407-409 might commence with demolition during early 2014. The adjointing carpark had been cordoned off from 26 Nov 2013. Blk 405 (1-rm units) & 406 (2-rm units) are accessible. Some units are still being occupied in Blk 406 (i.e. 11/12 floors). Peeping thru the open window grills,the empty units are totally bare with cement flooring. The electric/gas meters have also being dismantled. Some former residents have shifted to Casa Clementi across the road? Clementi swimming complex looked un-ultilised on a weekday evening.
      6.Sims Drive Blk 59 was already gone; Blk 57 & 60 was ‘wrapped up’ & ready for demolition. Blk 54/55/56 are still occupied (as rental units?), while their ground floor surroundings & the whole Blk 62 looked truly desolate, save for some commuters passing by, and some old men chatting in the dark seated down.
      7. Ang Mo Kio Blk 250-252 were already gone. The site will see the erection of 2 26/28 level flats (Kebun Baru Court) to be completed by early 2017. Life goes on at blks 244-249. Blk 259 – the clover shaped building still look exclusive, sited on a lush, quiet neighbourhood.
      Item 2 in my last update – the St George demolition site was totally reduced to rubble as of 13 Dec 2013.
      I also notice that the locality map showing bus routes at bus interchanges have been updated as of latter 2013 from the last one as of late 2011. Certain upcoming developments (some formerly SERS sites) will be depicted as ‘U/C’ on the updated map.

  13. Path Light says:

    When did Queen’s close of Block 1 to 22 demolished?

  14. sgparlay says:

    anyone has any info of the HDB flats at Boat Quay (where the Clarke Quay Central is located today) in the 70s and 80s?

  15. F.B says:

    Good thing now, ang mo kio ave 1, is for rent. but the place kinda “ulu” .. 🙂

  16. hollow says:

    My aunt used to live at the top level of blk 28 in toa payoh during the 70s to early 80s. I’ve stayed over a few times and played in that iconic dragon playground with my cousins. Back in the 70s most of my aunties and uncles (families were huge) lived in toa payoh. It was a new town with many young families. I went back recently to try to take some photos of the zig zag block and the playground before its demolished but I was too late, the block has been cordoned off and soon that playground that was listed as one of the best in the world will go with it.

    Goodbye an old friend, thanks for the great memories.

  17. List update: Addition of en-bloc flats at Clementi Avenue 1. The flats are now empty and awaiting for demolition

    • Toh S F says:

      The flats at Clementi Ave 1 have already been demolished. The new flats, part of the replacement for upcoming en-bloc project at West Coast Road Blk 513 – 520, are currently constructed.

      And I myself is a resident of Blk 515 of the same West Coast Road en-bloc flats. I wonder what will my current place will turn out to be, replacement flats for other en-bloc project or something else

  18. Notes says:

    Tenders For Demolition of Teban Gardens Blk 2 To 11 was call on 23 May 2014

  19. Ras says:

    I used to stay at Clementi Ave 1 block 409 , its i moved there at 2004 and left at 2012 . miss those moment staying there. Block 407 was used to film The Lion Men local film few months back !

  20. chua kie ian says:

    List Update : Tanglin Halt Road estate selected for SERS. For more details, do visit the following website :

  21. Andrew Lum says:

    how do i share a photo? blk 33, 31 demolished already.

  22. ashlyn says:

    Anyone knows where did the residents of blk 28 toa payoh have been shifted to?

  23. Rosslee says:

    Anyone from old block 80 toa payoh?got photos to share?I missed my old block so dearly during the 80’s

  24. Dennis Gordon says:

    Block 58 Geylang Bahru had a very sad crime in 1979, is the building still there? Whoever had committed the murder will never rest in peace. May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

  25. The Outram flats (long-demolished) in the 1960s

    (Source: Facebook Group “Nostalgic Singapore”)

  26. Path Light says:

    When is the exact location of Block 5 New Bridge Road and Blk 110 New Bridge Road?

    • Vani says:

      Its just in front of the New Bridge Road Bus Terminal….beside Cantonment police station

    • In late 2000, the residents and rental flat tenants from Block 110 New Bridge Road, Outram Hill and Outram Park moved to their new apartments at Cantonment Towers at Tanjong Pagar. Block 110 New Bridge Road was demolished after that.

      Map of Block 110 New Bridge Road (circled in red)

      (Map Credit: Singapore Street Directory 1984)

      Photo of New Bridge Road Bus Terminal and Block 110 New Bridge Road (background) in the late eighties (to be confirmed)

      (Photo Credit: Reddit Singapore)

  27. 88URAnus88 says:

    Are you aware that some blocks in Hougang (built in 1970s) were demolished?

  28. 88URAnus88 says:

    Other SERS sites
    Boon Tiong Road / Tiong Bahru Road (Block 1-16)
    Lorong 2 Toa Payoh (Block 145, 147, 151 and 152)
    Depot Road (Block 103, 105, 107, 110-112)
    Redhill Road (Block 67, 71, 72 and 77)
    Margaret Drive (Block 6A and 6B)
    Chai Chee Road (Block 6 and 7)
    Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 (Block 307-309, 315, 316)
    Corporation Drive / Hu Ching Road (Block 139-145)
    Holland Drive (Block 18 and 19)
    Toa Payoh Central (Block 79)
    Toa Payoh Lorong 2 (Block 89)
    Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 (Block 454 and 455)
    Kim Tian Road (Block 126 and 127)
    Nile Road (Block 51, 53 and 54)
    Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 (Block 580-582)
    Dover Crescent (Block 24 and 28)
    Syed Alwi Road (Block 3-5)
    Tah Ching Road (Block 135-128)
    Clementi Avenue 3 (439 and 440)
    Alexandra Road / Tiong Bahru Road (136A, 137A, 136-140, 142 and 145)
    Telok Blangah Drive (Block 78, 80 and 81)
    Teban Gardens Road (Block 12-14, 17, 19, 21-23)
    Short Street / Prinsep Street (Block 1-7)
    Short Street (Block 11-13)
    Outram Park (Block 21-23, 27-29)
    Upper Ajunied Lane (Block 1)
    Jalan Membina Barat / Lower Delta Road (24, 31 and 32)
    Lower Delta Road (Block 102 and 103)
    Tronoh Road (Block 7 and 8)
    Hillview Avenue (Block 1-8, 10, 12-14)
    Toa Payoh Lorong 1A (Block 136, 137 and 140)
    Toa Payoh Lorong 1 (Block 164-167)
    Dakota Crescent (Block 68, 70 and 72)
    Punggol Road / Buangkok South Farmway 1 (Block 1, 2, 5, 206 and 207)
    Bedok North Road (Block 83)
    Sembawang Road (Block 1-5)
    Telok Blangah Heights (Block 70 and 71)
    Outram Hill (Block 14-16)
    Clementi Avenue 4 (Block 311-314)
    Margaret Drive (Block 96)
    Stirling Road (Block 172-175)
    Seletar Road (Block 1-4)
    Upper Boon Keng Road (Block 6, 8-10)
    Tanglin Halt Road (Block 50-54)
    Commonwealth Drive (Block 57, 61, 67-73)
    Jalan Pasar Baru / Geylang Serai (Block 1-3)
    Bedok South Avenue 3 (Block 46-50)
    Tao Ching Road (Block 103 and 105)
    Clementi Avenue 3 (Block 436-438)
    Margaret Drive (Block 6C)
    Commonwealth Avenue (Block 39A)
    Boon Lay Drive (Block 180-182, 184)
    Boon Lay Avenue (Block 216, 217, 219, 220)
    Bukit Merah View (Block 110, 111, 113, 114)
    Clementi Avenue 5 (Block 321-323)
    Rochor Road (Block 1-4)
    Redhill Close (Block 1-3, 5-22)
    Boon Lay Drive (Block 167-172)
    Woodlands Centre Road (Block 1A and 2A)
    Tanglin Halt Road / Commonwealth Drive (Block 24-38, 40-45, 55, 56, 58-60, 62-66

    • Crazy says:

      When was Blk 83 Bedok north road vacated and demolish? My Mother use to stay in nearby Blk 80 when young. Also she also stay in one of the en bloc sims drive flats before that

      • 88URAnus88 says:

        I got the list from Teoalida. The demolition year for block 83 is not specified. I cannot find any information about it on the internet too.

      • ml says:

        letter came in 2001 that 83 will be sers-ed, 2004 june vacated to new location at 181-185 bedok north road, 83 stood empty for many years. year of demolish unknown

  29. Ann says:

    Is boon lay place going to en bloc too?

  30. Zul says:

    I’m wondering where this particular flat is and if it is already gone.
    Check the youtube video in the link below, the flat I’m referring to is in the first 2secs of the video:

    MediaCorp Someone

  31. Lakeview estate, along Upper Thomson Road (and opposite Thomson CC), was demolished in the late 90s/early 2000s. A total of 13 blocks of flats (Block 1-8, 10-14) and a hawker centre/market (Block 9) were torn down. The site remains empty today…

    Anyone used to live there? Were they also under the SERS scheme?

    • Crazy says:

      Takes about 5-10 years between the first en bloc notice to demolition. When the Lakeview flats were first earmarked for redevelopment there wasn’t sers

  32. Path Light says:

    Oh man! I cannot find Blk 94 and 96 Henderson Road anywhere!

  33. Blk 54, 56 and 62 Sims Drive were not demolished yet. Blk 57, 59 and 60 Sims Drive were demolished. Where is Blk 58 Dims Drive?

  34. Just passed by the Sims Drive flats a few weeks ago. Blk 62 is still standing, with Blk 54, 55 and 56.

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      You might want to visit that estate again, as the last block still occupied, block 55, is going to be vacated soon! (Like in less than 1 month). You might want to go around and snap some pictures of the estate before it has to make way for development.

      • Crazy says:

        High rise I think based on nearby slab blks built at the same time as Blk 58 (52-57, 59- 60) it should be high rise just like them

  35. 4 blocks in Ang Mo Kio to be torn down

    The Straits Times
    28 April 2016

    Ten years after they were first earmarked for redevelopment, four blocks of flats in the mature Ang Mo Kio estate are finally facing the wrecking ball.

    Come February next year, Blocks 246 to 249 in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2 and Avenue 3 will be torn down to make way for new homes, The Straits Times has learnt.

    The open-air carpark between these yellow and white 12-storey blocks, which are 39 to 40 years old, will also be demolished.

    Most of the soon-to-be-vacated site, just next to Mayflower Secondary School and across the road from Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, is zoned for residential use under the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s latest masterplan in 2014.

    A smaller area within it has been marked as a “reserve site”, which means the specific use of the land parcel has yet to be determined.

    The 42,584 sq m demolition site, about the size of six football fields, will be boarded up for safety, a Housing Board spokesman said in response to queries.

    According to tender documents, the demolition project is estimated to cost $800,000 and is expected to be completed by September 2018.

    The four blocks, along with adjacent Blocks 250 to 252, were placed on the HDB’s Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers) in June 2006. Under this scheme, old blocks are demolished and residents are offered new replacement flats with a fresh 99-year lease at subsidised prices.

    All the residents had moved out by the end of 2012 and many relocated to newly built blocks nearby, in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1.

    Blocks 250 to 252 were demolished in 2013 and new flats are currently being built in their place.

    Blocks 246 to 249, however, were given a new lease of life as rental homes in 2013. Blocks 246 and 247 are on the HDB’s Interim Rental Housing Scheme, which provides needy families with temporary housing at subsidised rates while they search for longer-term homes.

    Meanwhile, Blocks 248 and 249 are being used for the Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme (PPHS), which provides temporary homes to families waiting for their new flats to be completed.

    These tenants will be provided with alternative homes if they still need temporary housing as the demolition date approaches, HDB said.

    Some 72 Sers projects have been completed since the scheme’s inception in 1995. The last demolition project under Sers was carried out in December for Blocks 407 to 409 in Clementi Avenue 1.

    While most Sers blocks have been demolished, some, like the four in Ang Mo Kio, are still standing as they are not required for immediate development. Blocks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 in Boon Tiong Road, for instance, were part of the first Sers project. But the flats there are now being rented out under the PPHS.

    Chef Melvin Tan, who is renting a three-room flat at Block 248 while waiting for his new Toa Payoh flat to be built, told The Straits Times the HDB had informed him about the demolition.

    The 43-year-old, who lives with his wife and two children, said he will miss his current neighbourhood. “It’s very convenient. We can just cross the road to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. I always take my children there to play at the water playground,” said Mr Tan.

    Retiree Maniam Ramasamy, 80, who used to live in Block 246, said he is sad to see his old home go for good. “I lived there for 33 years and had many good moments with my family,” he said wistfully.

    Other former residents were less nostalgic. Said Mr Ng Choon Kiang, 55, who is unemployed: “The flats there are very old and most of the shops in the area have moved out. It’s time to tear them down.”

  36. huzaif says:

    Hi, i’d like to know if blk 19 upper boon keng road will be under en bloc anytime soon?

  37. DNA says:

    Following those 4 blocks in Ang Mo Kio, next in line would be Pandan Gardens, built in 1978 (?)

    • simplyatrocious says:

      Blks 246-249 & surface carpark in AMK Ave 1 are still around (as of today), just that staircases & lift lobbies are sealed off. Residents have moved into the new BTOs in Kebun Baru Court (formerly site of Blks 250-252).

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        They were all vacated by Mid-March, with block 246 being the last block to be occupied. The carpark was sealed off by June and estate starting demolition in July. As of now, blocks 247 and 249 has tarpaulin sheets wrapped around it. The carpark is being dugged out and there is a lot of bright orange dirt.

  38. The Tanglin Halt flats (Commonwealth Drive block 74-80) are currently in the midst of demolition.

  39. Alice Goh says:

    Hi may I know anyone who has a picture of Block 277 C Jalan Tenteram in the earl6 1960s? I used to stay there but do not have a photo of it. It was one of my best childhood memories

  40. The demolition of the Bukit Merah View HDB Flats (Blk 110-114), announced for SERS in 2009, are almost completed.

    (Photo Credit: Google Map)

    • Jee says:

      Any updated news regarding St.George’s lane block?

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Do you mean Sims Drive? If so, all the other ownership blocks left, Blks 54, 56, and 62, were vacated by late 2016 and the flats are falling into s state of disrepair. Blk 55, a rental block and the only block in the area left occupied, has the last few residents moving out next month and the corridors are starting to get empty. Though many people park their car in the estate’s carpark.

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Oops sorry, realised that I am wrong

    • Blk 110-114 Bukit Merah demolished?

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Yes. Already. They were all vacated by late 2015 and sealed off for demolition in early 2016. Now it’s in its final stages of demolition.

  41. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    Just to let you know, the blocks in Boon Lay Drive were only fully vacated in mid 2017 by June, and not in early 2017. But resident said started vacating in late 2016 when the keys were ready to be collected.

  42. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    Just to let you know, the Boon Lay Drive JTC flats were fully vacated in mid 2017 (June only), and not early 2017. The residents started moving out in late 2016 when the new keys for the flats were ready. Btw did you feel scared while visiting the flats?

  43. simplyatrocious says:

    Preparation works have started for demolition of the dover road flats. Hoardings are coming up around perimeter of the site, but one can still ‘sneak’ in via the metal fence near to the overhead bridge leading up to point block Blk 39…but this route is expected to be sealed off pretty soon. =(

    • simplyatrocious says:

      Some updates on SERS sites:
      1. Bedok South Blk 46~50 will cease its purpose as Interim Rental Housing after 30 Apr 2018. Only a few tenants have yet to vacate their rental units.
      2. The Bedok Swimming Complex was vacated & drained since Aug 2017. This land plot is slated for future residential developments.
      3. Sims Drive Blk 55 was already locked up from 22 Mar 2018. It was the final block among Blk 54, 56 & 62 to be cleared of rental tenants. Sims Urban Oasis (former Blk 57, 59 & 60 were sited on that land) had TOP in 2017. Workers (construction, maintainance etc) tend to rest along the void decks of Blks 54/55/56/62 during the construction phase of the above mentioned private condo.
      4. Dover Estate Blk 38 & 39 are covered in blue netting (and awaiting demolition) and are visible along AYE.
      5. AMK Blks 246~249: Demolition almost completed. Left with rubble clearing.
      6. Old low rise buildings in the industrial zone along Kallang Way 1 (quite a large plot!) were starting to under go demolition.
      7. The row of terrace houses near Mattar mrt station was almost totally torn down. The houses were acquired by the State & residents finally cleared out in 2017.
      ~A new cycle of construction & rejuvenation will take place once the above mention sites are cleared.

      • simplyatrocious says:

        8. Clementi Blk 321-323: Many residents had already shifted over to their new replacement flats at Clementi Cascadia (formerly the site of the old Blk 439 & 440 & the temporary bus interchange). Many units had been cleared & handed over to the State ie The SERS Acqusition notice pasted on the doors).

      • Excellent updates 🙂

      • simplyatrocious says:

        9. Dakota Crescent old SIT Flats & Seal Playground still intact as of today.

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Correction: Blk 55 sims drive was actually fully locked on 28 March 2018. Although the gates had notices stating it would be closed on 22 March, only the stairwell closer to lifts A & B were locked as of my visit on 25 March. I went there on 27 March to take more footage of the lifts being a lift enthusiast, and the gate closer to lift A & B were still open. On 29 March however, that gate was closed and the pay phone on the ground floor removed. I also saw a notice one one of the units stating that the remaining flats would be recovered on 28 March 2018 and it states that the owners should clear all remaining items by 27 March 2018. I have a picture of it, but I do not know how to send it.

        State of the block as of 25 March 2018: (just watch the first minute)

      • Correction: It as the gates closer to lifts C & D that were closed first.

        Btw, it seems that Blk 56 was not used for interim rental housing ever since its ownership residents vacated. Google Street View 2015 shows that the gates at the stairwells were locked, but blocks 54 and 62 were occupied until late 2016 or if not latest early 2017. Blk 55 was vacated last as it was a block specifically built for rental purposes and the flats there were rented out under the public rental scheme, unlike the rest of the blocks which previously contained ownership flats.

        Besides the demolition of the Bedok South Housing Estate, it seems that the Clementi ones would not be spared for interim rental housing as tenders have been called for their demolition.

      • simplyatrocious says:

        10. Grey protective scaffolding are beginning to be erected for Rochor Centre Blk 2 (Blue) & Blk 3 (Yellow). Not yet for Blk 1 (Green) & Blk 4 (Red).

      • simplyatrocious says:

        Kudos to ‘elevatorfilmersingapore’ for the detailed updates. These will help towards preserving a particular precinct’s history as such old buildings/landmarks are gone & often forgotten.
        Now that Cross Island MRT line is in its planning stages, I wonder if certain acquired land plots here are reserved for construction of future stations eg Clementi or West Coast?

      • simplyatrocious says:

        11. Metal Gates have been installed at staircase entry points at Clementi Blk 321-323. Lifts are still in use. Deduced from a quick glance that the units of the 3 flats were largely vacated.

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        simplyatrocious By what month do you think the Clementi site would be vacated? From what I have heard the metal gates at the stairwells have been assembled at least in early May or before and observed that there are roughly 5-6 units left per block as of mid-May. Based on what I have observed, the gap between the first block and last block in an estate to be locked up can vary by as much as 2 months. Eg. Boon Lay Drive blocks, the first block locked in April 2017 and the last block locked in June 2017. As this estate is rather small (3 blocks only), I think the difference should be about 1 month. I predict that all 3 blocks should be locked up by July, however, I’m not sure. The lift certificate expiry is on 30 September 2018, that means the blocks will definitely be vacated and locked up by then, but I do not think it would take that long to be vacated. As of now, Bedok South estate already had all blocks locked up since rental lease expired as it seems no delays occur during clearance of rental tenants, when I went in mid-May all blocks were locked already.

      • simplyatrocious says: Snapshots of some demolished sites (SERS & others) by a demolition works company.

      • Crazy says:

        Terrace houses and bedok swimming complex isn’t sers. Old car workshops demolish in industrial redevelopment programme (IRP) not sers

  44. son says:

    The start date of demolition took years after years. Why is it that so?

    • simplyatrocious says:

      Certain sites are not required for immediate redevelopment by the State just yet, or perhaps require further planning before being launched for new developments.
      SERS flats might be designated as rental units for certain target groups in the interim period. Eg the instance of AMK Blk 246-249 mentioned in earlier remarks. Similarly for SERS flats like Toa Payoh Lor 6, Havelock Rd, Dover, Bedok South & Sims Drive.
      In the case of AMK & Sims Drive sites, only some of the acquired flats were torn down the whole SERS plot is redeveloped in phases.
      Unlike the public sector, private properties being acquired via collective sales will see a tighter time frame from acquisition by private developer to being vacated to demolition to new project launches.

  45. Raintree Gardens was a former HUDC housing estate at Potong Pasir. The 175-unit estate was collectively sold for $334 million in 2016, and demolition began in March 2018.

  46. Shunfu Ville:

    built in 1985 as HUDC
    privatised in 2013
    en bloc in 2016
    demolished in 2018

    • Kishure Kumar says:

      any of the projects still accessible? Meaning all vacated but not yet locked up and still accessible by public?

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Bedok south hdb flats (Blk 46-50). All residents vacated already, gates at stairwells locked up very recently, but the blocks with lifts at the stairwells (Blk 47-50) are still accessible as the lifts have yet to be turned off, so they can still be ‘tresspassed’. Clementi Avenue 5 flats (Blk 321-323). Even though it is not fully vacated, only about 5% of the residents remain. Metal gates have been assembled at the stairwells and they would be locked as soon as all of the residents vacate, probably latest by July this year. Only about 2 units or so can be seen lighted up in each block. However, if you walk past each unit, you would notice a few more are still occupied. I would say about 5-6 units left per block as of mid May. Most of the residents left by March since replacement flats were ready in October/ November 2017.

      • Thanks, have added Bedok South Avenue 3 en-bloc flats to the list.

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Consider adding Blk 321 – 323 Clementi. All blocks to be locked up very soon.

    • simplyatrocious says:

      The former Shunfu Ville was fully cleared by now. The new ‘Jadescape’ private condo (yielding over 1200 units) will be completed on this site from 2023.

  47. simplyatrocious says:
    This plot of land was part of the Sims Drive SERS site, now situated between Sims Urban Oasis & the remaining SERS blocks (54/55/56/62). It’s currently part grass patch, part carpark.

  48. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    May I know when you visited the blk 246-252 ang mo kio sers site? Also, then what blocks were open and were the lifts still working?

  49. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    Btw blk 321-322 Clementi blocks likely would close by August 2018, only about 1-2 units left occupied per block

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      Update: Blk 321 – 323 will be closed by September 2018 according to a resident. Better visit asap

    • Have added some photos and info of Clementi Ave 5 Block 321-323.

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Glad you managed to visit the flats on time. That estate even though it’s nearing its end, it seems quite well Maintained as compared to other sers estates. For lifts enthusaist like me, that place is the last place in in any residential hdb flat to feature original 1970s limited stop lifts. Hdb has wiped out the rest really fast

    • simplyatrocious says:

      As of this date Blk 322 is half locked up & lift has been shutted off. Notice of: “State Property, Do Not Trepass” pasted @ staircase. Blks 321 & 323 are still accessible. Blk 323 even have a Chinese funeral wake @ its void deck!

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        What do you mean by is in half locked up? Like the stairwell further away from the lift closed while the one opposite the lift open? As of today I went Blk 322 has both of its stairwell gates closed already. Btw now Sims Drive site isn’t having hoardings erected and preparing for demolition. Boon Lay Drive has all of its residential blocks razed to the ground, leaving only the MSCP left to demolish.

  50. New scheme to address worries about ageing flats

    19 August 2018
    The Straits Times

    More owners of older HDB flats will get a shot at going en bloc before their leases run out, with a new scheme called the Voluntary Early Redevelopment Scheme (Vers).

    Under Vers, these residents in eligible precincts can vote to have the Government take back their flats, starting from around the 70-year mark of their lease.

    The move will also allow the authorities to progressively redevelop old estates over a longer period, instead of only when their leases expire.

    But he added that the compensation terms will be less generous than those for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers), which acquires ageing blocks with high development value for redevelopment and compensates residents at market rates for their old flats.

    This is because there is less financial upside for the Government to take back these flats early.

    Only 5 per cent of flats are estimated to be eligible for Sers.

  51. simplyatrocious says:

    Eunosville is being readied for demolition. The center block is already covered up in blue.

  52. simplyatrocious says:

    Normanton Park might be emptied in coming months. Only saw 2-3 cars in its MSCP.

  53. sdexxxxd says:

    does anyone know if the blk 26 sin ming rental flats would be relocated and demolished? it seems the old car workshops in the industrial sector A are all demolished now.

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      I agree with you due to the same reasons as stated above, and the block also are isolated in an area where it is just alone so it would be quite viable to redevelop it. If it does get demolished I think it should happen by the mid 2020s. So if it does happen it will face the same fate as Blk 55 sims drive and the Hougang rental blocks (demolished in 2009)

    • SM26Kid says:

      it will most likely be demolished. i used to live there in my childhood in the 1970s and 1980s and it brought back good and bad memories. wonder how many of the old neighbors are still living there today. going to miss it when it’s gone…

  54. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    Btw for blk 29, 31, and 33 Havelock road when did you visit the estate? I assume you did so in early 2013, and Blk 29 was still open but blk 31 and 33 closed?

  55. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    You have made 2 mistakes in this article. Firstly as stated earlier, The Boon Lay Drive blocks estate was only fully locked up in June 2017, if you do not include the MSCP, so the estate was not vacated by early 2017. Blk 321-323 Clementi was completed in 1977 despite having their lease year in 1978, please edit the description that they are already 41 years old. Information on why Blk 55 was not part of the SERS programme. Blk 55 was initially emptied after the sers announcement in 2005 and emptied in around 2007/8. But they were brought back to life again in 2009/2010 when they last minute decided to keep those blocks as mentioned earlier for interim use and since Blk 55 was sandwiched in between Blk 54 and Blk 56. Those flats were rented out under the public rental scheme to Low income families so essentially no units in those flats are ownership flats, all 1 room government rental flats. As such they cannot receive SERS. Since there was a shortage of flats to relocate the residents at first, they were left open for a bit longer, but eventually had to be emptied. Blk 55 was fully closed on 28 March 2018, marking the full closure of the sers estate. Soon, the remaining blocks that was spared from the initial demolition round would be demolished and these flats would be gone forever. Blk 59 was presumably built with similar specifications to blk 55 and was definitely a rental block, but as someone mentioned earlier they got demolished way earlier in the 1980s (c. 1988).

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      In the case of blk 54 and 62 kept for IRH and the rest of the blocks in that estate as well, they were previously ownership blocks so they could receive SERS.

    • Good details on the Clementi Ave 5 and Boon Lay Drive en-bloc flats. Have amended accordingly.

    • simplyatrocious says:

      The rental block that was demolished in the 80’s was Blk 58. Blk 59 was placed on SERS and demolished during late ’13 – early ’14.

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Yep, if only someone can provide more details abt that block (eg. No of floors, whyt it was acquired, when was the exact year of demolition)

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Oops, now I realised I typed 59 instead of 58… sorry. Singapore historical maps from 1988 still show the block existed but the 1991 version did not. I would think blk 58 probably completed demolition in around 1988 then.

      • Crazy says:

        Got any photos of Blk 58 sims drive?

      • Crazy says:

        I think Blk 58 had the same/similar no of storey (±1 floor) as the nearby blks

  56. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    Btw I’m not sure but it seems that blk 405 and 406 Clementi were once rental blocks as well… they probably also had a shortage of rental units to relocate those residents which is why I am guessing that they were only demolished in 2016, and vacated in 2014/15. The rest was demolished between 2014-15 and completely vacated by 2013. They had common corridors on all floors, while the rest of the flats in that site did not, and based on their looks they seemed to cram more 1 or 2 room units in the block, all indicating that they are rental blocks. This should be the same case as the Sims Drive site where the rental blocks were the last to be vacated, except that;
    1) The rental block for blk 55 was emptied in 2007/2008 and refilled in 2009/2010 because of the Interim Rental Housing Plans for blk 54 and 62 and blk 55 was sandwiched between blk 54 and 62 so it would be better to demolish blk 54-56 and 62 together, so this means in that sense blk 55 was the first block to be vacated in the first round of emptying the residents, but the last one to be vacated for the second round of emptying the residents
    2) Blk 55 lifespan was only extended because of the above reasons, so that means that perhaps in the first round of getting the residents to vacate there was no shortage of available rental units, but it was only in the second round of getting them to vacate (When the IRH lease of blk 54 and 62 expired, so they had to leave as well so the estate can be demolished together) that there was a shortage of units, so they were only closed on 28 March 2018 while Blk 54 and 62 was closed on December 2016.

    The Clementi blk 405 and 406 were not vacated in between and refilled back as their lifespan was not extended specifically because of the remaining blocks being reserved for IRH just like blk 55.
    Blk 55 was also decided to be demolished together with the rest because it would be more ethical, because it would be cheaper to demolish blk 54-56, and 62 together, and that even if they demolish blk 55 and 56 (Because blk 56 was not used for IRH and just left to rot, and not demolished due to the same reasons as blk 55), the land could not be used easily with blk 54 taking up part of the same plot of the land. Even if they redevelop blk 55 and 56 into something new, that would mean the plot of land blk 54 is occupying could only fit a very small building after it is demolished when its IRH lease runs out, unless if the building can extend into blk 62’s plot of land because the land in blk 55 and 56 has been used up. But that would make the building look very weird, and developers may not like it, or that they would not like to buy just the area occupying blk 54, or 55 and 56 together because the land area is too little, so HDB would rather sell Blk 54-56 or blk 54-56 and 62 to one developer. I say Blk 62 (the later addition to the estate in around 1978, as with blk 54-60 which was completed in 1975/1976) could possibly be sold separately to another developer because it takes up quite a large area.

    Source to show initial year ownership blocks (Blk 401-404, 407-409) were emptied:

  57. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    As of January 2019 Blk 321 And 323 Clementi the blocks are still open… wonder what is making the residents take so Long to vacate.

  58. Clementi kid says:

    New flats Cityvue @ Henderson at the junction of Henderson Rd and Tiong Bahru Rd. Previously Henderson Heights, and from what I could make out from the Google Maps street view photos taken in 2008. The block closest to Henderson Rd was Blk 96.

    I would also like additional information, if anyone has any, of Blk 439 and Blk 440 of Clementi Ave 3. My grandmother used to live there. Both blocks were demolished around the turn of the millennium, and their residents moved to the new flats Blk 453-462 next to the swimming pool.

    The plot of land Blk 439 and Blk 440 were sitting on was left vacant, and then the temporary bus interchange was built on it while Clementi Mall (and the aircon bus interchange inside it) were being constructed.

    • Sorry, I do not know much about blk 439 and 440 since they were demolished quite a while ago, but as for blk 439 and 440, they were completed in around 1977 (Similar to blk 321-323, but probably slightly earlier than those blocks as Blk 321-323 was completed in around late 1977 only). They were vacated by 2012 and demolished in 2013. Blk 321-323 will almost certainly be the SERS site in Clementi to not have gone through any major upgrading programmes (eg. LUP, MUP) for quite a while. Only a matter of time before those blocks go

      • simplyatrocious says:

        Blk 439 & Blk 440 should have been demolished at around 2002, along with Blk 360 & 361 (old rental blocks which were replaced by Blks 366 & 367 by 2001/2?).
        Residents of Blks 439 & 440, along with those from Blks 311-314 (affected by SERS at around late 90’s-beginning 2000’s, were relocated to Blks 454-460 in earlier 2000’s decade.
        Keep in mind the temporary bus interchange sat on the vacated plot of former Blks 439 & 440 during later years of the 2000’s decade (from 2006). The temporary bus interchange was demolished in around 2013 after the current bus interchange (part of Clementi Mall & Blks 441A/B was completed by 2011/2.
        The vacated plot was then developed into the the current replacement flats for residents of the old Blk 321-323 from 2013-2017.
        PS: I’d pieced together the chain of milestones listed above from various online sources (eg HDB SERS website)/blogs, esp timepoints up till 2005. After 2005 I’d passed by the area occasionally to witness the changes over time.

      • simplyatrocious says:

        That is why blogs like this one plays an important role in documenting & organizing memories & other changes over time into a relatable & retrievable record for purpose of future reference.

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        @simplyatrocious thanks for the info

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Btw I realised that Blk 439 and 440 may have been completed earlier as well

  59. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    Tenders are currently being awarded for the remaining blocks at sims drive. Expecting demolition to start by the end of 2019.

  60. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    It has been one year since Blk 55 sims drive has been closed on 28 March 2018. Demolition expected to start between mid-late 2019

    • simplyatrocious says:

      Passed by the Sims Drive site: Seems that the carpark is already being dug up, and the roof of the covered walk way to Blk 62 had been stripped off.

  61. simplyatrocious says:

    The site of the former Blk 20, Upper Boon Keng Road will be redeveloped into Kallang Breeze, comprising of Blks 20A & 20B (both about 23 floors high), as well as Blk 21-23 (ancillary facilities i.e. MSCP & Pavillion etc). Part of the Feb 2019 batch of BTO launches.

  62. simplyatrocious says: Apr 2017 ST article which features photos of demolished estates of old.

  63. master says:

    Are there any pictures of Block 102-103 Lower delta road and demolished Depot Road flats?

  64. Blk 321 and 323 clementi still not locked. Seriously surprised. The metal gates at the stairwell have already been there for over 1 year waiting to be locked

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      Ok right now, Blk 321 Clementi has been closed (presumably around end June) with the lifts shut down. Blk 323 Clementi still open with that last resident in the 2nd floor although the lifts have now been shut down. Probably only a matter of time before hdb evicts that last resident by force if he or she still refuses to vacate in the coming months

  65. simplyatrocious says:
    1 year on from this Oct 2018 article, wondering if the whole estate have been cleared & locked?

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      Blk 1 Redhill close is still open. It’s the last block in the estate left to not be closed

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      Also, tenders have been awarded for the Bedok south and Clementi sers sites for demolition on top of Dakota crescent. Expecting demolition for the Clementi flats to start by early 2020 and Bedok south by the end of this year.

  66. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    Went to Clementi yesterday, the last block at the SERS site, Blk 323 was closed as the last resident on the 2nd floor had vacated. This marks the closure of the Clementi SERS estate.

  67. Helen says:

    i have been searching for years for block 136-139 at alexandra road, SERS estate. any idea?

    • OVER says:

      They are Redhill/Henderson Estate which consists of 1 room, 2 room and 3 room flats built in early 70s. They are actually Blks 136-145 which got SERS in 1997 and demolished around 2003.

  68. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    Blk 1 Redhill close still open as of 18 November 2019. Bedok south the tender for demolition has recently been awarded. Although there are no hoardings around the site yet my friend has told me that there are workers in the blocks dismantling the window fixtures. Sims drive now has proper hoardings around the demolition site with the tall white fences.

    • simplyatrocious says:

      Blk 62 Sims Drive is already wholely covered with scaffolding as sighted from PIE.

    • Crazy says:

      But how do they come out as the gates at the staircases are lock. when I visited the Bedok south en bloc flats I saw no worker coming down the lock up staircase, only on the ground floor

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        I suppose the workers had the keys to unlock the gates, not sure if my friend is correct in the first place though or he saw wrongly

      • Crazy says:

        I don’t remember seeing any worker up in the Bedok s en bloc flats when I visited the place only on the Void Decks. Your Friend most likely see it wrongly.

      • Crazy says:

        I visited the Bedok s en bloc flats ~at the start of December. Window fixture dismantling works may already have completed

      • Crazy says:

        A worker said there are indeed workers in the blocks. Still no hoardings though

  69. Crazy says:

    Blk 55 sims drive, and block 246 ang mo Kio were also en bloc. Please remove the part saying ‘block 55 is left out’. Also say that block 58 sims drive was demolish in the late eighties, Blk 57 and 59 and 60 sims drive was demolish in 2013, and block 62 in q4 2019.

  70. Crazy says:

    Update:blk 79 toa payoh, built in 1970 and was the longest hdb block at that time, was also en bloc

  71. Crazy says:

    demolition hasn’t started on blocks 54-56 as of 27 nov 2019

  72. Crazy says:

    I have a task for you, remembersingapore:
    Search for ‘Singapore en bloc flats’ and find the link for the teoalida webpage. You should find a Long list of en bloc flats, many of which you did not include in your article. Please include all the en bloc flats sites you did not mention eg blk 79 Toa Payoh central, in this article.

  73. Crazy says:

    As much as he can

  74. Crazy says:

    Blk 46-50 Bedok south still no hoardings but lifts have been turn off.

  75. Crazy says:

    You didn’t look closely at my previous comments, I said that Blk 246 AMK was also en bloc. The article should show Ang Mo Kio ave 2(246-252) instead of (247-252)

  76. Crazy says:

    What happened to remembersingapore?

  77. Crazy says:

    Remembersingapore, the section about the sims drive en bloc flats, I highly recommend it to be rewritten like this:
    “The flats at Sims Drive belonged to a quiet peaceful neighbourhood for the past 40 years, sandwiched between parcels of industrial estates along Aljunied Road and Kallang Way. In November 2005, six Sims Drive blocks, numbered 54, 56, 57, 59, 60 and 62, were announced for SERS.
    Block 58, a Rental block standing between blocks 57 and 59, was demolished much earlier in the eighties. Blocks 57, 59 and 60 were demolished in 2013 while the remaining blocks 54, 56 and 62 were kept. Block 55, standing between blocks 54 and 56 was not selected for SERS as it was also a rental block.
    However, the HDB was not so kind to it. By November 2019, the three remaining blocks as well as block 55 were sealed off for demolition.”

  78. Crazy says:

    It’s Dec 13 today, is block 1 Redhill close still open?

  79. Crazy says:

    There were problems with my previous comment about the sims drive en bloc flats part of article should be rewritten so I will rewrite my previous suggestion:
    “The flats at Sims Drive belonged to a quiet peaceful neighbourhood for the past 40 years, sandwiched between parcels of industrial estates along Aljunied Road and Kallang Way. In November 2005, six Sims Drive blocks, numbered 54, 56, 57, 59, 60 and 62, were announced for SERS.
    Block 58, a Rental block standing between blocks 57 and 59, was demolished much earlier in the eighties. Blocks 57, 59 and 60 were demolished in 2013 while the remaining blocks 54, 56 and 62 were kept. Block 55, standing between blocks 54 and 56 was not selected for SERS as it was also a rental block.
    However, the HDB had no plans to preserve it. By November 2019, the three remaining blocks as well as block 55 were sealed off for demolition.”

  80. Crazy says:

    They are still there no plans for redevelopment.

  81. Crazy says:

    Blk 95 Henderson road. Is a new hdb from 2018 but there old one looks like it was demolish together with Blk 94 96 was it rental block

  82. Crazy says:

    Now don’t confuse the old Blk 95 Henderson road with the new one at cityvue Henderson. It looked a lot like Blk 94

    • PJ says:

      Blk 95 looked a lot like Blk 18 n 19 at Beach Road area. Just a lot higher at 20 storeys. I lived there from 2001 to 2006. Small bedroom but very large living room. To think of it, one can partition half of the living room to make a 3 room flat. I later shifted to Blk 91 where I lived till 2014. The rentals at Henderson are huge. Just not a pleasant place to live in.

  83. Crazy says:

    Did blks 241-243 amk exist but just like Blk 58 sims drive and Blk 45 Bedok s ave 3 was demolish soon after? If they did most likely were located opposite amk ave 2 and blks 244-249 and 259

  84. Crazy says:

    Blks 1-3 East Coast rd hasn’t start demolition yet, as of the last time I passed by them(~nov2019)
    Is Blk 4 East Coast rd also going to be demolish

  85. Crazy says:

    by the way, do you guys know anymore rental flat in/around sers sites that were demolish before the sers flats were demolish (eg blk 58 sims drive, demolished in 1980s while remaining sers blocks demolished in 2013/2019) can you also state roughly when the flats were demolish?

    • simplyatrocious says:

      E.g. SERS from 1999:
      ~Hillview Avenue (Block 1-8, 10, 12-14)
      ~Toa Payoh Lorong 1A (Block 136, 137 and 140
      I suppose the missing Blk #s like 9 & 11 (Hillview) & 138 & 139 (TPY) were rental blocks within the SERS site. Can look up old editions of Street Directory to confirm.
      DBSS The Peak @ TPY now occupies the TPY site since 2012.

    • Crazy says:

      Blk 138- 139 TPY may have been demolish together with blks 136 137 and 140, similar to Blk 55 sims dr and Blk 95 Henderson rd

      • Crazy says:

        I may be wrong though but blks 138 139 TPY must have existed as blks 1-235 were build without a single block missed out so did they have the same fate as Blk 58 sims dr
        Don’t confuse Blk 138 TPY with the new MSCP with the same address

  86. Crazy says:

    Blk 62 sims drive is almost completely cover in tarpaulin sheet. Top floor and water tank should be gone by early next year

  87. Crazy says:

    Can add Blk 81-83 MacPherson rd (latest sers project) to the list?

  88. Crazy says:

    Have you heard of Blk 83 Bedok north rd? Mother used to stay at nearby Blk 80. It got sers in 2000, demolish most likely in mid 2000s, roughly which year was it vacated and lock up

  89. Crazy says:

    And Blk 71 to 73 Bedok north rd again did it have same fate as Blk 58 sims dr

  90. Crazy says:

    Can’t find Blk 73 Bedok S and also new hdb flats are standing at where Blk 71-73 Bedok N could be, looks like the three were demolish to build them

  91. Crazy says:

    Oh found Blk 73 Bedok s it’s a small shophouse flat

  92. Crazy says:

    What did Blk 58 sims drive use to look like? No picture of it on Google

  93. Crazy says:

    Where’s Blk 138/139 TPY (must have been built as Blk 1-235 were all built without single Blk missed out, don’t confuse Blk 138 with the MSCP with same address)

  94. Crazy says:

    Where is blks 9-11 marine terrace

  95. Sims Drive flats hoarded up ready for demolition

    Block 54, 55, 56

    Block 62

  96. Crazy says:

    Blk 62 should be wholly covered in tarpaulin sheet by now

  97. Crazy says:

    Where’s Blk 138/139 TPY? I asked two such questions up there⬆️ but no one answered🙁

    • simplyatrocious says:

      My thoughts:
      1. The blog owner might have other topics of interest to research on & present to readers. He’ll decide on time & resources to allocate to this specific topic.
      2. It’s not strange to only see replies for questions posted months or even a year ago. This platform IS not a hotline, although it’s nice to see prompt replies from readers in the know to keep the momentum on the topic going.
      3. If the answer can’t be sourced online, one can consider making the effort to visit the LKC Reference library at NLB to look at street directories from around Y2K or other materials for clues.

    • Crazy says:

      Looks like blks 138/139 was demolish together with blks 136/137/140 in mid 2000s

  98. Crazy says:

    Can remembersingapore make a separate article about the sims dr en bloc flats? Seems like it ‘s one of the most well known sers sites

    • Crazy says:

      I also want him to include these points in the separate article:
      1. fact that blk 58 was rental Blk demolished in 1980s
      2.history of entire estate, including non-sers blks
      3. Year of sers blks’ demolitions(57, 59-60: 2013 and 54-56, 62: 2019/2020)

      • simplyatrocious says:

        It’s an interesting idea as it constructs a sort of timeline for such SERS projects, from initial announcement to eventual demolition to free up the land, and the subsequent new use of the plot.
        We can then constrast this to private properties (from success of enbloc sale to vacant poccession to demolition).
        We’ll therefore be able to appreciate the whole life cycle of such processes. But it’s a tedious task, and someone must be bothered enough to keep track. For past SERS /Enbloc projects, the exact time milestones just got lost over time. At best we can only attempt an educated estimation of when it happened.

      • Crazy says:

        Remembersingapore, can you please look at my suggestion? also my best name of the separate article I wanted you to create on the sims dr flats should be ‘Sims Drive-The Quiet and Peaceful Neighbourhood and it should include the pictures you took of the Sers flats there hoarded off

      • simplyatrocious says:

        I trust that RemSg will be open to any good & constructive suggestions raised in this space. Even if the idea is adopted, time & effort is invested in research & organizing the discrete pieces of info into a well thought out & corherent post.
        All these are fulfilled during any free time the blogger has, on top of his other personal obligations.
        Let us all patiently await for upcoming posts from RemSg to enable forgotten aspects of our past to come to life once more!

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Yeah, I think it’s better not to keep pressurising him to reply, maybe an occasional reminder would do if the reply hasn’t been answered for a few weeks. I suspect that for SERS sites there might be some database of the milestone of each sers site like the exact date when each block closed etc, but it’ll never get released to the public. So that’s why I think it’s important for sers enthusiasts to help document each milestone for every Sers project before it’s too late, and also for memories sake. That is why I would do stuff like going back to BLK 55 Sims drive to record the state of the block just days before closure. I might consider trying to construct a database on roughly when each sers site was emptied in the future when I have more free time. Because of schemes like IRH though some sites take extremely long to be cleared out, like bedok south, 2004 sers, 2009 vacated, refurbished for irh uses between around 2010-2012, closed in April 2018, then only being demolished in 2020. That’s like over 15 years since the initial announcement to final demolition. Though others sers sites were relatively fast to clear out, like geylang serai. Sers Feb 2003, all blocks closed by around mid 2006 (latest is by August 2006 as a friend told me that in september 2006 when he visited all blocks were closed by then), then the blocks were demolished by 2007.

      • Thanks for the understanding. SERS is a part of public housing history, which in turn is part of Singapore history/heritage.
        Nevertheless, if anyone is interested in doing some writeups or sharing of memories (preferably with photos) on the demolished en-bloc flats, I’ll be glad to publish them on RemSG. Credit to the author of cos 🙂

      • Crazy says:

        But this time, i wanted it to be a genuine article made by you, rememberSG☺️

      • Have updated the info you provided, thanks 😉

    • simplyatrocious says:

      Oh yeah, the site had hung around long enough (years after being locked up) for ‘history buffs’ like us to examine at close range! Oh the allure of abandoned estates!

    • Crazy says:

      Another few points I want you to include in the new sims dr article:
      1. Fact that Blk 55 was gonna be demolish Too
      2. Blk 55 had the last 1970s lifts with ‘F U J I’ decal
      3. Blk55 was a rental blk

  99. Crazy says:

    Anyone heard of blks 129/130 TPY? I said earlier 🔝that Blk 130 was demolish in 1980s. Blk 129 was demolish in mid 2000s when were they vacated

  100. Crazy says:

    Neither of them were under sers so why were they acquired and were they rental blks

  101. Was doing some studies on Petain Road when I came across a small public housing estate located there. It was known as Jalan Besar Estate, a downtown housing estate built by the HDB in the mid-seventies. It was made up of 21 blocks, but not many photos of the flats could be found.

    One of them (Block 21) was shown here (the block on the right of the photo):

    (Photo Credit: PictureSG)

    The news archive stated that the flats were vacated by 1998, so I assume they were demolished by end of 1990s or early 2000s. Their sites are occupied by Kerrisdale and Sturdee Residences private condominiums today.

    Anyone have the old photos of the Petain Road flats can share via Thanks!

    • Over says:

      Hey RemSG that estate is built by SIT in the 1950s that are blocks 1-17. The block in the background is blk 21 which was a rental block built in 70s

      • Great info, thanks. No wonder in the old photos of Petain Road shophouses, the flats (behind the shophouses) couldn’t be seen. They must be of the typical low rise SIT flats.

        Wonder why HDB built only one block at Petain Road?

      • Over says:

        Maybe for Central Area redevelopment just like rental block 405 which was situated along Victoria Street

      • Rare photo of Petain Road Block 21 one-room rental flat shared by Over… thanks!

        (Photo Credit: HDB Annual Report 1974/75)

      • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

        Seems like it used the Blk 55 sims drive kind of design. If Blk 21 Petain road was completed after 1973 the original lifts probably were Fuji

    • Crazy says:

      I think Blk 21 was built in 1970 based on the red-brick design of wall. Blk 55 was built later because of the new rectangular concrete frame which older blks don’t have

  102. Crazy says:

    when was blk 45 bedok s vacated? i asked 2 such questions up there⬆ but no one answered

  103. Crazy says:

    Time is up for blks 46-50 Bedok south. the carpark serving the 5 blks was closed today and red nets are coming up around the site.
    RIP blks 46-50 Bedok south, 1977-2020

  104. Crazy says:

    And RemSG/elevatorfilmersingapore/Over too?

  105. Tiffany Yui says:

    anyone know any future plans for Bedok block 46 – 50 after demolish ?

    • Crazy says:

      No idea sorry

    • simplyatrocious says:

      According to URA Master Plan 2019, this plot is zoned ‘Residential’ with plot ratio of 3.5. Not sure if it’ll be reserved for private or public developments. Wonder about the fate of the CC (built 1982) beside Blk 46.

      • Crazy says:

        There are no red nets around it so I think it’ll be spared
        Also never mind about Blk 45 when it’s vacated since no one answer, I Guess it was vacated around 2005

      • Crazy says:

        ‘it’ I meant Siglap cc

  106. Crazy says:

    Btw I passed by sims dr Blk 62 today, I saw a bulldozer on the roof

  107. Crazy says:

    Also one of the Holland dr blks was a view gallery blks

  108. Doris Yong says:

    Why no mention about the blocks of double story shop houses from block 23 to 26 surrounding a wet market and hawker stalls at Jalan Bahagia.

    Really missed that place. That plot of land is still empty since the demolition sometime in the 1980s.
    So sad!!!

  109. Crazy says:

    Bukit ho swee had many more odd number hdb blks but all of them were demolish many many many years ago and accord to teoalida all were rental

  110. The newly built MacPherson Lane Block 81, 82 and wet market (Block 84) in December 1967

    (Photo Credit: Ministry of Information and The Arts (MITA))

  111. Crazy says:

    Dear everyone,
    I am very sorry for commenting too much and clogging up the comment box. Because of this everyone unsubscribe tired of the spam and the comment box goes dormant. In future I promise to not spam so much, ok?

  112. JF says:

    Any idea on why former HDB land ends up being use for private condominiums? How does this square away with the government saying we’re short of land to build new flats? Jalan Besar estate was a prime example.

    • simplyatrocious says:

      Perhaps it’s part of a strategy to revitalise the precinct, as well as to optimise the econmic value of the freed up land?

      On the other hand, the current buzz is the Prime Location Housing (PLH) BTO (960 units) being launched by HDB during Nov 2021.

      Not to mention the future BTOs (about 5000 units) being envisioned for Mount Pleasant (the Old Police Academy site) over the 2020s.

      • simplyatrocious says:

        The Rochor PLH BTO should be the former site of the Sungei Road Thieves Market (closed on 10 July 2017).

  113. simplyatrocious says:

    As of 28 Nov 2021, the Bedok South SERS site had been fully leveled. The last bit of debris was being cleared where Blk 46 used to stand.

    The portion where Blk 47–50 used to be had been turfed over with grass.
    Perhaps the current Siplap CC (built 1982) might be gone too when the new Siplap CC is completed.

    The spot of the old Bedok Swimming Complex is currently a grass field.

    Bedok Beacon (new BTO beside Bedok Integrated Transport Hub, & where the temporary bus interchange used to stand when Bedok Mall etc was being built) is nearing completion, perhaps in 2022.

  114. simplyatrocious says:
  115. 4 HDB blocks in Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 picked for Sers; over 600 households affected

    7 April 2022
    The Straits Times

    Four Housing Board blocks in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 have been picked for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers), the first such project announced since May 2018.

    On Thursday (April 7), HDB announced the selection of Blocks 562 to 565, comprising 606 units, for redevelopment.

    Completed in 1979, flats in these four blocks are around 43 years old, and comprise mainly three-room and four-room units.

    There are also five five-room units and two executive flats in total across the four blocks. These units were converted from two adjoining three-room flats.

    The site is the 82nd under the scheme and the fifth in Ang Mo Kio to be selected for Sers. Blocks 246 to 252 in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2, 3 and 4 were picked in 2006.

    Sers, which began in 1995, involves demolishing old blocks, offering residents new units nearby and redeveloping the old site.

    The last Sers project was in May 2018, where three blocks in MacPherson Lane were selected.

    Flat owners of the 606 units in Ang Mo Kio will receive compensation based on the market value of their flats at the time of the Sers announcement. The market compensation is assessed by a professional private valuer appointed by HDB.

    Owners will also receive a $10,000 removal allowance to defray moving expenses, and HDB will pay the stamp and legal fees for the purchase of a comparable replacement flat.

    They will also be offered new replacement flats located in the nearby Ang Mo Kio Drive. Units there will range from two-room flexi to four-room flats.

    Construction of the replacement flats will commence in the third quarter of next year and is estimated to be completed by the third quarter of 2027.

    Owners have the option of purchasing these replacement flats at the designated replacement site, which comes with a fresh 99-year lease, almost double the lease of the existing flats by the time they move out in end-2027.

    Other rehousing benefits include a Sers grant of $15,000 for singles, or $30,000 for families and joint singles, if eligible, for the purchase of the replacement flat.

    They can also select replacement flats together with their neighbours or relatives, to live near one another.

    “In this way, Sers helps to preserve existing community ties by enabling residents to move en bloc to new replacement flats,” said HDB.

    Owners who do not wish to take up a new replacement flat can choose to sell their Sers flats with the rehousing benefits on the open market, said HDB.

    “With the sales proceeds, which will include a premium for the rehousing benefits, they can buy a resale flat in their preferred location,” the Board added.

    HDB said it will conduct door-to-door home visits to explain the scheme to each household and address concerns, along with an exhibition and sharing sessions for residents.

    Precincts selected for Sers are chosen for their redevelopment potential where the land can be better utilised, said HDB.

    Factors taken into account include the availability of suitable replacement sites and the Government’s financial resources.

    Only about 5 per cent of all HDB flats are suitable for redevelopment under Sers and most of these projects with high redevelopment potential have already been announced.

    To date, more than 41,000 households in 82 sites, including the current Ang Mo Kio site, have benefited from the scheme.

  116. HDB offers option of shorter 50-year lease for some SERS flat owners after concerns of Ang Mo Kio residents

    2 July 2022
    Channel NewsAsia

    Some flat owners whose homes have been chosen for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) will be given the option of buying a new replacement unit on a shorter 50-year lease instead of a fresh 99-year one.

    Announcing this on Saturday (Jul 2), the Housing and Development Board (HDB) said it is among two additional rehousing options that will be offered to eligible flat owners, starting from the four blocks in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 that were recently picked to undergo SERS.

    The second option allows eligible elderly home owners to take up the lease buyback scheme for their existing flat. They can then buy a new replacement flat on a short lease similar to that left on their SERS flat after selling the lease to HDB.

    Previously, home owners can no longer apply for the lease buyback scheme after their flat has been announced for SERS.

    HDB said on Saturday that the two additional rehousing options take into consideration feedback from some older residents who said they do not need a fresh 99-year lease for their new replacement flat. Some had also expressed concerns about needing to top up cash for replacement flats that are similar in size to their existing homes.

    “HDB understands their concerns and has therefore provided the additional options to help them purchase their new replacement flats,” said the agency in a media release.

    “These options will also be extended to flat owners of Blocks 212 to 218 Marsiling Crescent/Lane whose flats were announced for acquisition on May 26, 2022, for the redevelopment and extension of Woodlands Checkpoint.”


    SERS home owners can choose to buy a three-room or larger new flat at the designated SERS replacement site on a 50-year lease – if the 50-year lease flat is able to last them until at least age 95.

    This means owners and their spouses need to be at least 45 years old at the point of the SERS announcement, to be eligible.

    “For the flat owners at Ang Mo Kio, this 50-year lease length would be close to the balance lease of their existing flats when they move to their replacement flats around end-2027,” HDB noted.

    “Further details on the actual selling prices of the replacement flats at the designated SERS replacement site in Ang Mo Kio Drive will be made known to SERS residents during flat selection.”

    In an example provided by HDB in its media release, the agency said that the estimated market value of a four-room SERS flat (92/93 sq m) on the sixth floor is valued at around S$415,000.

    The estimated subsidised selling price of a 90 sq m replacement flat that is also on the sixth floor – after factoring in a S$30,000 SERS grant – is S$470,000 for a unit that is on a 99-year lease. It is S$359,000 for a unit on a 50-year-lease.

    This means that instead of having to fork out S$55,000 for a replacement flat on a 99-year lease, home owners will get to keep S$56,000 instead, either in cash or in their Central Provident Fund (CPF).

    Flat owners who choose to buy a replacement flat on a 50-year lease will be able to sell it on the resale market after meeting the minimum occupation period of five years.

    HDB recently changed the criteria for selling replacement flats under SERS, requiring owners to sell them only five years from the date of collecting their keys. Previously, they could sell their unit seven years from the date of selection of the replacement flat, or five years from the date of key collection – whichever is earlier.


    For SERS flat owners who are at least 65 years old, they can consider taking up the Lease Buyback Scheme if they are eligible and have not done so.

    Under this scheme, flat owners can retain a lease length that will cover them and their spouse until they are at least 95 years old and sell the remaining tail-end lease to HDB.

    The proceeds of this sale will be used to top up their Central Provident Fund (CPF) Retirement Account and buy a CPF Life plan that will provide them with a monthly payout for life.

    They will also receive a cash bonus of up to S$30,000 for flats that are three-room or smaller, and S$15,000 for four-room flats, for the CPF Retirement Account top-up.

    The market compensation for the lease retained under the scheme can then be used to buy an equivalent replacement flat of the same lease length and up to the same type, HDB said.

    “For example, a four-room flat owner who has retained a 30-year lease under LBS (lease buyback scheme) can buy a four-room flat with a lease length of 30 years at the replacement site,” it said.

    If the SERS flat is a three-room flat with a floor area that is at least 10 per cent larger than the new three-room flats offered at the designated replacement site, the flat owner may buy up to a four-room flat at the designated site.


    SERS was introduced in 1995 as part of the Government’s efforts to renew older housing estates. Under the scheme, residents are offered new homes nearby, while the old site will be redeveloped.

    Before the Ang Mo Kio site was announced on Apr 7, the last SERS project was in MacPherson, announced on May 31, 2018.

    On Saturday, HDB said that for the past SERS exercises, the market compensation for flat owners, together with the SERS grant, had “generally been sufficient” to cover the purchase price of the replacement flat of a similar type or size on a fresh 99-year lease. This is because the SERS flats were generally younger at the point of the SERS announcement.

    The affected flats in Blocks 562 to 565 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 are about 43 years old, having been completed in 1979.

    HDB said its representatives have conducted door-to-door house visits on Jul 2 to explain the additional rehousing options to residents of the four blocks in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, as well as to address concerns that they may have.

    “HDB will continue to ensure that public housing remains affordable and accessible for Singaporeans, and review our policies over time, making adjustments where necessary to ensure they remain relevant to the needs of Singaporeans,” it added.

    • Ray says:

      Update on Blks 321-323 Clementi Avenue 5:

      Demolition of the three blocks is expected to begin soon. The three blocks and a section of the carpark serving Blks 321-327 Clementi Avenue 2/5 have been fenced up since 21 Sep.

  117. Ray says:

    Updates on the Tanglin Halt SERS site:

    1. Tanglin Halt Market is still in operation, while Tanglin Halt Food Centre (Blks 1A-3A Commonwealth Drive) has already closed on 31 July. Several of the stalls from Tanglin Halt Food Centre have relocated to the new Margaret Drive Hawker Centre.

    2. All shops surrounding the Tanglin Halt Food Centre have already vacated.

    3. Several of the blocks in the SERS site now have gates assembled at the stairwells, likely that most residents of the blocks have already moved out.

  118. Ray says:

    Update on the Redhill Close SERS site:

    All blocks have been barricaded. Blks 1-9 are now being boarded up for demolition, and some cranes are now present outside some of the blocks.

  119. Added the Ang Mo Kio flats (Block 562-565) placed under SERS and Toa Payoh flats (Block 29, 31) for redevelopment.

  120. elevatorfilmersingapore says:

    You should add Blk 12-14 Merpati Road. They’re almost empty with about 1 resident per block, and gates have been installed on the stairwells in mid January this year though they’ve yet to be locked. These blocks underwent upgrading from 2008 to 2010 including the replacement of the existing lifts to serve all floors, shame that they’re going soon. These are also reportedly the oldest surviving pure HDB blocks from 1961 (which were completed entirely under HDB management unlike Stirling road blocks)

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      Just visited the blocks last Friday (3 February 2023). All the lifts in the block have been shut down, and only the stairwell next to lift B in each block still has the gate open as the other 2 gates in each block have been locked shut. Chances are they would be locked by Wednesday next week, so if you would like to go there to snap pictures of the blocks upstairs you have very little time left.

    • elevatorfilmersingapore says:

      Just visited the blocks last Friday (3 February 2023). All the lifts in the blocks have been shut down, and in each block only the stairwell gate next to Lift B is still open as the other 2 stairwell gates in each block have been locked shut. Chances are the remaining stairwell gate that is still open in each block would be locked shut by next Wednesday afternoon, so if you want to go upstairs to photograph the blocks you don’t have much time left.

  121. Phill Seah says:

    Singapore En-Bloc Remember:
    Reckon that HDB MUST have MISSED to select an very, very long OverDue older estate for SERS especially HDB block 37 Jalan Rumah Tinggi built in 1961 for rental flats. A 12 storeys block, a unique facade in which the shops’ operations are faced at the back of block with 5 foot way instead the front. It comprises shophouses on ground floor, rubbish chute on level 2 where ramp built to access for conservancy cleaners to clear garbages and common walkway/pathway for Shops living quarters tenants to getting in the room.
    High rise littering are normal activities as it is the kitchen area and hanging laundry via poles area. Whenever there’s extreme strong windy periods, falling laundry poles are common sights; No one got hurt as today, Only got scared and shocked on it.
    Safety and health care in older estate are taken into completely complacency by relevant agencies.
    Residents feedback to former MPs and currently MP on En-Bloc request, but HDB seems not interested into looking it.
    The block is aged near 60 years. Residents are fully support SERS for redevelopment project.
    Eagerly awaiting for your services to help push through the process immediately.

  122. Back in 1983…

    Thirty-eight low rise housing blocks in Temple Avenue, off Kim Keat Avenue will be demolished soon. A total of 468 families in this 30-year-old estate, built by the former Singapore Improvement Trust, will have to make way for about 1,000 new Housing Board high-rise flats.

    The entire estate, comprising 54 two-room, 360 three-room and 54 four-room rental flats and 10 shops will have to move out by the middle of next year. All will get priority resettlement.

  123. Shariffah says:

    What about blk 1 and blk 2 eunos crescent?most houses in this building,had lots of cracked and lots of time to call hdb to repair so many times?why is it not demolished?

  124. Avk says:

    Why was block 140 bedok demolished in 1994? Although it was not under sers i wonder why they demolish

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